Thursday, October 20, 2016

Paul Bergrin Transfer to ADX Florence

This short post is about exactly what the title says. Paul Bergrin is being or has been transferred to ADX Florence, the Supermax in Colorado. I admit to being stunned. I have been busy with life - some day I will tell you about it on my other blog - and then there was the hurricane mess as I live on an island off the East coast of Florida.

This document was entered by the clerk's office on September 28, 2016, and it is a handwritten motion to Judge Jose Linares. No attorney has been able to update me on Paul Bergrin's status at the CMU after he was placed under Special Administrative Measures (SAMs) there at the time of my last post and when he went incommunicado. I just logged into PACER tonight and retrieved this document.

The Bureau of Prisons inmate locator shows Paul Bergrin to be still in Terre Haute, Indiana at the CMU, but in this case I have zero faith that the locator has been updated. Paul Was notified in late August that he was now designated to the Supermax in Florence, Colorado.

Bergrin Motion for Relief September 28 2016

I'm just horrified. Need to do some research and will post again in the near future. ADX Florence is known to be worse than Guantanamo Bay camps. Seriously. WTH.

UPDATE on November 2, 2016 @11:50AM:

As of today, November 2, 2016, Paul Bergrin is now in Florence, Colorado ADMAX, also known as the Supermax. This morning he showed as at this facility in the BOP inmate locator: Inmate Locator

So, Paul is now in the worst of all hellhole facilities that the US has created; worse than Guantanamo Bay camps. Considering that Paul Bergrin is about as scary as a kitty-kat and the entire prosecution was a major overkill engineered by those with an axe to grind and plenty to hide, I see that the government can get away with absolutely anything. History will absolve Paul Bergrin!

For more information on ADX Florence, read the Wikipedia entry, and update with Paul Bergrin's name if you are into updating on Wikipedia: ADX Florence