Monday, July 27, 2015

Exposing Tyrants

That fat pig Chris Christie was the catalyst behind my case. No one realizes that he was not qualified to be NJ US Attorney. He had no experience and his credentials were deminimis. There were so many qualified individuals but he was chosen because he could be bought by Bush and Ashcroft and was dirty. In exchange for him receiving the position, he agreed to destroy me, eviscerate my credibility about Abu Ghraib, Objective Iron Triangle and the Parker case and the truth I told about the White Houses involvement, knowledge and being the proponent of torture and violating international law; while scapegoating young soldiers incapable of defending themselves against
these tyrants. I exposed all that.

Christie rewarded Ashcroft a 40 million dollar no bid no compete contract for New Jersey legal work. This is a Missouri ex Governor and Missouri Lawyer. All the great lawyers in New Jersey and NY and just coincidentally, the man who got Christie the US Attorney position gets a 40 million dollar contract.

I cannot believe this is not being publicized.

I heard ABC has put my Abu Ghraib videos on YOU TUBE, especially when I prevented Bush from destroying it and made it a crime scene.