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Monday, March 11, 2013

The Hohn Testimony from Jamaica

Ignatius Benjamin Hohn was unable to testify via live two-way video conference from the Four Seasons Hotel in Kingston, Jamaica on Friday, the 8th of March as planned. According to the trial minutes for that day, there were "technical issues with equipment on other end". The minutes also state that the parties will enter into a stipulation as to his testimony:

Mr. Hohn's actual statement was included in a defense letter that I have dated 5 March 2013. Just scroll to pages 4-5 to read Mr. Hohn's actual words, though the entire document is an interesting read and places the statement in the context of the government's allegations against Paul Bergrin:

Technology fail at the Four Seasons

I am curious if this was actually a technical issue on the part of the Four Seasons Hotel in Kingston. As you may surmise, I have about as much trust in the FBI as Mr. Hohn does. Paul Bergrin needed him to make that point to the jury in this trial. It is an important point as agents attempted to put words in Mr. Hohn's mouth and isn't this what has been done throughout this investigation? Agents have told their witnesses what to say and what not to say.

I feel this way to such an extent that I may, or may not, contact a friend in Kingston and see if he can get the real story from a hotel insider. If in fact it was a technical failure on the part of the hotel, well, it doesn't say much for holding any conferences there. Time will tell.

The defense and Mr. Hohn would be none the wiser if there was a fix-up at the hotel or if the tech guy was paid to make it not work for a change. So why not a different venue? Surely there is somewhere in Kingston that can make the live two-way video conference work?

Mr. Hohn's statement in his own words would have impact, in my opinion. The court was far too quick to decide on a stipulation. Yeah - you got it: I do not trust any of the players involved here. Live two-way video conferencing happens every minute of every day around the world, yet we are supposed to believe that it was a total fail in Kingston, Jamaica? That it cannot be done and some half-ass stipulation is the required substitute?

Can I interest you in a bridge over in Brooklyn?

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