Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Paul Bergrin Suffering in Terre Haute CMU

I have been informed that Paul is really suffering in this Communications Management Unit (CMU) the government stuck him in a long time ago. I am unable to copy any statements here or the person(s) that forwarded them to me would no longer be able to communicate with Paul. If I say how he's suffering, they will know who gave me the message - every letter is copied when it's received.

Paul's communications are monitored by a terrorism unit in Washington DC and any letter or email that contains any sort of message from anyone will not be given to him. He would be given a paper showing the name and address the letter is returned to, so he would know that you took the time to write anyway, and even that little bit means something, so please write and say hello to him. There is also the chance that he will be given your letter. If you care at all, please give it a try.

It takes minutes to compose a short letter and throw it in the mail. Quite frankly, I wish 100K people would do this today for reasons that should be obvious to you.

I can say that Paul's attorneys are currently working on the legal case and he has a new investigator. I will post documents when possible, so do check back weekly for a new post on the topic.

This is Paul's contact information and it must be printed exactly on the envelope. There also must be a valid sender name and address:

Paul W. Bergrin – #16235-050
FCI Terre Haute
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 33
Terre Haute, IN 47808

Please drop a letter in the mail today. Paul Bergrin needs to know he has supporters!