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Monday, April 6, 2015

Career Criminal Rondre Kelly Strikes Again

Shortly before Paul Bergrin's second trial, Rondre Kelly was sentenced to 14 years for his heroin trafficking case in Pittsburgh. Kelly received one more of those 'get out of jail free' passes apparently via motions filed by the government after he testified (or rather testilied) against Paul Bergrin in February of 2013.

According to this article published in December of 2014, we know he was free at that time:

Forks Township man chases girlfriend with knife, says jail worth it for 'dismantling' her face, police report

So here is a government witness that was given extensive time off across numerous jurisdictions (NY and PA) over his heroin and cocaine trafficking that began decades earlier and was never charged at all with his drug trafficking in New Jersey in thanks for his "cooperation" against Paul Bergrin.

Rondre Kelly, career criminal, was facing numerous (4) charges in the attack on his girlfriend (Kyaysha Weatherington) of four months and thinks that jail time was worth it. Well, he only thinks that because he knows he can get off with a minor sentence or no jail time at all by dialing his contact in the Newark US Attorney's Office. Rondre Kelly is a friend to the US government and the US DOJ loves him.

Will this career criminal walk on charges AGAIN? When I call this idiot a career criminal, I mean it. The jury in Bergrin's second trial actually believed this POS! Don't just believe me on his life of crime, read his testimony in the trial transcripts as it is fed to him by prosecutors in this case:

BERGRIN 13 2_07_13 - Rondre Kelly testimony on Direct begins on page 2854 and concludes for the day on page 2914.

BERGRIN 14 02_11_13 - Rondre Kelly testimony on Direct begins again on page 2968. Paul Bergrin's Cross-Examination of Rondre Kelly begins on page 3037.

In answer to my own question above, yes, Rondre Kelly walked again! For the attack on his girlfriend he received 12 months probation. What a bad joke the US criminal justice system really is. No wonder all of these crimes are "worth it" to Kelly! Read the docket sheets and the summary and see for yourself:

Rondre Kelly Docket

Rondre Kelly Docket 2

Rondre Kelly Court Summary

I couldn't even make this crap up. His ex-girlfriend should be filing a civil suit. Oh, and thanks so much to the jury for believing this career criminal. May he one day move next door to anyone that had the audacity to give him one of his many free passes.

For the record, if not for an attempt to post an extremely hateful comment on this blog by a person claiming to be Rondre Kelly's brother, no one would have bothered to look at this career criminal again. After a thorough reread of the above-linked trial transcripts, I realized that the brother would be one Floyd Kelly, also a career criminal given free passes for Rondre Kelly's testimony against Paul Bergrin and other defendants along the way. So, thanks for bringing this matter to our attention Floyd.

And Floyd, you may want to actually read these trial transcripts because brother Rondre didn't enter into a real estate transaction to buy your mom a house, at least not according to his own testimony. Of course your comment was not published as it violated my comment rules.

To the people of Pennsylvania: Good luck; you're going to need it with Rondre Kelly stalking the streets.


Anonymous said...

GREAT VIVKY, you found another rotten apple in the basket.There
is no doubt the Newark US attorneys office can only choose
criminal partners to achieve their
goals. And the cherry on the sundae is that the US government
approves all that shit. Nothing
to be proud of.

Anonymous said...
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Vicky Gallas said...
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Vicky Gallas said...
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Anonymous said...

The Boston Bomber just got convicted
in Federal Court in Boston. He was sure
in the wrong geographical area. Had that been U.S. District Court in Newark
and had he been fortunate enough to
know Paul Bergrin and have been able to
testify against him he would also be
home free instead of facing the death

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU so much at least I know who to look out for if this monster move near me and my family,and your doing a wonderful job more than I can say for the government.

Anonymous said...

This is so true and I believe every word of this statement.

Anonymous said...

@Vicky this pos must have not entered wittsec and the reason I say this is because I see they used his real name, or can you enter under your real name and still enter the mouse hole (wittsec) excuse me RAT hole.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

To the last comment. It's extremely pretentious to say that we are the greatest country in the world with the most efficient justice system because this is not
true. Many times in the past our
justice system has proven to make
notable errors. Why would there not be uncredible evidence in Paul Bergrin's trial and why do we have a Supreme Court if all it does is not consider 99.99% of all case.
Just the sentence of six times
life in prison proves the disproportion of the whole trial.
You are doing a great job Vicky
to denounce the injustice and
corruption of our legal system.
It's about time that citizens finally stand up to do so. If only
there were more persons like you
Vicky, the US would be a better
world respecting human rights

Vicky Gallas said...
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Vicky Gallas said...
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Vicky Gallas said...
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Anonymous said...

It's because of our government and
this durty legal system that some
real criminals are set free to advantage political vengeance against persons like Paul Bergrin
and the promotions of what we can
consider a legal mafia. We come
to question where the real criminals are, the guys in prison or the ones outside.

Anonymous said...

@ Vicky thanks once again for responding about witsec and there rules, and I corrected my mistakes witsec not wittsec. but they do have a lot to fear and make no mistake about me its no threat but when you do what they did (LIED) your watching your back for ever until your grave but in the event you've been so helpful to Paul and his supporters also yours and you have a lot of them trust me and I wish you nothing but better health.

Anonymous said...

All your good work Vicky and all
the support Paul Bergrin receives
just proves that it's time for the
US government to clean up this
case and most probably many others, it's time for the government to stand up to it's legal responsibilities and get rid
for us of these real criminals that use our justice system to
kill real good American citizens.
An innocent man does not deserve
to die in prison away from his family.

Anonymous said...
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Vicky Gallas said...
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Vicky Gallas said...
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Anonymous said...
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Vicky Gallas said...
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Anonymous said...
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Vicky Gallas said...
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Vicky Gallas said...

Enough with the attempts to obfuscate here. Feel free to comment on the post topic and Rondre Kelly, but no further attempts to denigrate Paul Bergrin or myself will be published.

The Blog Authority

Vicky Gallas said...
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Vicky Gallas said...
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Vicky Gallas said...

I have decided to remove all comments on this post by the Anonymous troll and my responses to the troll. It only showed-up on this post to redirect attention from the important topic discussed in this post. The government gave this violent career criminal that lied about Paul Bergrin another free pass to commit more violence, so I can certainly understand why they'd want to redirect attention and obfuscate from the subject.

I have also removed my next post addressing the troll for same reason.

As one of my readers stated, I should never feed the trolls, especially when I only need to delete its comments. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I checked the Supreme Court of the United States Docket and finally there is a petition for writ of certiorari from the defense. Hope it succeeds. Vicky do you have a copy of the actual petition? If so please post it for us...Great job with your blog. Forget the haters.

Anonymous said...

What is the government trying to
make us believe, that they didn't
nail Paul Bergrin? Not only did
they nail him with lies but more, now they continue to unable him to work on his legal papers, and to have human contacts with his loved ones. WAKE UP GUYS.
They leave the real criminals
in the street that are a danger
for the population.
I'd like to know what person in the US calls this JUSTICE. Definitively not ME.

Anonymous said...

Hey what about the first commandment

Vicky Gallas said...

@the last anonymous -

I think the first commandment is something about only worship one god. Well, I currently do not worship any deity so no clue. What about it?

hahaha - really LOL here

Perhaps you meant the First Amendment to the United States Constitution? lol some more

If that's a reference to my deleting the government troll's comments and my responses, it doesn't apply here. Yes, the anonymous troll still has a right to freedom of speech - on its own blog or anywhere else that allows its obnoxious BS.

Here on this blog, I set the rules. If anyone has a comment on this post or related to this post and it's not vicious, abusive or obnoxious, it will be published. If you or the troll demand to have your say on the internet, you will only need to start your own blog. Google makes this simple on the Blogger platform - look it up.

Or maybe you did mean first commandment. Still laughing... thanks for the joke. So busy reading that I need a break anyway. haha ;-)

What am I reading? William Baskerville's response to the government in his 2255 suit. The government doesn't have a copy yet, and perhaps that makes it even more interesting. I think we will see a new trial for William Baskerville in the not-so-distant future and I'd love to be a fly on the wall when they receive it on Monday. If there was ever anyone deserving a new trial ASAP in all of this 10+ year fiasco, it's William.

Thanks for the break... now back to reading!

Anonymous said...

Vicky there's no one on this planet like you, i say this because your so dead on reference last comment and they mean first amendment trust me but do keep up the good work and let NO ONE stop you.

Anonymous said...

@ Vicky how many times can Mr bergrin make an appeal on his behalf ???

Anonymous said...

Least I made u laugh. One direct appeal and then one habeas corpus petition and more if he can show newly discovered evidence

Vicky Gallas said...

Yeah, but all jokes aside, I was not laughing at you; I was laughing with you. Over the years, I've learned that I'd better be on my toes. haha

And in all seriousness, anyone can start a blog in a NY minute (another one of those quips). ;-)

I have started so many blogs and numerous forums, but deserted most in short time.

Anonymous said...

All in all, we've had our differences, but you have done the most in bringing this shameful chapter in u.s. legal history into the open, exactly where the government does not want it. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Whether the government wants it or
not, it will have to face it sooner or later and I would say
that sooner is always the best if
a country wants to move forward.
Everybody admits we need changes
even our President. Fast action is
the key of our actual society.
Paul Bergrin likes some others
deserves to be freed soon based
on their innocence.

Anonymous said...

He won't be free any time soon unfortunately. Whether relief comes by a court or the court of public opinion, it will take years.

Anonymous said...

The last comment is telling us that Paul Bergrin will die in
prison even if he is innocent
and that those criminals that
nailed him will die free enjoying
their dirty retirement money and
their made up honorable titles.
Is this something that should
really happen? Not so sure.

Vicky Gallas said...

I think hope is a good thing, but must agree that Paul probably won't be free any time soon. The US criminal justice system is not friendly to the wrongfully convicted.

In Paul's case there are so many different issues to address that resolving one, two, three or ten still won't free him. That's why the government used RICO. There are too many predicate acts to overcome.

Paul has stated that obtaining a statement from a specific couple of government witnesses will mean his freedom, but not sure how he can view it this way. He was an attorney for many years and should know better. When he overcomes one issue/act there are more, many more, to contend with.

I don't see him getting any relief from the SCOTUS either.

Hope is always good, but I try and put it all in perspective. I do believe that the truth will eventually be revealed. Dirty secrets rarely stay secret forever.

Anonymous said...

Will SCOTUS take a decision very
soon for Paul Bergrin or will this
take quite some time.

Anonymous said...

Vicky is right: too many predicate acts, too many charges, too many convictions. Nothing for sc to do. Paul may not die in jail, I never said that. But a courageous district court judge or appellate panel must rule that Martini was correct, that bundling all the charges deprived Paul of due process. It could happen. But then the government can appeal and meanwhile Paul stays in jail.
That's what I meant.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happens, if we love Paul
Bergrin truly and believe in his innocence, we can always help him by our actions.
Whatever we can do for him will be
the right thing to do. Write to
him, even send him a little bit of
money for commissary, do ANYTHING
to bring him some happiness. He
needs his friends and supporters NOW not tomorrow. We all need a little help from our friends in lonely and difficult moments.

Anonymous said...

Yes. What can we do? Can we can send books. I sent and received several letters back in Brooklyn. But that was then. What can we do?

Anonymous said...

On Supreme Court of the United States docket search
No. 14-9461
Paul W. Bergrin, Petitioner
United States

Docketed: April 23, 2015
Lower Ct: United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit

Case Nos.: (13-3934)
Decision Date: December 18, 2014
Rehearing Denied: January 21, 2015

~~~Date~~~ ~~~~~~~Proceedings and Orders~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Apr 21 2015 Petition for a writ of certiorari and motion for leave to proceed in forma pauperis filed. (Response due May 26, 2015)
Apr 29 2015 Waiver of right of respondent United States to respond filed.
May 6 2015 DISTRIBUTED for Conference of May 21, 2015.

So, we may know soon if SCOTUS will take the case.

Anonymous said...

Any relief will be post-conviction via a habeas petition. You must exhaust your direct appeals, hence application for poor person's relief. Just going through the motions so a petition may be filed. Do not get your hopes up

Anonymous said...

There is one thing I definitively
agree with you Vicky, how could
Paul Bergrin have done 6 tours in
the Iraq war and sell drugs. Like
all our soldiers have, he suffered
and tried to protect and care for
other soldiers. Paul is one of our brave soldiers. We should still question what was the real
intend or meaning of this trauma.
Why so much sufferings and so many
people killed?

Anonymous said...

We the USA pretend to be America the first but this is not true anymore. We do not
give our prisoners the right to appeal in Justice, we unable them to do it. Paul Bergrins case has been denied by the Supreme Court. What is next.

Worse, we do not treat our prisoners like human beings, many starve in prisons and
many badly need medical care.

Could someone speak out and tell us what we have become. A nation using tortuous means to prove what. We are really over doing it. How can we pretend being what
we are not.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that Cavanaugh and his compatriots in the prosecutors office have
only sought to dispose of Paul Bergrin to as great a degree as possible. The trial
was never about the killing of a low drug dealer in Newark or the Federal governments alleged concern over his demise. The sheer numbers of such killings that go unpunished make the idea laughable. This case is ONLY about retribution and
is the most extreme example yet of the governments on going war on whistleblowers.
Bergrins conviction and life sentence is not retributive but is only intended to
have a dissuasive effect upon others contemplating a similar course of action.
Mr Paul Bergrin does not deserve all this, he only did his job as a true and loyal attorney should do. He should be freed.

Anonymous said...

It had to be denied so that he can now proceed with his post conviction relief. His main claim is lack of due process based on compiling all the counts along with the murder charges.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to President Obama for having entered and recognized today
that our prisons are overcrowded and unfair in many ways but this is not
enough, actions must also be taken so that our prisons don't incarcerate innocent
persons like Paul Bergrin. Its true that youth mistakes deserve a second chance
especially for a young person that does not have the support and structure of family
but an old person like Paul does not deserve to die in prison because of lies and
perjuries. We also have a corrupted justice system where lies bring many to a ĥigh
position in our society and a comfortable retirement, its time to open our eyes and
act seriously, quickly and with efficiency because we are way behind in comparison
to other countries.

Anonymous said...

In Paul Bergrins case, the Government believes what he wants to believe, and refuses
to look back at the truth despite having misjudged. He leaves this man in prison
and does not give him a single chance to prove his innocence. The Government abuses
of his powers by leaving a corrupted Justice system in place instead of preaching the truth. What honest citizen could accept this situation. Everyone who deserves
respect and love and consideration should start by learning to respect other
persons life and right to the truth. Paul Bergrin is not a criminal and never has

Anonymous said...

Currently looking for the where abouts of Mr. Kelly. He owes some money to a Financial Institute and not making payments. Not been able to contact him and thinking possible civil action. Does anyone know where he is living at?

Vicky Gallas said...

@the last Anonymous

No clue where he is and don't care. If your "Financial Institute" loans money to heroin traffickers, then non-payment is what you deserve.