Sunday, December 4, 2016

Paul Bergrin in Colorado Supermax and Suffering Immensely

On November 3, 2016, Paul wrote a motion for assistance to US District Judge Jose Linares from his new hellhole home at ADX Florence. The motion did not make it to the Denver, Colorado USPS facility until November 25, and was received by the Newark clerk's office on November 29 and entered in the file on December 2, 2016, according to PACER. So, apparently ADX Florence is holding Paul Bergrin's outgoing mail to the court for 21 days!

Why isn't anyone doing anything about this? There is no civil rights suit filed on Paul's behalf; I checked. ADX Florence staff are illegally holding his legal mail for three (3) entire weeks before sending it out at a time when his life depends on getting mail to the court and having contact with his attorney, Larry Lustberg. I seriously doubt that Paul has had any contact with his attorney since arriving at this... this... f'ing US government torture facility. So what are you doing about it Mr. Lustberg? Oh I know that you cannot speak because of the SAMs, but I would expect that something is being done to help Paul.

So now we turn to US District Judge Linares: Why are you not doing something about this interference in Paul Bergrin's Rule 33 Motion and 2255 Petition? Is Paul actually expected to argue his case with NO LEGAL MATERIALS whatsoever (no case docs, no acting attorney to contact, no investigators, no access to a law library, no mail - nothing, nada, zilch)? How specifically does an inmate manage to accomplish this task while in a Supermax?

If one more person says boo to me about sharing a post on Facebook if I care about veterans, I'm going to snap. Get off your Facebook posting rear and stand-up for Paul Bergrin, a veteran who defended soldiers (pawns) against all odds and now pays the ultimate price!

If one more person has the audacity to say anything good about the US and trash Fidel Castro while silently sitting by as Paul Bergrin is murdered by the US government, I'm going to flip. Just don't do it. There is nothing good here. This is a created case, but you know that if you have taken the time to read the transcripts and documents. The entire US criminal justice system is a sham. If you are reading this in another country, as many readers are, do not let them extradite you to the US; fight with every bit of strength that you have left. You will not be treated fairly here.

The truth is that we have no idea if Paul Bergrin is alive or dead. BOP will take months to contact family members if something happens to an inmate, and especially if it happens to this particular inmate. The letter is dated November 3, the day after arrival at the Supermax. Anything could have happened to Paul by now. The government and many of its representatives want Paul dead - that is crystal clear. One day every single participant will answer to a higher authority for their part in what has been done to this man.

History will absolve Paul Bergrin too.