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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Paul Bergrin in Colorado Supermax and Suffering Immensely

On November 3, 2016, Paul wrote a motion for assistance to US District Judge Jose Linares from his new hellhole home at ADX Florence. The motion did not make it to the Denver, Colorado USPS facility until November 25, and was received by the Newark clerk's office on November 29 and entered in the file on December 2, 2016, according to PACER. So, apparently ADX Florence is holding Paul Bergrin's outgoing mail to the court for 21 days!

Why isn't anyone doing anything about this? There is no civil rights suit filed on Paul's behalf; I checked. ADX Florence staff are illegally holding his legal mail for three (3) entire weeks before sending it out at a time when his life depends on getting mail to the court and having contact with his attorney, Larry Lustberg. I seriously doubt that Paul has had any contact with his attorney since arriving at this... this... f'ing US government torture facility. So what are you doing about it Mr. Lustberg? Oh I know that you cannot speak because of the SAMs, but I would expect that something is being done to help Paul.

So now we turn to US District Judge Linares: Why are you not doing something about this interference in Paul Bergrin's Rule 33 Motion and 2255 Petition? Is Paul actually expected to argue his case with NO LEGAL MATERIALS whatsoever (no case docs, no acting attorney to contact, no investigators, no access to a law library, no mail - nothing, nada, zilch)? How specifically does an inmate manage to accomplish this task while in a Supermax?

If one more person says boo to me about sharing a post on Facebook if I care about veterans, I'm going to snap. Get off your Facebook posting rear and stand-up for Paul Bergrin, a veteran who defended soldiers (pawns) against all odds and now pays the ultimate price!

If one more person has the audacity to say anything good about the US and trash Fidel Castro while silently sitting by as Paul Bergrin is murdered by the US government, I'm going to flip. Just don't do it. There is nothing good here. This is a created case, but you know that if you have taken the time to read the transcripts and documents. The entire US criminal justice system is a sham. If you are reading this in another country, as many readers are, do not let them extradite you to the US; fight with every bit of strength that you have left. You will not be treated fairly here.

The truth is that we have no idea if Paul Bergrin is alive or dead. BOP will take months to contact family members if something happens to an inmate, and especially if it happens to this particular inmate. The letter is dated November 3, the day after arrival at the Supermax. Anything could have happened to Paul by now. The government and many of its representatives want Paul dead - that is crystal clear. One day every single participant will answer to a higher authority for their part in what has been done to this man.

History will absolve Paul Bergrin too.


Anonymous said...

Hope Paul Bergrin is still alive because I know for sure his entire family have
no news from him. I am a friend and I know that some members of his family are
going under extreme stress because of what has happened.

Anonymous said...

When you read all this blog and you seriously understand the conspiracy that took
place against Major Paul W. Bergrin WHO, TELL ME WHO, would not be disgusted by what
the US Government has allowed to happen in the name of all its citizens. Consequently,
who would still have love and respect for the United States of America. No wonder
people have started hating the US. It is all abuse of power and complete lack of
democracy towards everybody. The government cannot see anymore where the bad and
the good persons are, they presume everybody is bad from the start and they attack
you right away without any consideration. This automatically generates a states of
war, not very smart according to me. POWER and MONEY and HYPOCRISY is all that matters in this society where poor people are forced to live with little hope in
the future and for their children. President Trump has a lot to change to make this
country great again! He should start by cleaning up his Justice system for sure
and free innocent people locked up in jail for life like Paul Bergrin when their
innocence can be proven. No more USA for many foreigners when they realize all
what this case represents, nothing but a political conspiracy against Major Paul
W. Bergrin, a very honest and brave man to have defended these soldiers abandoned
and attacked by their own government. You have to see things as they are not in a
crooked way.

mary ann demmy said...


Enough shit with this, Im fed up and I don't give a damn about SAM's and all the other crap. I am calling Lustberg. Better yet what about a direct call to Linares chambers. I would like to tell them it would be in their best interest to move expeditiously on this case now before Sessions gets in office next month and starts cleaning house with the corrupt Department of Justice.

Any suggestions?

Vicky Gallas said...

@ the last Anonymous -

Sitting down to my second quad espresso today and I think I'm awake, so I'll respond. First, I have been too critical of you in past and I apologize for that. You are genuinely concerned for Paul Bergrin and that's all that matters here.

Going to separate topics:

1- Much reading is required to understand that the case against Paul Bergrin is entirely created. Sure, Paul is a unique person who has distinctive personality traits that some may not like, but he's a good person and would never intentionally harm anyone. He most definitely never plotted to murder anyone. The main issue is there are people who despise Paul and some are now and have been in high positions of government. Secondly, people have short attention spans these days, and even when claiming to read something have only quickly skimmed it. I am not a skimmer and I read everything thoroughly, except at times that I'm really tired. If it's a book or a document, I am always thorough though. Much of the population is unable to say this if being honest.

2- I rarely state this anywhere, but I did live here for a couple of horrifying years as a young teenager. As soon as I was released from state school, I joined my mother, who was already back in Germany.

The 70s and early 80s was a much different time in Deutschland. The atmosphere was distinctly anti-American in the circles that I traveled in. And after my 2 years of hell over nothing much in the US, I easily identified with my German peers. Never had any legal trouble during all of my years in Germany as a teenager or as an adult, so I'd say that the problem was not me, but was, and still is, how the state and federal governments operate here and the many laws on the books for nothing much. There's really no freedom here and there never has been in my lifetime experiences. Freedom in the US is a myth or propaganda. The only reason I ever returned to the US is that I married someone in the military and he was later assigned here. Didn't want to come and didn't for about 6 months, but his letters talked me into it. Huge mistake and we were finished in less than 1 year. Not a mistake in that I met my son's father shortly after the split and have my wonderful son. After that leaving was not possible.

3- Perhaps you understand from what I've already stated, but it's definitely not only the Paul Bergrin case. In the US they lock-up people forever over drug counts or even conspiracy to sell counts. I spent a weekend or two every month in Amsterdam, so I can only say that the system is screwed up in the US. It's not like this anywhere else I've ever lived. Sure, they sentence drug trafficking defendants to death in some random nations, but really they're only following the US War on Drugs example, and for me death would be preferable to life in a US hellhole like ADX Florence, so are these nations really worse?

Yes, the US is an extremely violent place to live. Most people are all about money or are hypocrites. Of course I viewed major hypocrisy during the many years I owned escort services in Orlando. The very great majority involved on both sides are full of crap and would sell their mother to get out of a minor misdemeanor. Some of the most zealous in law enforcement and politics (just because I barbecued the client lists long before arrest doesn't mean I don't recall who's who) are the worst hypocrites you will ever encounter.


Vicky Gallas said...

CONTINUED from above...

4- I have little expectations from the Trump administration. Obama really tried to reform the criminal justice system, and did more than any preceding POTUS, but met with obstruction at every turn. He left us with US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who is either dumb as dirt or neglected to research anything. She signed off on Paul's current residence at the Supermax. None of these people read anything and just take the word of the one requesting the sign-off. See certification of Agent Michael Smith in the Bergrin case. I have little to zero belief that anything will change, but they could feel free to prove me wrong.

5- Last but not least, Paul was busy with trips to Iraq in the Operation Iron Triangle case during the time period that the Newark USAO claims he was trafficking drugs and plotting murders. It's totally absurd. However, one must be willing to research thoroughly to know that.

This case mixes with other cases and the USAO is far too invested to allow it to be overturned. Don't kid yourself on that. This is how the criminal justice system in the US works. Paul is far from alone. This is what was intended all along and they know it's all lies and BS.

Time for me to hit the shower.

Vicky Gallas said...

@Mary Ann Demmy -

You have more confidence in the next administration than I do. I truly hope to be proven wrong.

Sounds like a plan lady. If my father were still alive, it is what he would do. He died in 1998, or I would never have been arrested in the created case against me. He had contacts to say the least. He couldn't stand BS like this and would have helped Paul Bergrin.

Anonymous said...

I feel that Judge Linares will rule according to the truth in this case. He does not
appear to be a man bought by the system, at least I hope so. As for Larry Lustberg,
he is a very good attorney, could not find better and more human considering the
complexity of the whole conspiration built by these demons.
Thurday December 8th, it will be Pauls birthday, difficult to wish him a happy
birthday at ADMX Florence Colorado, but he knows that some of us will be spiritually
with him during that day. God bless you Paul, love you very much!

Vicky Gallas said...

@ the last Anonymous -

Did you know that the three (3) Assistant US Attorneys who prosecuted this case were given an award? Yes, John Gay, Joseph Minish, and Steven Sanders were recognized for outstanding service in the prosecution of Paul Bergrin:

Did you know that Steven Sanders left the Newark USAO and is now with Gibbons (Larry Lustberg's law firm)?

Yup. Facts that many are unaware of. I do consider Sanders to be a star of sorts. He's the one who wrote the great notes in responses, motions, and briefs. He's good at what he does, but not sure if that will be good for Paul or not.

Anonymous said...

YES Vicky I knew about John Gay. His name is still on the actual documents of the
case but I did not know that Steven Sanders is associate with Larry Lustberg.
Guess Mr. Sanders will help the case for Paul. Thank you.

Vicky Gallas said...

@ the last Anonymous -

Before I deal with my day...

There have been numerous people who could have helped Paul and others (in the connected cases there's William Baskerville, Rakeem Baskerville, Hakeem Curry) along the way here, but thus far none have stepped up to the plate.

Paul always did Pro Bono work for the PBA, but not a single police officer has spoken out for Paul. When he called cops as witnesses to specific incidents, each acted stupid and didn't recall.

Where are the soldiers he stood-up for and the many he defended over the years? They're too busy or just can't get involved or just plain fear repercussions. Their quiet and private support is not good enough.

There's some movie director out in Hollywood who has known Paul for many years and knows this is a created case filled with presentations of perjured testimony. He also hides.

I was informed that John Gay and Joseph Minish were high-fiving one another at Paul's sentencing. Considering that both are definitely (100%) aware that they presented perjured testimony throughout Paul's trials that takes the worst sort of audacity. Neither one is any better than a street whore on crack. All that matters to both is career advancement.

Steven Sanders remains silent. He knows what was done to Paul and in the connected cases as well as much more I'm sure. However, looks like everything takes a backseat to career advancement and personal future. What exactly do you expect he will do to help Paul?

All of these people are worthless. There are numerous people with real contacts who could have stepped in along the way here, but not one of them did. Larry Lustberg has been on this case for many years now, so suddenly now he will be helping Paul? He was nice to me on the few occasions of contact, but nice is not really what I'm looking for here. Paul was in the CMU for what, about 1 and 1/2 years? Who exactly helped? Bob the FBI agent never came through with anything; hell, that guy never even picked up his phone.

Everyone to the rescue huh? Tell someone stupid enough to believe it, but don't say it to me.

Anonymous said...


Vicky Gallas said...

Yes, Judge Martini was the only one in legal circles to publicly take a stand against this malicious prosecution and created case. He saw it all during the 1st trial. That's the reason the government and the Third Circuit Court of Appeals replaced him and found someone more inclined to go along with the show trial.

I've watched many people come and go over the years in this case. I only entered the picture after someone previously with the defense team read a post on my other blog and contacted me (post long ago removed). The person knew that I saw this case for what it truly is. I could see it without all the reading material (this was well before any trials) because of my personal experience of suffering through a created case filled with perjured testimony and lying cops. Actually in my case the main case agent sent his prime lying informant to jury tamper when it was clear that it was all going south after her absurd testimony. Then the state and judge attempted to shove a mistrial down my throat when the victim juror informed the bailiff of the incident. I refused the mistrial.

I'm wondering if there was jury tampering in this case, which is the reason I am bringing up my own experience. We are missing something here and the government is certainly capable of such tactics in this case. Why do I say that?

I was thinking about Johnny Davis last night. If you're unaware of his testimony see the blog post entitled "Eyewitness to Murder". Davis was Kemo's stepfather, who incidentally looked like Kemo's other stepfather, Christopher Spruill. Anyway, back to the point -

Davis was the only one who saw the shooter. Anthony Young was definitely not the shooter and the entire saga falls apart on that fact. The government belittled Davis even though it was his stepson who was murdered in the street and he's the only living witness to see it. Another witness at the scene later died. What's wrong with this picture? The entire jury completely overlooked and ignored Davis' testimony. I understand that there could be many stupid jurors and / or jurors paying no attention to the trial they were entrusted to decide, but every single one of them? The deliberations were so short that these people spent more time on lunch, literally, with all of the many counts they decided. Let's not pretend that Anthony Young was such a great upstanding citizen that he convinced them all of something so easily disputed.

Does this case involve jury tampering? Before you answer that, think about the many different approaches possible in potential jury tampering.

It's always really bothered me that Davis was so easily dismissed by so many people. Why?

We know the government tampered with the Oscar recordings. What would make anyone believe they're not capable of tampering with the jurors?

And what of the Brady material never turned over to the defense in this case or in the William Baskerville case? There was actually a real suspect in the Kemo shooting - much more Brady than that alone, but that alone is extremely important because it was definitely in the hands of John Gay and Shawn Manson Brokos. The only reason I haven't published it is that I suppose I have some low level belief that they will finally pursue the actual shooter and chuck the whole Anthony Young concocted story. I didn't want to tip the subject off as it is a potential murder charge.

Yeah, I always think of stuff to add later, but really need to get going with my day now.

Anonymous said...

You are so right Vicky, who can doubt just one minute that Paul is guilty after
reading this blog and putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Wishing Paul
Justice in his case in 2017. Tomorrow December 8th is his birthday and believe me he knows that he is not alone and that many love and respect him. Amazing job Vicky!

Vicky Gallas said...

@ the last Anonymous -

GTFO with your double entendre false praise BS hiding behind anonymity.

What I have accomplished is to keep the truth out there with all the transcripts and documents linked on the blog. Sure beats the hell out of the spin and lies everywhere else, and I will bet that really irks you, doesn't it?

No doubt that the blog has helped Paul gain some supporters, but you must be willing to read to understand this convoluted case.

Your welcome. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Can only wish all the best to Mr. Bergrin in 2017, may the truth finally prevail
in his case and bring him home to his children.

Anonymous said...

Hoping that Mr Bergrin does not stay at ADMAX to be freely allowed to defend his
case in front of Judge Linares in a democratic way and to be able to communicate
freely with his lawyers. President Trump said in his speech during the presidential
So please President Trump do not ignore Paul W. Bergrin that served his country
as a loyal soldier and attorney, let this man prove his innocence and let America
the first show it is the first to respect innocence for a man nailed by corrupted
individuals that have only seek promotions, notoriety, and wealth. Save the true
good men and punish the bad ones. This is what real justice should be.
Signed by Paul W. Bergrins angel with the help of God. Thank you for hearing me.