Sunday, April 15, 2018

Paul Bergrin Needs Help: Where is the Real FBI and DOJ

This case is so convoluted that it requires a team of real attorneys (JAG and criminal practice) and actual former or retired FBI, DEA, and DOJ investigators. They would need a large room and a physical (as opposed to computer spreadsheet) board the size of a wall to track each and every issue and every party the Newark US Attorney's Office labeled witness or informant in the duration of this case, which is approaching 10 years at this point, and actually much longer if we are to count initial investigations.

Where is mainstream media? Am I the only person still actually researching this case? Am I the only one not afraid to speak against the tyrannical government and malicious prosecutions in this country? Do investigative journalists still exist or was the entire profession eliminated long ago?

I know there are real attorneys out there. I know that there are investigators who actually investigate. Where are you? Did the government scare you away? Did you read 10 pages and decide it was too much work? Taking on any part of this case requires extensive reading and research. I understand that it won't be an easy ordeal. Paul Bergrin needs your help. Please step-up to the plate!

From the very beginning to date this entire case against Paul Bergrin is a farce. Again though, actual reading and research is required to reach this conclusion. In case you are wondering what our tyrants are doing now, I will tell you...

A friend sends Paul money on occasion to assist him with his costs of document production and mailing as well as purchase of necessary commissary items with whatever is remaining. The BOP (Bureau of Prisons), the warden at Florence ADMAX, and no doubt the DOJ, decided to steal what little money Paul Bergrin receives to cover everything in his life as it is today. So not only is this friend unable to have any contact with Paul whatsoever, these low-life creeps have decided to steal the money she sends to him.

Somehow I doubt that Paul Bergrin is their only victim.

Where are Paul's many friends, fellow soldiers, fellow veterans, JAG attorneys, attorneys, judges, and actual investigators who know the real Paul Bergrin? He is in the H-Unit in Florence ADMAX (the Supermax) in Florence, Colorado. He has been there under SAMs (Special Administrative Measures) since November 1, 2016, and is in solitary confinement. Paul is drowning and he needs your help!

Oh and while I'm posting, here is the government response to Paul's 400 page handwritten response:

Paul Bergrin is still the same great man you knew before this malicious, absurd prosecution was concocted with the assistance of, and government collusion with, criminal informants. Please do not let him down.