Sunday, March 23, 2014

Message From Paul Bergrin

This is a message from Paul Bergrin dated March 18, 2014:

It was last year on this date and about this time, that the federal jury in Newark, New Jersey convicted me on all 23 counts of the Indictment. I want to sincerely and wholeheartedly that all those that have supported me and continue to support me.

I am fighting these false allegations with all my heart and soul and will never surrender, to the lies, fabrications and betrayals, that I have endured. I have lived with nothing but pain, anguish and sorrow for the past 5 years and my heart is broken and has died within me. I will never stop suffering nor give up, until I am free, liberated and in the arms of those I truly love.

For those whom lied, fabricated evidence, betrayed me or to those that know these individuals, you will have to answer to a higher authority and live with the injustice that I have endured, for what seems like eternity. You will never have peace of mind nor rest and it is not to late to come forward and seek justice. These People cannot hurt you anymore nor threaten you and your families any more. Come forward and give me back my family and life. I forgive you. Now forgive yourself and seek God's forgiveness.


Note: When the appeal is available to me, I will publish it on the Paul Bergrin website and post a link here.