This blog will always welcome comments not intended to distract or obfuscate from the topic of the post. Comments must be moderated, however, I will try to make sure that your comment is posted in a timely manner. If you are attempting to post your spam ad, well, Google is wonderful at catching spam and it is likely that I will not see it until I actually loggin to Blogger.

Lively debate and opposing viewpoints are always welcome, providing that any such statements are not libelous or of an attack nature. This is a blog in support of Paul Bergrin - please do not conveniently forget that fact.

UPDATE 20 February 2013 @6pm EST:

Clarification of my comment policy

Apparently an update of the comment rules are in order. For the last 13 years of my life I have dealt with denigrating comments of an attack nature from unknown posters on various forums that hide behind anonymity. I have never and will never accept this on my blogs. I allow comments to post from anonymous people, however, not if they are posted with the intent to denigrate and/or attack the blogger (me) or the blog topic (Paul Bergrin).

I also will not post comments that say nothing at all and link to your ad. I do not advertise anything that I sell here. When there was a link to my Memoirs book, it was only because it was free for two days and I have used my experiences with my own case and trial as a basis of understanding what Paul Bergrin is dealing with in some posts herein.

So, to summarize... Your useless comment with a link to your website will not be posted. Any comment that attacks Bergrin or the blogger will not be posted, unless you use your real name. If you feel like attacking me or Paul Bergrin, do so with your real name behind your statement and it will be posted, and of course you will receive a response, so expect it.

Freedom of speech does not extend to anyone having the right to attack another person while hiding behind anonymity. If you have something obnoxious to say, at least have the guts to put your name on it.

Update on 18 July 2013 @4:15pm EST:

No more troll comments will be posted, so if you're the troll that's trolling for attention, your comments will no longer be published.

Thank you for your interest,

Vicky Gallas