Monday, April 6, 2015

Career Criminal Rondre Kelly Strikes Again

Shortly before Paul Bergrin's second trial, Rondre Kelly was sentenced to 14 years for his heroin trafficking case in Pittsburgh. Kelly received one more of those 'get out of jail free' passes apparently via motions filed by the government after he testified (or rather testilied) against Paul Bergrin in February of 2013.

According to this article published in December of 2014, we know he was free at that time:

Forks Township man chases girlfriend with knife, says jail worth it for 'dismantling' her face, police report

So here is a government witness that was given extensive time off across numerous jurisdictions (NY and PA) over his heroin and cocaine trafficking that began decades earlier and was never charged at all with his drug trafficking in New Jersey in thanks for his "cooperation" against Paul Bergrin.

Rondre Kelly, career criminal, was facing numerous (4) charges in the attack on his girlfriend (Kyaysha Weatherington) of four months and thinks that jail time was worth it. Well, he only thinks that because he knows he can get off with a minor sentence or no jail time at all by dialing his contact in the Newark US Attorney's Office. Rondre Kelly is a friend to the US government and the US DOJ loves him.

Will this career criminal walk on charges AGAIN? When I call this idiot a career criminal, I mean it. The jury in Bergrin's second trial actually believed this POS! Don't just believe me on his life of crime, read his testimony in the trial transcripts as it is fed to him by prosecutors in this case:

BERGRIN 13 2_07_13 - Rondre Kelly testimony on Direct begins on page 2854 and concludes for the day on page 2914.

BERGRIN 14 02_11_13 - Rondre Kelly testimony on Direct begins again on page 2968. Paul Bergrin's Cross-Examination of Rondre Kelly begins on page 3037.

In answer to my own question above, yes, Rondre Kelly walked again! For the attack on his girlfriend he received 12 months probation. What a bad joke the US criminal justice system really is. No wonder all of these crimes are "worth it" to Kelly! Read the docket sheets and the summary and see for yourself:

Rondre Kelly Docket

Rondre Kelly Docket 2

Rondre Kelly Court Summary

I couldn't even make this crap up. His ex-girlfriend should be filing a civil suit. Oh, and thanks so much to the jury for believing this career criminal. May he one day move next door to anyone that had the audacity to give him one of his many free passes.

For the record, if not for an attempt to post an extremely hateful comment on this blog by a person claiming to be Rondre Kelly's brother, no one would have bothered to look at this career criminal again. After a thorough reread of the above-linked trial transcripts, I realized that the brother would be one Floyd Kelly, also a career criminal given free passes for Rondre Kelly's testimony against Paul Bergrin and other defendants along the way. So, thanks for bringing this matter to our attention Floyd.

And Floyd, you may want to actually read these trial transcripts because brother Rondre didn't enter into a real estate transaction to buy your mom a house, at least not according to his own testimony. Of course your comment was not published as it violated my comment rules.

To the people of Pennsylvania: Good luck; you're going to need it with Rondre Kelly stalking the streets.