Sunday, September 9, 2018

Paul Bergrin SAM Renewed Again: BOP and Newark

US Attorney General Sessions has rubber-stamped Paul Bergrin's SAMs (Special Administrative Measures) for the Newark US Attorney's Office. It is now over two years that Paul has been held incommunicado at the US Supermax in Florence, Colorado, and with no end in sight. You'd think he was a terrorist or something. And apparently they're starving him there, so the plot must be a slow death, never lifting the SAMs.

This is the most recent letter to the court from Paul followed by previous documents that I neglected to publish:

I sometimes make comments elsewhere regarding the situation with Paul, and this is one I posted today on an article from The Intercept on Facebook. Often my comments about Paul Bergrin on social media disappear, so on occasion, I will be posting comments that make a point here. I decided to just copy it here so it is verbatim:

The real problem is not necessarily "flipping" as Trump refers to it. Often the major problem is government prosecutors giving defendants the choice of a long mandatory minimum sentence or say what they need stated about a target. More often than not, prosecutors are well aware that the information is false and it takes LE / FBI / DEA feeding certain facts to these defendants so it all sounds viable when it's regurgitated repeatedly over a period of years if necessary. Sometimes the LE agencies collude with media to get the story they want published the way they want it and simply hand defendants a newspaper. When all of that still sounds questionable because it's a false narrative coming from the defendant, the agents and prosecutors will play the memory refresher game.

Need proof? Loads of cases, but one of the worst in history is that of Paul Bergrin. For whatever reason, The Intercept has always ignored the Paul Bergrin saga. However, I will attest to the fact that all it takes to dismantle the entire massive case against Paul is reading and researching. The Intercept and just about any other non-mainstream media instead finds it easier to ignore or skip. I get that because my reading and research on the case has continued for close to 8 years now and I frequently come across information I was previously unaware of. It's daunting, no doubt, but it cannot be glossed over or ignored by everyone.

Paul Bergrin has been suffering in the H-unit of Florence ADMAX with a SAMs designation for over two years now! It's like everyone forgot (conveniently or otherwise) who Paul Bergrin actually is and what he accomplished, and tried to accomplish, in the War on Terror. Why do you think he's incommunicado? It sure isn't for the reasons stated by the government!

Expect to see more posts on this blog regularly. I could never forget Paul or his immense suffering at the hands of US government agents and actors; however, this case or saga just goes on and on and it is depressing. I expect that my next post will be a plea to specific people for help – I've been working on it, but am not finished yet. Another post will concern potential new evidence – if it's not addressed directly to the court or in a motion by early October, I will be discussing it here. So, check back on occasion. 

Here is a link to a letter that Paul mailed to the court and was filed on September 25, 2018. The letter concerns gun evidence relating to the Kemo McCray murder:

Bergrin 2255 Letter September 25 2018

EDIT on October 1, 2018 to add a document.