Saturday, March 31, 2012

Paul Bergrin Trial Transcripts

UPDATE - Trial transcripts no longer available

Welcome to Paul Bergrin on Trial, a blog started to support Paul Bergrin, a zealous defense attorney facing almost insurmountable legal hurdles in a yet unknown number of trials. This is a transitional post from Paul Bergrin Trial: The Summation on my other blog. From this moment forward you will find any posts, updates, documents, and transcribed testimony posted herein.

Please do view the "Documents" and "Comments" pages linked in the main navigation of this blog. You are free to download copies of the transcribed court days from the last trial that resulted in a hung jury and any other documents listed. This is for the many people interested in the case and trials of Paul Bergrin that were unable to attend and to shine a bright light on the problem of government misconduct.

Note that all documents were uploaded to my website and I have no form of any application to track visitors whatsoever on that website (except at the ISP/server level) so your visit is truly private. You may change the file name of any document and post to your own website. Anything posted on this blog uses a Creative Commons license, unlike my other blogs and website. Read the specific use available by going to the Creative Commons link in the right sidebar.

We currently await the decision from the three-judge Appeals panel in reference to the goverment's attempt to have the Honorable U.S. District Court Judge William Martini removed from the next Bergrin trial and decide evidentiary related issues from the last trial brought forth by prosecutors.