Saturday, November 16, 2019

If President Trump Is Intelligent

If Trump is an intelligent man he would add another name to the military men pardoned today; that name is Paul Bergrin!

Really it would only take a couple of good attorneys hours (not days) of research to confidently state that Paul is not guilty of any of the counts he was charged and convicted of. I am not a genius who knows more than everyone else, but I did do the reading and research. This case is all about corruption in the Newark US Attorney's Office – and that corruption goes way back in time and is far-reaching; as far back as Paul Bergrin's stint in the Newark USAO.

Paul was a trial attorney – one of the best in the country! The simple fact here is that Trump is going to need as many qualified attorneys willing to help him as possible in the not-so-distant future. He could take that statement to the bank!

Pardon Paul Bergrin, let him get his license to practice back, and have the most dedicated and qualified trial attorney in the country on stand-by!

Oh and have I neglected to mention that Paul Bergrin's legal problems began with the State of New York? That's right and this case could never have been charged as it was without that absurd misdemeanor count Paul made a plea to in New York state court. 

Pardon Paul Bergrin!!! 

Saturday, October 19, 2019

The Whittle Down Effects on the William Baskerville Case

I had an epiphany moment tonight. This came about after reading a New York Post article about Kim Kardashian West trying to help Julius Jones, an Oklahoma man who was wrongfully convicted of murder and sentenced to death. I commented on the article on Facebook and several people pursued me, with one man refusing to go away. I decided he wanted me to go away too much so I did a bit of research on the Julius Jones case. My moment happened when I realized that the case had been whittled down to one somewhat minor point of a racist juror; minor in comparison to the truth and the case.

The man was able to convince everyone commenting except me that he is a friend to the family and hated to see them go through more pain over this murder and Jones possibly getting clemency thanks to Kim. The brief research showed me how the courts had whittled down the case to the one tainted juror and then denied Julius Jones any relief. I am copying my comment here because I am seeing a pattern of these whittle down effects and how they sway public opinion with it. I am coining the term whittle down effects as I have never heard it anywhere. Suddenly I realized that this is what Judge Peter Sheridan has done to William Baskerville's case. On a side note: William's friends and relatives need to reach out to Kim on Twitter to help him!

My comment:

This is mainly addressed to a man who is disparaging Kim's choice to help Julius Jones:

I do know something about these petitions and because you're arguing with anyone in favor of clemency here, this is directed to you. More often than not, last chance appeals come down to an issue that barely touches the actual case, which often has many issues. Somewhere some judge whittled the entire case down to one point, but that definitely doesn't mean there are not many more important points.

This is what was done in a federal case I'm close to. The government tried to get William Baskerville the death penalty, but the jury said no, so the sentence is LIFE. Problem is that William had nothing whatsoever to do with the murder of the government witness in drug cases. The best point in the case is that the description of the shooter given by several witnesses, including the victim's stepfather who was walking down a Newark street with him when he was murdered, is of a light skinned man with dreadlocks. The government had a man who was dark skinned and bald claiming to be the shooter.

So how much sense does that make? Well, thanks to the last court decision, the case now comes down to an FBI 302 and a Brady violation because the government never gave it to the defense. But is the case actually about this one technical issue, with the government claiming the 302 was irrelevant and forgotten? NO. The claims in William's petition are many, but the court whittled it down, not William or one of his attorneys.

I'm seeing the same problem with this case. Julius Jones had many claims, but somewhere it was all whittled down to this one racist juror. And by the way, William's case also has a Batson issue, but every judge who has touched it has denied William on that claim too. I'm willing to bet that you already know all of this and are here to move public opinion against Kim and against Jones! You are doing this intentionally. Here's a quote from one article on the Jones case:

"At the time of Julius’ trial, the eyewitness description of the shooter did not fit Julius. Instead, it described his co-defendant who served 15 years and is now a free man. Julius’ attorney was an overworked public defender who failed to cross-examine Christopher Jordan, (Julius’ co-defendant,) on the six inconsistent statements he gave to police upon arrest. Christopher Jordan was later overheard bragging that he set-up Julius and was incentivized to testify for a shorter prison time. The evidence used to convict Julius was inconsistent and several eye-witnesses provided an alibi for Julius,” Oklahoma County One Commissioner Carrie Blumbert wrote."

I knew there was way more to this than you want anyone to see, so I looked. Kim Kardashian is involved for very good reasons!

From Kim Kardashian West's Twitter account (to help Julius Jones):

Oklahoma Pardon & Parole Board
2915 N. Classen, Suite 405,
Oklahoma City, OK 73106
405-521-6600 (press 0) / 405-522-9227

The Pardon & Parole Board Members are:
C. Allen McCall,
Larry Morris
Adam Luck
Kelly Doyle
Robert Gilliland, J.D.
Governor Kevin Stitt

The Office of Governor Kevin Stitt
Oklahoma State Capitol
2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., Room 212
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

So I am getting a better idea of why the court issued the November 2018 Opinion that knocked down almost all of William Baskerville's claims and then followed up with this ridiculous October 8, 2019 Opinion, leaving him a little bone. Interesting how things work. We learn something new every day!

And yes, this could also be referred to as cumulative effects but when the court looked at cumulative effects in the William Baskerville case, they only looked at the minor remaining claim, the only claim that wasn't outright denied. The whittling down effects happen before we get to the one claim remaining and they examine the cumulative effects of that one issue. Of course the cumulative effect of the one issue alone amounts to little. No one reading through the case is aware of the major claims denied previously. What a scam!!!

The Court Opinions:

William Baskerville Court Opinion November 15 2018

William Baskerville 2255 Opinion October 8 2019

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Thanks for the Bone

The US criminal justice system and all of its many paid participants are nothing but trash, with a few exceptions of course. In the case of Paul Bergrin and case of William Baskerville, which is connected only by the murder of Kemo Deshawn McCray, the only judicial exception is the Honorable US District Judge William Martini. There are no government or prosecution or FBI exceptions. Defense attorneys are another subject and it's a mixed bag!

I know exactly what they all did to William Baskerville and so does William. Neither one of us was born yesterday. The entire evidentiary hearing was one big setup with the goal of easily disposing of his many claims in the 2255 petition. To know this, one must only look at the November 2018 court Opinion that gave William the evidentiary hearing. The Opinion whittled his long list of claims down to what amounted to a few minor points. The Opinion filed in PACER late on October 9, 2019, easily chipped away those few claims William was allowed to address in the evidentiary hearing. 

At the conclusion of the just filed Opinion, Judge Sheridan threw William Baskerville a bone. The issue is that William is not a dog and has no interest in their decaying bone. And don't think it is not easily noticeable that William was, once again, cheated out of presenting witnesses in his defense. The November 2018 Opinion whittled the witnesses down to only two: Hakeem Curry and Rakeem Baskerville. It was relatively simple to knock off these two witnesses in the hearing, but the reasoning behind knocking down the witness list to these two men is suspect to say the least. 

I did not speak openly about the court's November 2018 Opinion for reasons that should be obvious. William had won an evidentiary hearing, which is supposed to be a major accomplishment in our lousy, sorry excuse for a justice system. At that point we were unsure if it was a setup to get rid of all of William's claims or a real attempt to find truth. Now we know. 

Just let this post sit. I'm too angry to discuss this whittling exercise care of the US government and  the court right now and have been since the night of the 10th when I discovered the Opinion in PACER. This post is to let the perpetrators of this long game of injustice know that I know, and that William knows. Everything will be addressed soon.

Friday, August 2, 2019

William Baskerville Case: Evidentiary Hearing Update

I have discussed the William Baskerville case in numerous past posts. William ended-up with a bifurcated hearing – in other words the hearing was broken into two parts, with the second part perhaps unnecessary depending on the first part. We await the ruling of the Honorable US District Judge Peter Sheridan on the first part of the hearing. Judge Sheridan is expected to rule on August 8, 2019.

William Baskerville's attorney for the evidentiary hearing process is Bruce Throckmorton of Trenton, New Jersey. There was also an investigator on the case, but I will not name him yet. When Mr. Throckmorton was first appointed to this case, both William and I had our doubts, mainly due to the lack of communication. However, there are many attorneys who fail to communicate with clients early in a case and yet they are skilled at their job – which is being an attorney! Bruce Throckmorton fits this description!

When I read the brief linked below, at times I held my breath and at other times tears rolled down my face. Mr. Throckmorton has shown that he really does have a grasp on this convoluted case, which is not a simple task. This case is complicated by the voluminous Paul Bergrin case and the testimony of Anthony Young, who claimed to be the shooter in the Kemo Deshawn McCray murder.

No matter what happens on August 8th when the Honorable US District Judge Peter Sheridan rules, Mr. Throckmorton has effectively represented William. As this brief shows clearly, exemplary research and writing skills are far more important than initial client communications.

I will not say what I think the outcome will be and in a sense, I am still holding my breath. The brief itself is 29 pages and the the remaining pages are the relevant attachments.

William Baskerville 2255 Defense Brief July 30 2019

The government filed a brief responding to the defense brief linked above. They also filed two letters, one of which basically calls the judge's Opinion a farce. The government is in full threatening mode at this point and there's no telling what they're doing behind the scenes. As the government's case  against William Baskerville could easily be unraveled at this time, which also threatens their case against Paul Bergrin, this was to be expected. It is the reason my statement above was so short and really said nothing much.

The bottom line is that this case is one big farce - good word choice on the government's part, but applied differently from me. The additional documents:

William Baskerville 2255 Defense Letter August 5 2019

William Baskerville 2255 Govt Brief August 5 2019

William Baskerville 2255 Govt Letter August 5 2019

William Baskerville 2255 Govt Letter no 2 August 5 2019

In government letter no 2, they state:

Dear Judge Sheridan: William Baskerville seeks an adjournment of Thursday’s oral argument because the Government submitted a 1200-page Appendix with its post-hearing brief. Baskerville neglected to mention, however, that the Appendix mostly contains trial transcripts from the Bergrin case i.e., the very transcripts Baskerville cited in his § 2255 motion and Traverse and mentioned in his post-hearing brief. This farce has dragged out long enough. The requested adjournment should be denied.

So the government views the judge's Opinion and due process as a farce. But we already knew that, didn't we?

UPDATE ON 18 AUGUST 2019 @ 11:25AM -

Bruce Throckmorton filed a brief responding to the government's brief linked above and the government filed two letters. While the government's brief included everything but the kitchen sink, they chose to attack William Baskerville's attorney for including one (1) short telephone call transcript, referring to it as not within the scope of the hearing. The documents:

William Baskerville 2255 Govt Letter August 14 2019

William Baskerville 2255 Govt Letter August 15 2019

William Baskerville 2255 Defense Brief August 15 2019

As far as I am aware, the judge will rule soon. There could be a second part to the hearing as it was bifurcated and all of this is about the first part. It is also possible that the judge will rule on the case and there is no need for the second part of the hearing. I will update as soon as I get more information.


Thursday, February 7, 2019

Everything You Want to Know About the Case Against Paul Bergrin: The Explanation

On January 16, 2019, a “letter” was filed on Paul Bergrin's 2255 petition. Paul has written it out for all to see, but it is not actually a letter. It is a certification that addresses each count in the criminal case against him and explains what really happened. If you have ever had questions concerning his innocence, your issue is explained clearly in the document. It is seventy handwritten pages and eight typed pages that are the “Maximum Hypocrisy” statement with a few added notes.

For example, an attorney with a grudge against Paul Bergrin has consistently posted in comments on this blog attacking Paul over the entire New York State prostitution case in relation to everything from Paul's plea (to a misdemeanor) to his alleged relationship with Jason Itzler and what he actually did related to NY Confidential. ALL of that is explained. Would it interest you to know that Itzler's longtime attorney was Mel Sachs (now deceased)? The state nor the federal government ever pursued Sachs.

If you are interested in the “Oscar the hitman” (Oscar Cordova) fiasco, every issue is dealt with in this certification. I still want to know who this so-called Oscar Cordova really is, because he's definitely not Lord Gino's (of Latin Kings fame) son. He was/is just a little whiny drug addicted dirtbag paid huge sums of money by the government in this case and many others.

Want to know about the Vicente Esteves story and how he had already made a plea deal and could therefore have had no interest in killing any witness? It's all there. Interested in Paul's military background and scope of his career in law? Read on.

Also included is the Maximum Hypocrisy statement already posted on this blog. Paul has added a few handwritten notes to the typed pages. For example, how Chief US Attorney John Fahy was found with a bullet in his head after agreeing to testify on behalf of Paul Bergrin. His death was ruled a suicide, which is a possibility, considering that he developed a conscience. However, it is also a possibility that someone with too much to lose had him murdered.

Most important, the certification tells the world who Paul Bergrin really is. He is definitely not what the government has painted him to be in this horrendous fiasco of a case. Don't skim this document as you will miss important parts; intended to be read in its entirety.

Paul Bergrin Certification

Additional letters and government responses filed on Paul Bergrin's 2255 case:

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The William Baskerville Case: Ineffective Assistance of Counsel AGAIN

I have discussed William Baskerville's case on this blog in past and its connection to the Paul Bergrin case. In my last post, I included updates and addressed the evidentiary hearing ordered by the court. I have the feeling that US District Judge Sheridan expected to move to the hearing rather quickly, but once again, William has an uninterested attorney assigned. However, this time no attorney will be allowed to sabotage his case. I believe that the letter was mailed to the court yesterday. William copied to me and I am publishing here as I believe that we need to keep this case in the sunshine, as we say in Florida.

The letter to the court:

William Baskerville
Reg. No. 25946-050
FCI McKean Medium

Honorable Judge Peter G. Sheridan, U.S.D.J.
United States District Court
Clarkson S. Fisher Court And
Untied States Courthouse
402 East State Street
Trenton, New Jersey, 08608


Dear Honorable Judge Sheridan,

I am writing to inform you of my various attempts to make initial contact with my recently Court appointed counsel Mr. Bruce Throckmorton. As of the date this Court appointed Mr. Throckmorton to my case, I have made several attempts to communicate with him via email dating from December 12/10/2018- January 14, 2019 which have been to no avail,( See attached Exhibit 1) I had family members continuous make calls to his office and cell phone some he answered and return back but as of late he has not responted, on January 10, 2019 I had the unit Counselor Mr. Miller send him a email to set up a phone conference, and on January 15, 2019 the unit Case Manager Mr. Nero gave me a legal call to try to reach Mr. Throckmorton which was also to no avail.

As a result of my inability to make contact with counsel and counsel's inactions with respect to contacting me I am now respectfully requesting that the Court implement the following solution, which is to appoint new counsel or allow my previous appellate counsel, Mr. Mark A. Berman to be reinstated as my counsel of record regarding my current legal proceedings. At this point I must mention that a potential conflict of interest may exist regarding Mr. Berman being that I previously filed ineffective assistance of counsel claims again him. However, I am willing to waive any potential conflicts of interest issues that may have existed.

It is my position that Mr. Berman is best suited to represent me because of, (1) his familiarity with my case, (2) his strong work ethic and open line of communication with clients, (3) his representation would save the Court valuable time and resources and allow my defense to proceed more fluidly, and (4) his willingness to accept input from me regarding matters pertaining to the case.

In the past I have dealt with lawyers who were unwilling to allow me to provide them with any input or who have litigated my case without informing me of their plan of action. Those experiences have lead to many set backs. I am a litigant who is very much involved in researching my own case and I am hands-on when it comes to the issues I believe should be raised. (Mr. Berman has affirmed these facts in his declaration. Doc. 16 pgs. 6-7 pars. 22-26) I very much would appreciated a lawyer who is going to respect that and allow me to participate in my own defense.

Respectfully Submitted,

UPDATED on JANUARY 24, 2019 with government response to William Baskerville's letter:

W Baskerville Govt Letter Jan 23 2019 

So it is beginning to look like the government shutdown is interrupting the intended sabotage of William's evidentiary hearing. We shall see what happens next.