Friday, November 23, 2018

Updates for Paul Bergrin and William Baskerville Cases

There are updates to Paul Bergrin's Rule 33 (Motion for a new trial) case and to William Baskerville's 2255 petition. I am linking the relevant documents herein and if you read the Opinion and Order the Court issued on William Baskerville's 2255 petition, you will see a part incorporated into Paul Bergrin's Rule 33 Defense Response. It is interesting to say the least, but I am not going to point it out; you will need to read everything.

The Opinion and Order from the Court in the William Baskerville case is a mixed bag. When I copied it to William, as he had not received it in the mail yet, my only statement was that it is good and bad. Most of the claims were DENIED, though with several, I see no valid reasoning for the denial. With most, I fully understand the reasons for denial as related to law. The few that were GRANTED are interesting, to say the least.

The Rule 33 Defense Response from Paul Bergrin's counsel Larry Lustberg is good and should get Paul a new trial. There are many new affidavits from witnesses attached that you should find enlightening. Apparently Paul does still have an active investigator working on the case; I was beginning to wonder. In a real Court of Law, the response would get Paul Bergrin a new trial, but thus far I am having a rough time viewing the federal courts in Newark as real because they are not going by law!

In my dying breath I will argue that the case against Paul Bergrin is 95% false and malicious. If you disagree and you have something with substance to say, then put your name on your comments and I will publish, but if you are a drive-by anonymous troll, take a flippin' hike, because it's obvious to me that you have an agenda that is not related to truth or justice.

I feel the same about the William Baskerville case in relation to the Kemo murder conspiracy, because if I didn't, I wouldn't be spending a minute discussing it as I have in past posts or mailing William documents to help his case.

Another situation that I have not mentioned, mainly because the case is completely convoluted, is that of Hakeem Curry and Rakeem Baskerville. After reading the case documents and the trial transcripts in past, I can honestly say that I have never come across any judge with as heavy a bias as the now retired Faith Hochberg (thank God!) or as much rhetoric and hyperbole as was used by the government AUSAs in any case ever.

Mr. Lustberg did indeed come through for Paul on this response to the government and while we (Paul's supporters) do truly appreciate that, I do have a bone to pick: There have never been any objections filed in any court in this country to the Special Administrative Measures (SAMs) that have kept Paul incommunicado in Florence ADX Supermax for over two years and three months now! Even the flippin' Boston bomber had objections filed on his SAMs quickly, in less than 30 days, so what in the hell is going on? Is there some big mystery in this case that no one else is aware of???

I hope that everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! Mine was complicated. As some of you are aware, I take care of my 88 year-old veteran mother, who is currently having a variety of complications, so between her and the heavy cooking necessary, I didn't think I'd make it. I'm doing much better today and figured I had better get these documents out there before I'm unable to. We never know when our day is going to come.

Here are the document links:

Here is a document from the William Baskerville 2255 case that discusses the call recordings and issues involved. It is document #37:

W Baskerville Letter November 30 2015

Happy Reading!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Paul Bergrin SAM Renewed Again: BOP and Newark

US Attorney General Sessions has rubber-stamped Paul Bergrin's SAMs (Special Administrative Measures) for the Newark US Attorney's Office. It is now over two years that Paul has been held incommunicado at the US Supermax in Florence, Colorado, and with no end in sight. You'd think he was a terrorist or something. And apparently they're starving him there, so the plot must be a slow death, never lifting the SAMs.

This is the most recent letter to the court from Paul followed by previous documents that I neglected to publish:

I sometimes make comments elsewhere regarding the situation with Paul, and this is one I posted today on an article from The Intercept on Facebook. Often my comments about Paul Bergrin on social media disappear, so on occasion, I will be posting comments that make a point here. I decided to just copy it here so it is verbatim:

The real problem is not necessarily "flipping" as Trump refers to it. Often the major problem is government prosecutors giving defendants the choice of a long mandatory minimum sentence or say what they need stated about a target. More often than not, prosecutors are well aware that the information is false and it takes LE / FBI / DEA feeding certain facts to these defendants so it all sounds viable when it's regurgitated repeatedly over a period of years if necessary. Sometimes the LE agencies collude with media to get the story they want published the way they want it and simply hand defendants a newspaper. When all of that still sounds questionable because it's a false narrative coming from the defendant, the agents and prosecutors will play the memory refresher game.

Need proof? Loads of cases, but one of the worst in history is that of Paul Bergrin. For whatever reason, The Intercept has always ignored the Paul Bergrin saga. However, I will attest to the fact that all it takes to dismantle the entire massive case against Paul is reading and researching. The Intercept and just about any other non-mainstream media instead finds it easier to ignore or skip. I get that because my reading and research on the case has continued for close to 8 years now and I frequently come across information I was previously unaware of. It's daunting, no doubt, but it cannot be glossed over or ignored by everyone.

Paul Bergrin has been suffering in the H-unit of Florence ADMAX with a SAMs designation for over two years now! It's like everyone forgot (conveniently or otherwise) who Paul Bergrin actually is and what he accomplished, and tried to accomplish, in the War on Terror. Why do you think he's incommunicado? It sure isn't for the reasons stated by the government!

Expect to see more posts on this blog regularly. I could never forget Paul or his immense suffering at the hands of US government agents and actors; however, this case or saga just goes on and on and it is depressing. I expect that my next post will be a plea to specific people for help – I've been working on it, but am not finished yet. Another post will concern potential new evidence – if it's not addressed directly to the court or in a motion by early October, I will be discussing it here. So, check back on occasion. 

Here is a link to a letter that Paul mailed to the court and was filed on September 25, 2018. The letter concerns gun evidence relating to the Kemo McCray murder:

Bergrin 2255 Letter September 25 2018

EDIT on October 1, 2018 to add a document.


Sunday, April 15, 2018

Paul Bergrin Needs Help: Where is the Real FBI and DOJ

This case is so convoluted that it requires a team of real attorneys (JAG and criminal practice) and actual former or retired FBI, DEA, and DOJ investigators. They would need a large room and a physical (as opposed to computer spreadsheet) board the size of a wall to track each and every issue and every party the Newark US Attorney's Office labeled witness or informant in the duration of this case, which is approaching 10 years at this point, and actually much longer if we are to count initial investigations.

Where is mainstream media? Am I the only person still actually researching this case? Am I the only one not afraid to speak against the tyrannical government and malicious prosecutions in this country? Do investigative journalists still exist or was the entire profession eliminated long ago?

I know there are real attorneys out there. I know that there are investigators who actually investigate. Where are you? Did the government scare you away? Did you read 10 pages and decide it was too much work? Taking on any part of this case requires extensive reading and research. I understand that it won't be an easy ordeal. Paul Bergrin needs your help. Please step-up to the plate!

From the very beginning to date this entire case against Paul Bergrin is a farce. Again though, actual reading and research is required to reach this conclusion. In case you are wondering what our tyrants are doing now, I will tell you...

A friend sends Paul money on occasion to assist him with his costs of document production and mailing as well as purchase of necessary commissary items with whatever is remaining. The BOP (Bureau of Prisons), the warden at Florence ADMAX, and no doubt the DOJ, decided to steal what little money Paul Bergrin receives to cover everything in his life as it is today. So not only is this friend unable to have any contact with Paul whatsoever, these low-life creeps have decided to steal the money she sends to him.

Somehow I doubt that Paul Bergrin is their only victim.

Where are Paul's many friends, fellow soldiers, fellow veterans, JAG attorneys, attorneys, judges, and actual investigators who know the real Paul Bergrin? He is in the H-Unit in Florence ADMAX (the Supermax) in Florence, Colorado. He has been there under SAMs (Special Administrative Measures) since November 1, 2016, and is in solitary confinement. Paul is drowning and he needs your help!

Oh and while I'm posting, here is the government response to Paul's 400 page handwritten response:

Paul Bergrin is still the same great man you knew before this malicious, absurd prosecution was concocted with the assistance of, and government collusion with, criminal informants. Please do not let him down.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Paul Bergrin is Alive: The Handwritten Response to the Government on His 2255 Petition

Paul Bergrin has been keeping busy by writing a book about every aspect of his case. I will venture to say that by the time the Court gets about halfway through this near 400 handwritten pages response to the government, someone will be demanding that Paul be given a computer or word processor to type any additional communications. It is a total of 413 pages, with almost 400 written by hand.

It is Maximum Hypocrisy on steroids and covers every part of his original 2255 petition, including the parts that the government conveniently ignored or glossed over. I have only made it to page 44 thus far and it will probably take a week to read. If you are interested in Paul's malicious prosecution, the two trials, and his decade long quest for justice, this is a must read

This is how he should have addressed the government's case from the beginning. It is the sign of life that I have been searching for since 2010, and it was entered in the file on February 23, 2018.

Not only will the government wish they'd allowed him something to type on, they will also wish they never took away his communications. The 10 people keeping Paul Bergrin busy with mostly pointless emails no longer exist and haven't since Paul has been held incommunicado in the Colorado Supermax with the Special Administrative Measures (SAMs) designation. These are strings that the Newark US Attorney's Office will be sorry they pulled in this puppet game they play.

This response to the government is everything that you want to know about this warped, vicious, and false case. I initially skimmed the document and came across evidence discussed that I have not seen since the early days; stuff that I was not even sure Paul was aware of. Paul has stepped up to the plate!

To fully comprehend the injustice that Paul Bergrin has suffered requires a thorough read, so don't skim. I won't hold you in anticipation any longer:

Happy Reading!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Bureau of Prisons is a Criminal Organization

Seriously, the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) is a criminal organization and everyone involved in the starvation, isolation, abuse, obstruction of legal filings, even torture and much more should face a racketeering indictment. They should all be sentenced to their own hellhole prisons. The participating FBI agents and the government attorneys should join them.

I have seen so much crap and so many illegal act in this cases on their part that I have nothing much to say anymore. They're all corrupt criminals and I feel that one day each and every participant will answer for the criminal abuse. I am beyond disgusted. That's why I have not blogged about the situation with Sal Magluta in Florence ADMAX.

If you read my last post, you should have read all of Magluta's statements from his suit against BOP and BOP staff and you know to add medical neglect and medical abuse to the list of charges. We could be sure they have done the same to Paul Bergrin, but in his situation, BOP staff made sure that he wouldn't be able to tell anyone.

So now you know why I never followed-up with the stated posts in January of 2018. This is a letter that Paul Bergrin hand-wrote to US District Judge Jose Linares on his 2255 Petition:

Make no mistake, all of this is engineered by the Newark US Attorney's Office, but that doesn't make the involved BOP staff or FBI agents any less culpable. The DOJ under Jeff Sessions is a total fail, as most of us knew it would be. To those who had faith in the new POTUS, his son-in-law whose father was once in a BOP facility, and the warped Sessions, learn from this. They are all corrupt liars and nothing less, but perhaps more... we will see where that investigation goes.