Friday, November 23, 2018

Updates for Paul Bergrin and William Baskerville Cases

There are updates to Paul Bergrin's Rule 33 (Motion for a new trial) case and to William Baskerville's 2255 petition. I am linking the relevant documents herein and if you read the Opinion and Order the Court issued on William Baskerville's 2255 petition, you will see a part incorporated into Paul Bergrin's Rule 33 Defense Response. It is interesting to say the least, but I am not going to point it out; you will need to read everything.

The Opinion and Order from the Court in the William Baskerville case is a mixed bag. When I copied it to William, as he had not received it in the mail yet, my only statement was that it is good and bad. Most of the claims were DENIED, though with several, I see no valid reasoning for the denial. With most, I fully understand the reasons for denial as related to law. The few that were GRANTED are interesting, to say the least.

The Rule 33 Defense Response from Paul Bergrin's counsel Larry Lustberg is good and should get Paul a new trial. There are many new affidavits from witnesses attached that you should find enlightening. Apparently Paul does still have an active investigator working on the case; I was beginning to wonder. In a real Court of Law, the response would get Paul Bergrin a new trial, but thus far I am having a rough time viewing the federal courts in Newark as real because they are not going by law!

In my dying breath I will argue that the case against Paul Bergrin is 95% false and malicious. If you disagree and you have something with substance to say, then put your name on your comments and I will publish, but if you are a drive-by anonymous troll, take a flippin' hike, because it's obvious to me that you have an agenda that is not related to truth or justice.

I feel the same about the William Baskerville case in relation to the Kemo murder conspiracy, because if I didn't, I wouldn't be spending a minute discussing it as I have in past posts or mailing William documents to help his case.

Another situation that I have not mentioned, mainly because the case is completely convoluted, is that of Hakeem Curry and Rakeem Baskerville. After reading the case documents and the trial transcripts in past, I can honestly say that I have never come across any judge with as heavy a bias as the now retired Faith Hochberg (thank God!) or as much rhetoric and hyperbole as was used by the government AUSAs in any case ever.

Mr. Lustberg did indeed come through for Paul on this response to the government and while we (Paul's supporters) do truly appreciate that, I do have a bone to pick: There have never been any objections filed in any court in this country to the Special Administrative Measures (SAMs) that have kept Paul incommunicado in Florence ADX Supermax for over two years and three months now! Even the flippin' Boston bomber had objections filed on his SAMs quickly, in less than 30 days, so what in the hell is going on? Is there some big mystery in this case that no one else is aware of???

I hope that everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! Mine was complicated. As some of you are aware, I take care of my 88 year-old veteran mother, who is currently having a variety of complications, so between her and the heavy cooking necessary, I didn't think I'd make it. I'm doing much better today and figured I had better get these documents out there before I'm unable to. We never know when our day is going to come.

Here are the document links:

Here is a document from the William Baskerville 2255 case that discusses the call recordings and issues involved. It is document #37:

W Baskerville Letter November 30 2015

Happy Reading!