Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Sentences

Yesterday was the day from hell and really we are only 3 1/2 hours into the next day, so it lives on. I tried to go to sleep, but couldn't and got up to watch a movie... Rendition. Wrong movie to watch at this point in time (yesterday or today) as Paul Bergrin was obviously whisked away to some secret US lock-up, though I suppose it's a plus that the secret location is inside the US. I suppose, but as I don't believe everything I see on tv, I really don't know. The US may indeed be the worst of the worst.

A few people have asked me if I intended to blog about the sentencing today. Of course I don't have anything nice to say and had previously decided to let this blog conclude with the "Eyewitness to Murder" post. I thought it was a good finale. But then one of Paul Bergrin's major supporters wanted the last post, stating the sentencing location and time, to be shared, so that altered the ending of the blog. I figure I may as well keep going, nice or not. This article by Barry Sussman is a must read on the sentencing:

Abu Ghraib Whistleblower Receives Multiple Life Sentences

What a fiasco charade this entire case has been. And it ends for the moment with Paul Bergrin being sentenced to 6 life terms plus around 100+ more years on the various counts. The government asked for 5 life terms and Judge Cavanaugh decided to show them some real love and gave them more, more, and more. I'd like to think we all know what side he was on from jumpstreet.

Did you know that Andrea True (Andrea Marie Truden) was an informant? Yup. I know a lady... well, let me introduce you to her. She's real nice and I think you'll enjoy her blog. She goes by the title of The Duchess of Hackney. So go read the truth about Andrea True:

My semi obligatory not quite obituary: Andrea True Connection RIP

The jury in the Bergrin trial should really appreciate Andrea True and her More, More, More, as after all is said and done, they convicted Paul Bergrin on all counts because there was just so much. There was more, more, and more lies that sounded good coming from the government asshats and they couldn't take the time to actually listen, discuss in-depth, and distinguish fact from fiction. Because we all know that volume and quantity is much more important than quality when it comes to trials, right?

And the judge turned out to be the biggest fan of the government of all. Have you ever heard of a judge handing out lengthier sentences than the vitriolic government asshats with their obviously false evidence and lying witnesses asked for? Well, I have heard of this sort of thing before, but it's rare; real rare. And let's face it - these particular AUSAs are the most spiteful and malicious of any in the country. They had an agenda and truth and facts were not going to get in the way!

This has been a real kangaroo court experience. I thought I had seen everything, but nothing has ever come close to this malicious vendetta with its various aspects and many participants.

Oh and for wayneook over on nj.com: I know you're connected to this case and prosecution. I think I know who you are, but as I ain't sure, I'll just offer initials: M.M. 

Dude, I saw your comments before they made all the comments disappear and we never "jousted". Just in case it skipped your mind, in an early point long ago, you falsely claimed repeatedly that Paul Bergrin was a convicted felon and threatened me with a "promoting prostitution" prosecution over my Blueprint books. I responded that you could give it your best shot. I subsequently, over a lengthy period of time, received email after email after email with some of the most absurd legally compromising questions that I have ever heard.

And wayneook, my dear miscreant, I wouldn't call that "jousting" by a longshot; I do call it criminal harassment. Go fuck yourself and take your many government sock puppets and tools with ya.

And now I have concluded this blog. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Unjust Sentencing of Courageous Attorney

9/23/2013 at 10AM - UNJUST SENTENCING OF COURAGEOUS ATTORNEY PAUL BERGRIN. Federal Court House, Newark, NJ,  Main Post Office, Walnut Street, Block in from Broad Street. Judge Cavanaugh.

If you are anti war and if you are against injustice then you NEED TO PAY CLOSE ATTENTION!

As an attorney who represented some of the soldiers who were accused of abuses in Iraq, Bergrin was the first to begin to expose that the US was authorizing torture. The government trumped up murder charges on him in a kangaroo court and now they want to give him five life sentences. In this video Paul is talking about the corruption of the so called justice system.

In 2009 Paul announced his intention to reopen the Abu Ghraib cases. Not long after that, he was arrested and was put into solitary confinement for 9 months. He has been imprisoned ever since.

Also, please read this compelling article about Paul's case: