Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Paul Bergrin Still Fighting

I have wanted to post this for a couple of weeks now, but I'm so angry about so many issues and problems with this case and a list of other cases that I lost my voice. Well happy 2020 and I'm finding my voice again! Screw the rotten to its core Bureau of Prisons (BOP) and especially the dirtbags tasked with slowly murdering inmates on a government hit list, because the dirtbags are no better than the scum running this criminal organization.

I must deal with something else at the moment so I will leave you with a few new documents to read that Paul Bergrin has filed in court. Paul is still incommunicado under the SAM designation of fuking course so the only communication from him is what was filed in the Newark courts during the month of December, which took over a month to arrive in Newark from Florence, Colorado.

The BOP operation in Florence, as well as in some other facilities in the BOP web, is so primitive in its state of advancement that inmates are not allowed to use word processors or typewriters, so everything is handwritten as it has been. I would think that the courts would pound BOP over this, but thus far we all suffer so the mission of making the inmates suffer is more complete.

Happy f'ing new year! Oh and a big welcome to US District Judge Marilyn Arleo! May she actually do something with this case, because as we all know, Judge Linares did nothing, zilch, zero, nada in the couple of years he had it.

See y'all soon!