Thursday, February 7, 2019

Everything You Want to Know About the Case Against Paul Bergrin: The Explanation

On January 16, 2019, a “letter” was filed on Paul Bergrin's 2255 petition. Paul has written it out for all to see, but it is not actually a letter. It is a certification that addresses each count in the criminal case against him and explains what really happened. If you have ever had questions concerning his innocence, your issue is explained clearly in the document. It is seventy handwritten pages and eight typed pages that are the “Maximum Hypocrisy” statement with a few added notes.

For example, an attorney with a grudge against Paul Bergrin has consistently posted in comments on this blog attacking Paul over the entire New York State prostitution case in relation to everything from Paul's plea (to a misdemeanor) to his alleged relationship with Jason Itzler and what he actually did related to NY Confidential. ALL of that is explained. Would it interest you to know that Itzler's longtime attorney was Mel Sachs (now deceased)? The state nor the federal government ever pursued Sachs.

If you are interested in the “Oscar the hitman” (Oscar Cordova) fiasco, every issue is dealt with in this certification. I still want to know who this so-called Oscar Cordova really is, because he's definitely not Lord Gino's (of Latin Kings fame) son. He was/is just a little whiny drug addicted dirtbag paid huge sums of money by the government in this case and many others.

Want to know about the Vicente Esteves story and how he had already made a plea deal and could therefore have had no interest in killing any witness? It's all there. Interested in Paul's military background and scope of his career in law? Read on.

Also included is the Maximum Hypocrisy statement already posted on this blog. Paul has added a few handwritten notes to the typed pages. For example, how Chief US Attorney John Fahy was found with a bullet in his head after agreeing to testify on behalf of Paul Bergrin. His death was ruled a suicide, which is a possibility, considering that he developed a conscience. However, it is also a possibility that someone with too much to lose had him murdered.

Most important, the certification tells the world who Paul Bergrin really is. He is definitely not what the government has painted him to be in this horrendous fiasco of a case. Don't skim this document as you will miss important parts; intended to be read in its entirety.

Paul Bergrin Certification

Additional letters and government responses filed on Paul Bergrin's 2255 case:

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