Saturday, November 16, 2019

If President Trump Is Intelligent

If Trump is an intelligent man he would add another name to the military men pardoned today; that name is Paul Bergrin!

Really it would only take a couple of good attorneys hours (not days) of research to confidently state that Paul is not guilty of any of the counts he was charged and convicted of. I am not a genius who knows more than everyone else, but I did do the reading and research. This case is all about corruption in the Newark US Attorney's Office – and that corruption goes way back in time and is far-reaching; as far back as Paul Bergrin's stint in the Newark USAO.

Paul was a trial attorney – one of the best in the country! The simple fact here is that Trump is going to need as many qualified attorneys willing to help him as possible in the not-so-distant future. He could take that statement to the bank!

Pardon Paul Bergrin, let him get his license to practice back, and have the most dedicated and qualified trial attorney in the country on stand-by!

Oh and have I neglected to mention that Paul Bergrin's legal problems began with the State of New York? That's right and this case could never have been charged as it was without that absurd misdemeanor count Paul made a plea to in New York state court. 

Pardon Paul Bergrin!!!