Friday, April 8, 2022

Bergrin Rule 33 Denied and the Third Circuit Court of Appeals

On April 6, 2022 Paul Bergrin's Motion for a New Trial (Rule 33) was denied by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. Of course I am disappointed to say the least. I have a lot to say, but will wait a few days. I'm posting the link to the Opinion so that you could read it if you're unable to find it elsewhere. Media usually just summarizes and this should be read in its entirety.

I am also posting a link to William Baskerville's denial on his Motion to Vacate {2255), which was issued in late August 2021. I have much to say about this as well, but didn't because of Rakeem Baskerville's death in BOP. I will offer my thoughts when I update this post in a few days.

Bergrin Rule 33 Appeal April 6 2022 

Bergrin Rule 33 Judgment April 6 2022 


Baskerville Appeal Ruling August 13 2021 

Baskerville Appeal Judgment August 13 2021 


See you soon!



Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Welcome to the US where the Truth is Irrelevant

The US criminal justice system and all of its many paid participants are nothing but trash, with a few exceptions of course. In the case of Paul Bergrin and case of William Baskerville, which is connected only by the murder of Kemo Deshawn McCray, the only judicial exception is the Honorable US District Judge William Martini. There are no government or prosecution or FBI exceptions. Defense attorneys are another subject and it's a mixed bag!

I know exactly what they all did to William Baskerville and so does William. Neither one of us was born yesterday. The entire evidentiary hearing was one big setup with the goal of easily disposing of his many claims in the 2255 petition. To know this, one must only look at the November 2018 court Opinion that gave William the evidentiary hearing. The Opinion whittled his long list of claims down to what amounted to a few minor points. The Opinion filed in PACER late on October 9, 2019, easily chipped away those few claims William was allowed to address in the evidentiary hearing. 

At the conclusion of the just filed Opinion, Judge Sheridan threw William Baskerville a bone. The issue is that William is not a dog and has no interest in their decaying bone. And don't think it is not easily noticeable that William was, once again, cheated out of presenting witnesses in his defense. The November 2018 Opinion whittled the witnesses down to only two: Hakeem Curry and Rakeem Baskerville. It was relatively simple to knock off these two witnesses in the hearing, but the reasoning behind knocking down the witness list to these two men is suspect to say the least. 

I did not speak openly about the court's November 2018 Opinion for reasons that should be obvious. William had won an evidentiary hearing, which is supposed to be a major accomplishment in our lousy, sorry excuse for a justice system. At that point we were unsure if it was a setup to get rid of all of William's claims or a real attempt to find truth. Now we know. 

Just let this post sit. I'm too angry to discuss this whittling exercise care of the US government and  the court right now and have been since the night of the 10th when I discovered the Opinion in PACER. This post is to let the perpetrators of this long game of injustice know that I know, and that William knows. Everything will be addressed soon.

Nothing has changed in the William Baskerville case and as a matter of fact, the government, US District Judge Sheridan, and the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals panel have now all stated that it doesn't matter if Anthony Young was the shooter or not and it doesn't matter if Young lied in testimony in four (4) federal trials. Imagine that ---- the freakin' truth doesn't matter! It literally doesn't matter that the government created a false narrative and LIED throughout four federal trials!

Welcome to the US, where the truth is irrelevant!

It's like dealing with the flimflam man! It's a major con job on all fronts, and let's face it... If you have to hide behind convoluted language and assert that false narratives are facts, constantly reinforcing your government colleague's obscure statements as you go along, THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOUR CASE! You're a con artist, the flimflam man, and worst of all, you are swindling lives, stealing decades, cheating life. 

Another thing about these District court rulings and appeals court opinions... every single one that I read assumes the government's version of the entire case as facts. They have the pretense of arguing about the one point you're allowed to appeal and then say but this fact, but that fact, but the next fact and on and on... but the facts are not facts at all. They make it sound like you are making some tiny point in an ocean of FACTS. As with the statement that AY lying is irrelevant, because there's this fact, that fact, lots of jailhouse informants fact, Manson made a tiny mistake surrounded by hundreds of facts.

Anyway, I'm not sure how to address this. Even concerning the Johnnie Davis ID of Lattimore at Newark PD after the shooting... Davis was stating that he didn't know if the guy in the picture was the shooter or not. He just knew the shooter had dark skin and dreadlocks. DITTO on every single point discussed, including Lou and the attorney visiting Davis and obtaining a statement... they turned it into something nefarious on behalf of the government, when it was not any such thing. Lou was a retired FBI SA, not some street clown!

Just saying that I don't know how to address the constant nonstop twists of reality by judges and the government attorneys. They do it for each other.. judge x said this fact etc... when judge x was just parroting the government attorneys. It's a sorry shit scam. 

Friday, September 10, 2021

Rest In Peace Rakeem Baskerville

Rakeem Baskerville died either on Friday, September 3, or Saturday, September 4, 2021. What happened in the week prior to Rakeem's death is in dispute and therefore I will not discuss it here. Anyone else with knowledge is welcome to discuss the situation in comments, though I would advise that you comment anonymously. The only thing that we know for certain is that Rakeem Baskerville died of COVD-19 in the custody of the federal Bureau of Prisons.

Rakeem was a good man. We were not in contact often in the last few years, but I would like to tell you how I came to know Rakeem Baskerville. It should be obvious to anyone that I know Rakeem from this case. In the first couple of years our messages were short and basic. To me he was just a polite man who had a case connected to the Paul Bergrin case. By later 2013, our contact was frequent as an attorney on the Bergrin case needed the files and transcripts from the Hakeem Curry and Rakeem Baskerville case and trial. No one would give this attorney access to all of the files. Rakeem desperately needed specific documents and transcripts for his 2255 and any attempt to obtain the stuff only resulted in games from one party or another. An idea was born.

Yes, I was the one with the idea that failed on a grand scale, but I'm not sorry that I tried. I really tried. The attorney on the Bergrin case also tried. Maybe Rakeem's trial attorney tried. One of Rakeem's brothers tried. Nevertheless, the idea failed. This great idea was for Rakeem to allow this attorney to get custody of everything ---- all of the documents and transcripts ---- and then pull the specific listed items that Rakeem needed for his 2255, copy, and then send to him in the mail. Sounds simple enough, right? Ha. 

 First, we all underestimated the size of this massive trove of documents. The attorney, Rakeem and I were all thinking that we were talking about a car full of boxes at most. Nope, closer to a large van or bus would be needed. At first it looked like Rakeem's brother could pick it all up, but then the attorney and I realized that he wouldn't be able to pick the specific items on Rakeem's list. And then the trove of documents was in Pennsylvania and the attorney and Rakeem's brother were in two entirely different areas of New Jersey. It was not workable on his one day off to accomplish this mission.

The law office offered to have it all delivered for a price. Deal. First big hurdle was over. The next major issue was pulling and copying the specific documents on Rakeem's list. Way more complicated than most could imagine, though eventually it was done.

The next hurdle was getting the stuff on Rakeem's list into his hands at Victorville USP out in California. This proved to be impossible, even with the attorney from the Bergrin case delivering the large, heavy box to Rakeem's trial attorney's law office in Pennsylvania to ship. Someone, and I believe it was the law office partner, made the colossal error of shipping this big heavy box via UPS to a warehouse address for staff package receiving in Victorville. Do you think the CO that answered the main phone at Victorville USP or Rakeem's counselor in the facility would help to get these important documents to Rakeem? We should all know better than to believe in fairytale endings.

To add to the issues, before long Rakeem was transferred to Yazoo City USP in Mississippi. I have no clue where the box ended-up. It was not shipped back to the law office. Huge fail on the entire fiasco. There was so much arguing between the attorneys and I by that point that I don't even remember if the massive trove of documents and transcripts made it back to the original law office, and actually I do not believe they wanted any of it returned.

Through all of the events I've described here there was never so much as a harsh word from Rakeem Baskerville. He was always polite and a perfect gentleman. Rakeem was truly a unique individual. He never blamed any one of the rest of us for this massive failure. 

After the big fiasco I was only in contact with Rakeem infrequently; perhaps 5-6 times a year by messages or by phone occasionally. However, I did get to know Rakeem and the details of his case in the process of all the mess and that's the main reason why I am not sorry I tried. 

Rakeem will truly be missed. He was a good man. Rest In Peace Rakeem Baskerville. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Paul Bergrin Still Fighting

I have wanted to post this for a couple of weeks now, but I'm so angry about so many issues and problems with this case and a list of other cases that I lost my voice. Well happy 2020 and I'm finding my voice again! Screw the rotten to its core Bureau of Prisons (BOP) and especially the dirtbags tasked with slowly murdering inmates on a government hit list, because the dirtbags are no better than the scum running this criminal organization.

I must deal with something else at the moment so I will leave you with a few new documents to read that Paul Bergrin has filed in court. Paul is still incommunicado under the SAM designation of fuking course so the only communication from him is what was filed in the Newark courts during the month of December, which took over a month to arrive in Newark from Florence, Colorado.

The BOP operation in Florence, as well as in some other facilities in the BOP web, is so primitive in its state of advancement that inmates are not allowed to use word processors or typewriters, so everything is handwritten as it has been. I would think that the courts would pound BOP over this, but thus far we all suffer so the mission of making the inmates suffer is more complete.

Happy f'ing new year! Oh and a big welcome to US District Judge Marilyn Arleo! May she actually do something with this case, because as we all know, Judge Linares did nothing, zilch, zero, nada in the couple of years he had it.

See y'all soon! 


Saturday, November 16, 2019

If President Trump Is Intelligent

If Trump is an intelligent man he would add another name to the military men pardoned today; that name is Paul Bergrin!

Really it would only take a couple of good attorneys hours (not days) of research to confidently state that Paul is not guilty of any of the counts he was charged and convicted of. I am not a genius who knows more than everyone else, but I did do the reading and research. This case is all about corruption in the Newark US Attorney's Office – and that corruption goes way back in time and is far-reaching; as far back as Paul Bergrin's stint in the Newark USAO.

Paul was a trial attorney – one of the best in the country! The simple fact here is that Trump is going to need as many qualified attorneys willing to help him as possible in the not-so-distant future. He could take that statement to the bank!

Pardon Paul Bergrin, let him get his license to practice back, and have the most dedicated and qualified trial attorney in the country on stand-by!

Oh and have I neglected to mention that Paul Bergrin's legal problems began with the State of New York? That's right and this case could never have been charged as it was without that absurd misdemeanor count Paul made a plea to in New York state court. 

Pardon Paul Bergrin!!! 

Saturday, October 19, 2019

The Whittle Down Effects on the William Baskerville Case

I had an epiphany moment tonight. This came about after reading a New York Post article about Kim Kardashian West trying to help Julius Jones, an Oklahoma man who was wrongfully convicted of murder and sentenced to death. I commented on the article on Facebook and several people pursued me, with one man refusing to go away. I decided he wanted me to go away too much so I did a bit of research on the Julius Jones case. My moment happened when I realized that the case had been whittled down to one somewhat minor point of a racist juror; minor in comparison to the truth and the case.

The man was able to convince everyone commenting except me that he is a friend to the family and hated to see them go through more pain over this murder and Jones possibly getting clemency thanks to Kim. The brief research showed me how the courts had whittled down the case to the one tainted juror and then denied Julius Jones any relief. I am copying my comment here because I am seeing a pattern of these whittle down effects and how they sway public opinion with it. I am coining the term whittle down effects as I have never heard it anywhere. Suddenly I realized that this is what Judge Peter Sheridan has done to William Baskerville's case. On a side note: William's friends and relatives need to reach out to Kim on Twitter to help him!

My comment:

This is mainly addressed to a man who is disparaging Kim's choice to help Julius Jones:

I do know something about these petitions and because you're arguing with anyone in favor of clemency here, this is directed to you. More often than not, last chance appeals come down to an issue that barely touches the actual case, which often has many issues. Somewhere some judge whittled the entire case down to one point, but that definitely doesn't mean there are not many more important points.

This is what was done in a federal case I'm close to. The government tried to get William Baskerville the death penalty, but the jury said no, so the sentence is LIFE. Problem is that William had nothing whatsoever to do with the murder of the government witness in drug cases. The best point in the case is that the description of the shooter given by several witnesses, including the victim's stepfather who was walking down a Newark street with him when he was murdered, is of a light skinned man with dreadlocks. The government had a man who was dark skinned and bald claiming to be the shooter.

So how much sense does that make? Well, thanks to the last court decision, the case now comes down to an FBI 302 and a Brady violation because the government never gave it to the defense. But is the case actually about this one technical issue, with the government claiming the 302 was irrelevant and forgotten? NO. The claims in William's petition are many, but the court whittled it down, not William or one of his attorneys.

I'm seeing the same problem with this case. Julius Jones had many claims, but somewhere it was all whittled down to this one racist juror. And by the way, William's case also has a Batson issue, but every judge who has touched it has denied William on that claim too. I'm willing to bet that you already know all of this and are here to move public opinion against Kim and against Jones! You are doing this intentionally. Here's a quote from one article on the Jones case:

"At the time of Julius’ trial, the eyewitness description of the shooter did not fit Julius. Instead, it described his co-defendant who served 15 years and is now a free man. Julius’ attorney was an overworked public defender who failed to cross-examine Christopher Jordan, (Julius’ co-defendant,) on the six inconsistent statements he gave to police upon arrest. Christopher Jordan was later overheard bragging that he set-up Julius and was incentivized to testify for a shorter prison time. The evidence used to convict Julius was inconsistent and several eye-witnesses provided an alibi for Julius,” Oklahoma County One Commissioner Carrie Blumbert wrote."

I knew there was way more to this than you want anyone to see, so I looked. Kim Kardashian is involved for very good reasons!

From Kim Kardashian West's Twitter account (to help Julius Jones):

Oklahoma Pardon & Parole Board
2915 N. Classen, Suite 405,
Oklahoma City, OK 73106
405-521-6600 (press 0) / 405-522-9227

The Pardon & Parole Board Members are:
C. Allen McCall,
Larry Morris
Adam Luck
Kelly Doyle
Robert Gilliland, J.D.
Governor Kevin Stitt

The Office of Governor Kevin Stitt
Oklahoma State Capitol
2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., Room 212
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

So I am getting a better idea of why the court issued the November 2018 Opinion that knocked down almost all of William Baskerville's claims and then followed up with this ridiculous October 8, 2019 Opinion, leaving him a little bone. Interesting how things work. We learn something new every day!

And yes, this could also be referred to as cumulative effects but when the court looked at cumulative effects in the William Baskerville case, they only looked at the minor remaining claim, the only claim that wasn't outright denied. The whittling down effects happen before we get to the one claim remaining and they examine the cumulative effects of that one issue. Of course the cumulative effect of the one issue alone amounts to little. No one reading through the case is aware of the major claims denied previously. What a scam!!!

The Court Opinions:

William Baskerville Court Opinion November 15 2018

William Baskerville 2255 Opinion October 8 2019

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Thanks for the Bone

The US criminal justice system and all of its many paid participants are nothing but trash, with a few exceptions of course. In the case of Paul Bergrin and case of William Baskerville, which is connected only by the murder of Kemo Deshawn McCray, the only judicial exception is the Honorable US District Judge William Martini. There are no government or prosecution or FBI exceptions. Defense attorneys are another subject and it's a mixed bag!

I know exactly what they all did to William Baskerville and so does William. Neither one of us was born yesterday. The entire evidentiary hearing was one big setup with the goal of easily disposing of his many claims in the 2255 petition. To know this, one must only look at the November 2018 court Opinion that gave William the evidentiary hearing. The Opinion whittled his long list of claims down to what amounted to a few minor points. The Opinion filed in PACER late on October 9, 2019, easily chipped away those few claims William was allowed to address in the evidentiary hearing. 

At the conclusion of the just filed Opinion, Judge Sheridan threw William Baskerville a bone. The issue is that William is not a dog and has no interest in their decaying bone. And don't think it is not easily noticeable that William was, once again, cheated out of presenting witnesses in his defense. The November 2018 Opinion whittled the witnesses down to only two: Hakeem Curry and Rakeem Baskerville. It was relatively simple to knock off these two witnesses in the hearing, but the reasoning behind knocking down the witness list to these two men is suspect to say the least. 

I did not speak openly about the court's November 2018 Opinion for reasons that should be obvious. William had won an evidentiary hearing, which is supposed to be a major accomplishment in our lousy, sorry excuse for a justice system. At that point we were unsure if it was a setup to get rid of all of William's claims or a real attempt to find truth. Now we know. 

Just let this post sit. I'm too angry to discuss this whittling exercise care of the US government and  the court right now and have been since the night of the 10th when I discovered the Opinion in PACER. This post is to let the perpetrators of this long game of injustice know that I know, and that William knows. Everything will be addressed soon.

Friday, August 2, 2019

William Baskerville Case: Evidentiary Hearing Update

I have discussed the William Baskerville case in numerous past posts. William ended-up with a bifurcated hearing – in other words the hearing was broken into two parts, with the second part perhaps unnecessary depending on the first part. We await the ruling of the Honorable US District Judge Peter Sheridan on the first part of the hearing. Judge Sheridan is expected to rule on August 8, 2019.

William Baskerville's attorney for the evidentiary hearing process is Bruce Throckmorton of Trenton, New Jersey. There was also an investigator on the case, but I will not name him yet. When Mr. Throckmorton was first appointed to this case, both William and I had our doubts, mainly due to the lack of communication. However, there are many attorneys who fail to communicate with clients early in a case and yet they are skilled at their job – which is being an attorney! Bruce Throckmorton fits this description!

When I read the brief linked below, at times I held my breath and at other times tears rolled down my face. Mr. Throckmorton has shown that he really does have a grasp on this convoluted case, which is not a simple task. This case is complicated by the voluminous Paul Bergrin case and the testimony of Anthony Young, who claimed to be the shooter in the Kemo Deshawn McCray murder.

No matter what happens on August 8th when the Honorable US District Judge Peter Sheridan rules, Mr. Throckmorton has effectively represented William. As this brief shows clearly, exemplary research and writing skills are far more important than initial client communications.

I will not say what I think the outcome will be and in a sense, I am still holding my breath. The brief itself is 29 pages and the the remaining pages are the relevant attachments.

William Baskerville 2255 Defense Brief July 30 2019

The government filed a brief responding to the defense brief linked above. They also filed two letters, one of which basically calls the judge's Opinion a farce. The government is in full threatening mode at this point and there's no telling what they're doing behind the scenes. As the government's case  against William Baskerville could easily be unraveled at this time, which also threatens their case against Paul Bergrin, this was to be expected. It is the reason my statement above was so short and really said nothing much.

The bottom line is that this case is one big farce - good word choice on the government's part, but applied differently from me. The additional documents:

William Baskerville 2255 Defense Letter August 5 2019

William Baskerville 2255 Govt Brief August 5 2019

William Baskerville 2255 Govt Letter August 5 2019

William Baskerville 2255 Govt Letter no 2 August 5 2019

In government letter no 2, they state:

Dear Judge Sheridan: William Baskerville seeks an adjournment of Thursday’s oral argument because the Government submitted a 1200-page Appendix with its post-hearing brief. Baskerville neglected to mention, however, that the Appendix mostly contains trial transcripts from the Bergrin case i.e., the very transcripts Baskerville cited in his § 2255 motion and Traverse and mentioned in his post-hearing brief. This farce has dragged out long enough. The requested adjournment should be denied.

So the government views the judge's Opinion and due process as a farce. But we already knew that, didn't we?

UPDATE ON 18 AUGUST 2019 @ 11:25AM -

Bruce Throckmorton filed a brief responding to the government's brief linked above and the government filed two letters. While the government's brief included everything but the kitchen sink, they chose to attack William Baskerville's attorney for including one (1) short telephone call transcript, referring to it as not within the scope of the hearing. The documents:

William Baskerville 2255 Govt Letter August 14 2019

William Baskerville 2255 Govt Letter August 15 2019

William Baskerville 2255 Defense Brief August 15 2019

As far as I am aware, the judge will rule soon. There could be a second part to the hearing as it was bifurcated and all of this is about the first part. It is also possible that the judge will rule on the case and there is no need for the second part of the hearing. I will update as soon as I get more information.


Thursday, February 7, 2019

Everything You Want to Know About the Case Against Paul Bergrin: The Explanation

On January 16, 2019, a “letter” was filed on Paul Bergrin's 2255 petition. Paul has written it out for all to see, but it is not actually a letter. It is a certification that addresses each count in the criminal case against him and explains what really happened. If you have ever had questions concerning his innocence, your issue is explained clearly in the document. It is seventy handwritten pages and eight typed pages that are the “Maximum Hypocrisy” statement with a few added notes.

For example, an attorney with a grudge against Paul Bergrin has consistently posted in comments on this blog attacking Paul over the entire New York State prostitution case in relation to everything from Paul's plea (to a misdemeanor) to his alleged relationship with Jason Itzler and what he actually did related to NY Confidential. ALL of that is explained. Would it interest you to know that Itzler's longtime attorney was Mel Sachs (now deceased)? The state nor the federal government ever pursued Sachs.

If you are interested in the “Oscar the hitman” (Oscar Cordova) fiasco, every issue is dealt with in this certification. I still want to know who this so-called Oscar Cordova really is, because he's definitely not Lord Gino's (of Latin Kings fame) son. He was/is just a little whiny drug addicted dirtbag paid huge sums of money by the government in this case and many others.

Want to know about the Vicente Esteves story and how he had already made a plea deal and could therefore have had no interest in killing any witness? It's all there. Interested in Paul's military background and scope of his career in law? Read on.

Also included is the Maximum Hypocrisy statement already posted on this blog. Paul has added a few handwritten notes to the typed pages. For example, how Chief US Attorney John Fahy was found with a bullet in his head after agreeing to testify on behalf of Paul Bergrin. His death was ruled a suicide, which is a possibility, considering that he developed a conscience. However, it is also a possibility that someone with too much to lose had him murdered.

Most important, the certification tells the world who Paul Bergrin really is. He is definitely not what the government has painted him to be in this horrendous fiasco of a case. Don't skim this document as you will miss important parts; intended to be read in its entirety.

Paul Bergrin Certification

Additional letters and government responses filed on Paul Bergrin's 2255 case:

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The William Baskerville Case: Ineffective Assistance of Counsel AGAIN

I have discussed William Baskerville's case on this blog in past and its connection to the Paul Bergrin case. In my last post, I included updates and addressed the evidentiary hearing ordered by the court. I have the feeling that US District Judge Sheridan expected to move to the hearing rather quickly, but once again, William has an uninterested attorney assigned. However, this time no attorney will be allowed to sabotage his case. I believe that the letter was mailed to the court yesterday. William copied to me and I am publishing here as I believe that we need to keep this case in the sunshine, as we say in Florida.

The letter to the court:

William Baskerville
Reg. No. 25946-050
FCI McKean Medium

Honorable Judge Peter G. Sheridan, U.S.D.J.
United States District Court
Clarkson S. Fisher Court And
Untied States Courthouse
402 East State Street
Trenton, New Jersey, 08608


Dear Honorable Judge Sheridan,

I am writing to inform you of my various attempts to make initial contact with my recently Court appointed counsel Mr. Bruce Throckmorton. As of the date this Court appointed Mr. Throckmorton to my case, I have made several attempts to communicate with him via email dating from December 12/10/2018- January 14, 2019 which have been to no avail,( See attached Exhibit 1) I had family members continuous make calls to his office and cell phone some he answered and return back but as of late he has not responted, on January 10, 2019 I had the unit Counselor Mr. Miller send him a email to set up a phone conference, and on January 15, 2019 the unit Case Manager Mr. Nero gave me a legal call to try to reach Mr. Throckmorton which was also to no avail.

As a result of my inability to make contact with counsel and counsel's inactions with respect to contacting me I am now respectfully requesting that the Court implement the following solution, which is to appoint new counsel or allow my previous appellate counsel, Mr. Mark A. Berman to be reinstated as my counsel of record regarding my current legal proceedings. At this point I must mention that a potential conflict of interest may exist regarding Mr. Berman being that I previously filed ineffective assistance of counsel claims again him. However, I am willing to waive any potential conflicts of interest issues that may have existed.

It is my position that Mr. Berman is best suited to represent me because of, (1) his familiarity with my case, (2) his strong work ethic and open line of communication with clients, (3) his representation would save the Court valuable time and resources and allow my defense to proceed more fluidly, and (4) his willingness to accept input from me regarding matters pertaining to the case.

In the past I have dealt with lawyers who were unwilling to allow me to provide them with any input or who have litigated my case without informing me of their plan of action. Those experiences have lead to many set backs. I am a litigant who is very much involved in researching my own case and I am hands-on when it comes to the issues I believe should be raised. (Mr. Berman has affirmed these facts in his declaration. Doc. 16 pgs. 6-7 pars. 22-26) I very much would appreciated a lawyer who is going to respect that and allow me to participate in my own defense.

Respectfully Submitted,

UPDATED on JANUARY 24, 2019 with government response to William Baskerville's letter:

W Baskerville Govt Letter Jan 23 2019 

So it is beginning to look like the government shutdown is interrupting the intended sabotage of William's evidentiary hearing. We shall see what happens next.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Updates for Paul Bergrin and William Baskerville Cases

There are updates to Paul Bergrin's Rule 33 (Motion for a new trial) case and to William Baskerville's 2255 petition. I am linking the relevant documents herein and if you read the Opinion and Order the Court issued on William Baskerville's 2255 petition, you will see a part incorporated into Paul Bergrin's Rule 33 Defense Response. It is interesting to say the least, but I am not going to point it out; you will need to read everything.

The Opinion and Order from the Court in the William Baskerville case is a mixed bag. When I copied it to William, as he had not received it in the mail yet, my only statement was that it is good and bad. Most of the claims were DENIED, though with several, I see no valid reasoning for the denial. With most, I fully understand the reasons for denial as related to law. The few that were GRANTED are interesting, to say the least.

The Rule 33 Defense Response from Paul Bergrin's counsel Larry Lustberg is good and should get Paul a new trial. There are many new affidavits from witnesses attached that you should find enlightening. Apparently Paul does still have an active investigator working on the case; I was beginning to wonder. In a real Court of Law, the response would get Paul Bergrin a new trial, but thus far I am having a rough time viewing the federal courts in Newark as real because they are not going by law!

In my dying breath I will argue that the case against Paul Bergrin is 95% false and malicious. If you disagree and you have something with substance to say, then put your name on your comments and I will publish, but if you are a drive-by anonymous troll, take a flippin' hike, because it's obvious to me that you have an agenda that is not related to truth or justice.

I feel the same about the William Baskerville case in relation to the Kemo murder conspiracy, because if I didn't, I wouldn't be spending a minute discussing it as I have in past posts or mailing William documents to help his case.

Another situation that I have not mentioned, mainly because the case is completely convoluted, is that of Hakeem Curry and Rakeem Baskerville. After reading the case documents and the trial transcripts in past, I can honestly say that I have never come across any judge with as heavy a bias as the now retired Faith Hochberg (thank God!) or as much rhetoric and hyperbole as was used by the government AUSAs in any case ever.

Mr. Lustberg did indeed come through for Paul on this response to the government and while we (Paul's supporters) do truly appreciate that, I do have a bone to pick: There have never been any objections filed in any court in this country to the Special Administrative Measures (SAMs) that have kept Paul incommunicado in Florence ADX Supermax for over two years and three months now! Even the flippin' Boston bomber had objections filed on his SAMs quickly, in less than 30 days, so what in the hell is going on? Is there some big mystery in this case that no one else is aware of???

I hope that everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! Mine was complicated. As some of you are aware, I take care of my 88 year-old veteran mother, who is currently having a variety of complications, so between her and the heavy cooking necessary, I didn't think I'd make it. I'm doing much better today and figured I had better get these documents out there before I'm unable to. We never know when our day is going to come.

Here are the document links:

Here is a document from the William Baskerville 2255 case that discusses the call recordings and issues involved. It is document #37:

W Baskerville Letter November 30 2015

Happy Reading!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Paul Bergrin SAM Renewed Again: BOP and Newark

US Attorney General Sessions has rubber-stamped Paul Bergrin's SAMs (Special Administrative Measures) for the Newark US Attorney's Office. It is now over two years that Paul has been held incommunicado at the US Supermax in Florence, Colorado, and with no end in sight. You'd think he was a terrorist or something. And apparently they're starving him there, so the plot must be a slow death, never lifting the SAMs.

This is the most recent letter to the court from Paul followed by previous documents that I neglected to publish:

I sometimes make comments elsewhere regarding the situation with Paul, and this is one I posted today on an article from The Intercept on Facebook. Often my comments about Paul Bergrin on social media disappear, so on occasion, I will be posting comments that make a point here. I decided to just copy it here so it is verbatim:

The real problem is not necessarily "flipping" as Trump refers to it. Often the major problem is government prosecutors giving defendants the choice of a long mandatory minimum sentence or say what they need stated about a target. More often than not, prosecutors are well aware that the information is false and it takes LE / FBI / DEA feeding certain facts to these defendants so it all sounds viable when it's regurgitated repeatedly over a period of years if necessary. Sometimes the LE agencies collude with media to get the story they want published the way they want it and simply hand defendants a newspaper. When all of that still sounds questionable because it's a false narrative coming from the defendant, the agents and prosecutors will play the memory refresher game.

Need proof? Loads of cases, but one of the worst in history is that of Paul Bergrin. For whatever reason, The Intercept has always ignored the Paul Bergrin saga. However, I will attest to the fact that all it takes to dismantle the entire massive case against Paul is reading and researching. The Intercept and just about any other non-mainstream media instead finds it easier to ignore or skip. I get that because my reading and research on the case has continued for close to 8 years now and I frequently come across information I was previously unaware of. It's daunting, no doubt, but it cannot be glossed over or ignored by everyone.

Paul Bergrin has been suffering in the H-unit of Florence ADMAX with a SAMs designation for over two years now! It's like everyone forgot (conveniently or otherwise) who Paul Bergrin actually is and what he accomplished, and tried to accomplish, in the War on Terror. Why do you think he's incommunicado? It sure isn't for the reasons stated by the government!

Expect to see more posts on this blog regularly. I could never forget Paul or his immense suffering at the hands of US government agents and actors; however, this case or saga just goes on and on and it is depressing. I expect that my next post will be a plea to specific people for help – I've been working on it, but am not finished yet. Another post will concern potential new evidence – if it's not addressed directly to the court or in a motion by early October, I will be discussing it here. So, check back on occasion. 

Here is a link to a letter that Paul mailed to the court and was filed on September 25, 2018. The letter concerns gun evidence relating to the Kemo McCray murder:

Bergrin 2255 Letter September 25 2018

EDIT on October 1, 2018 to add a document.


Sunday, April 15, 2018

Paul Bergrin Needs Help: Where is the Real FBI and DOJ

This case is so convoluted that it requires a team of real attorneys (JAG and criminal practice) and actual former or retired FBI, DEA, and DOJ investigators. They would need a large room and a physical (as opposed to computer spreadsheet) board the size of a wall to track each and every issue and every party the Newark US Attorney's Office labeled witness or informant in the duration of this case, which is approaching 10 years at this point, and actually much longer if we are to count initial investigations.

Where is mainstream media? Am I the only person still actually researching this case? Am I the only one not afraid to speak against the tyrannical government and malicious prosecutions in this country? Do investigative journalists still exist or was the entire profession eliminated long ago?

I know there are real attorneys out there. I know that there are investigators who actually investigate. Where are you? Did the government scare you away? Did you read 10 pages and decide it was too much work? Taking on any part of this case requires extensive reading and research. I understand that it won't be an easy ordeal. Paul Bergrin needs your help. Please step-up to the plate!

From the very beginning to date this entire case against Paul Bergrin is a farce. Again though, actual reading and research is required to reach this conclusion. In case you are wondering what our tyrants are doing now, I will tell you...

A friend sends Paul money on occasion to assist him with his costs of document production and mailing as well as purchase of necessary commissary items with whatever is remaining. The BOP (Bureau of Prisons), the warden at Florence ADMAX, and no doubt the DOJ, decided to steal what little money Paul Bergrin receives to cover everything in his life as it is today. So not only is this friend unable to have any contact with Paul whatsoever, these low-life creeps have decided to steal the money she sends to him.

Somehow I doubt that Paul Bergrin is their only victim.

Where are Paul's many friends, fellow soldiers, fellow veterans, JAG attorneys, attorneys, judges, and actual investigators who know the real Paul Bergrin? He is in the H-Unit in Florence ADMAX (the Supermax) in Florence, Colorado. He has been there under SAMs (Special Administrative Measures) since November 1, 2016, and is in solitary confinement. Paul is drowning and he needs your help!

Oh and while I'm posting, here is the government response to Paul's 400 page handwritten response:

Paul Bergrin is still the same great man you knew before this malicious, absurd prosecution was concocted with the assistance of, and government collusion with, criminal informants. Please do not let him down.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Paul Bergrin is Alive: The Handwritten Response to the Government on His 2255 Petition

Paul Bergrin has been keeping busy by writing a book about every aspect of his case. I will venture to say that by the time the Court gets about halfway through this near 400 handwritten pages response to the government, someone will be demanding that Paul be given a computer or word processor to type any additional communications. It is a total of 413 pages, with almost 400 written by hand.

It is Maximum Hypocrisy on steroids and covers every part of his original 2255 petition, including the parts that the government conveniently ignored or glossed over. I have only made it to page 44 thus far and it will probably take a week to read. If you are interested in Paul's malicious prosecution, the two trials, and his decade long quest for justice, this is a must read

This is how he should have addressed the government's case from the beginning. It is the sign of life that I have been searching for since 2010, and it was entered in the file on February 23, 2018.

Not only will the government wish they'd allowed him something to type on, they will also wish they never took away his communications. The 10 people keeping Paul Bergrin busy with mostly pointless emails no longer exist and haven't since Paul has been held incommunicado in the Colorado Supermax with the Special Administrative Measures (SAMs) designation. These are strings that the Newark US Attorney's Office will be sorry they pulled in this puppet game they play.

This response to the government is everything that you want to know about this warped, vicious, and false case. I initially skimmed the document and came across evidence discussed that I have not seen since the early days; stuff that I was not even sure Paul was aware of. Paul has stepped up to the plate!

To fully comprehend the injustice that Paul Bergrin has suffered requires a thorough read, so don't skim. I won't hold you in anticipation any longer:

Happy Reading!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Bureau of Prisons is a Criminal Organization

Seriously, the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) is a criminal organization and everyone involved in the starvation, isolation, abuse, obstruction of legal filings, even torture and much more should face a racketeering indictment. They should all be sentenced to their own hellhole prisons. The participating FBI agents and the government attorneys should join them.

I have seen so much crap and so many illegal act in this cases on their part that I have nothing much to say anymore. They're all corrupt criminals and I feel that one day each and every participant will answer for the criminal abuse. I am beyond disgusted. That's why I have not blogged about the situation with Sal Magluta in Florence ADMAX.

If you read my last post, you should have read all of Magluta's statements from his suit against BOP and BOP staff and you know to add medical neglect and medical abuse to the list of charges. We could be sure they have done the same to Paul Bergrin, but in his situation, BOP staff made sure that he wouldn't be able to tell anyone.

So now you know why I never followed-up with the stated posts in January of 2018. This is a letter that Paul Bergrin hand-wrote to US District Judge Jose Linares on his 2255 Petition:

Make no mistake, all of this is engineered by the Newark US Attorney's Office, but that doesn't make the involved BOP staff or FBI agents any less culpable. The DOJ under Jeff Sessions is a total fail, as most of us knew it would be. To those who had faith in the new POTUS, his son-in-law whose father was once in a BOP facility, and the warped Sessions, learn from this. They are all corrupt liars and nothing less, but perhaps more... we will see where that investigation goes. 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Government Corruption and Lies: End of Year (2017) Statement

This is a short post to address the corruption, lies, and misinformation of the US government that so many are acutely aware of but conveniently ignore on a regular basis. Just a few paragraphs with links to significant documents for your reading pleasure over the holidays. Each of the documents will be addressed in-depth in January of 2018 in separate posts on this blog.

The government (specifically Sanders) has responded to Paul Bergrin's 2255 petition. Steven Sanders left the Newark US Attorney's Office in September 2016, as far as I am aware and according to the bio on the Gibbons Law website, to work with Gibbons Law, the same firm that Larry Lustberg is with. Sanders composed the government response to the 2255 petition filed on November 30, 2017. This makes little sense, but thus far no one has explained it.

The response to the 2255 petition is nothing but more spin, lies, and misinformation. I can easily dispute numerous parts of this document right here, and actually already have. If you have read every post on this blog, you are already aware of that. Paul Bergrin is suffering in Florence, Colorado ADMAX (yes, the Supermax) under a SAMs designation. Paul is incommunicado. If you write him, he will never receive your letters. The government has a lot to hide. Without further ado, here is the 1858 page response:

Is the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) a Criminal Organization

Anyone who lived in Miami in the 80s knows something about the story of Salvador Magluta and Willie Falcon. Falcon was recently released from the BOP and is in ICE custody, in Louisiana I believe, as the US government is attempting to deport him to Cuba. Sal Magluta is in Florence ADMAX (yes, the Supermax) and has been through more than anyone could imagine.

Before you fall for the outrageous government spin concerning Sal Magluta, note that his 195 year sentence is for money laundering. You got that right. Money laundering. Not importing drugs or murder or any other crazy crap the government claims him to be guilty of. The jury convicted him on numerous counts of money laundering, many of which simply involved him paying his attorneys. Truth be told, Magluta was more of a Robinhood type – he spread the wealth around. Sure, he had his faults, but no one who actually knew him believes that he belongs in Florence ADMAX serving a 195 year sentence.

I came across Magluta's many cases against the BOP when researching what they really do to inmates in Florence ADMAX. Magluta's attorney recently jumped ship, mainly because he was not being paid and the staff at Florence ADMAX made communications impossible via telephone and in-person. There was nothing more that the attorney could do for him.

The document linked herein is written by Sal Magluta as a declaration in the current case against the BOP and filed in July of 2017. There is much personal medical information in the declaration, so I've been on the fence about posting it, but I must believe that Sal Magluta wants the people to know what the government is doing to him or he wouldn't have filed it:

If reading a non-fiction book about the Miami scene back in the late 70s and throughout the 80s appeals to you, make sure to read Roben Farzad's recently released book, Hotel Scarface: Where Cocaine Cowboys Partied and Plotted to Control Miami. I will save the discussion of Magluta's case(s) against the BOP for a new post.

Happy reading and happy holidays!

Vicky Gallas 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Government's Rule 33 Response is Themed and Outrageous

I have read the Rule 33 (motion for a new trial) response in its entirety and throughout the document and the many attachments, I recognized a theme. Of course there are also a few sub-themes, but it is the prevailing one that I will discuss at this time. At first glance, it looks good, but wait - reserve judgment until I add my thoughts, and a few screen-shots.

I would love to publish the response; however, there is far too much personal information contained within it, including but not limited to, many addresses, names, connections, telephone numbers. The Yolanda Jauregui 302s attached are outrageous and reveal a serious personality disorder, though also enlightening in a different way. She's worse than even I believed. You can always open a PACER account and download it yourself.

What is this theme I speak of?

Well, here is one sub-heading and the opening paragraph:

E. Bergrin’s Attempt to Suborn Perjury from Yolanda Jauregui and Her Brother If Anything Warrants New Charges, Not a New Trial.

Yolanda Jauregui cooperated with the Government and implicated Bergrin in drug trafficking and other crimes both in statements to law enforcement and in testimony at Trial One. Bergrin now claims that Exhibit 8A to his brief, an unsigned document that purports to exonerate him of all wrongdoing, contains Jauregui’s truthful statements. But Bergrin fails to disclose to this Court that he and his lackeys created Exhibit 8A without any input from Jauregui and offered her a bribe in an unsuccessful attempt to induce her to sign it. That scheme is set forth in a series of letters that Anna James and Brian P. McVan sent to Jauregui. Jauregui subsequently provided those letters to her counsel, who in turn provided them to the Government.

Now after reading that paragraph you may be saying to yourself, who are these people, so I will explain. Brian McVan is an old Army buddy of Paul's who is also an attorney and was trying to genuinely help Paul clear his name. I never spoke to Mr. McVan or his law partner (also his wife) because I limit contact with anyone involved in this case - I have been around long enough to know better. I do know that Paul wanted him to sign-on this case, but I heard the response was that he was too busy. Now we know why he's busy. This man's intentions were only good, admirable, and most certainly not nefarious.

As far as this "Anna James" is concerned, your guess is as good as mine, but I will give you a few clues. When I first encountered the person claiming to be Anna James, I believed that her (or him) and her pals from USP Tucson were scammers busy soliciting money and attaching themselves (like 5 to 10 of them) to Paul Bergrin. By the time she left a comment on this blog for me to contact her in email, I leaned more towards government agent, plant, saboteur.

If I were responding to the government's response, I would demand proof that the scheme claimed and done in his name was ever anything that Paul was even aware of. This James character tells Paul that Yolanda wants to tell the truth, to help him, and it all rolls from there. Anna James also uses the name Annegret Rouse and signs her many letters differently - a mix of the two names and sometimes including Esquire and other times Dr. Sometimes her writing is good and other times you might think she never finished the 6th grade. It's like different people were playing the part of Anna James. For the record, I don't believe she actually exists and I'd make the government produce her.

This is the comment she left for me on this blog:

What happened in USP Tucson?

You may want to read previous posts on this blog to understand how Paul ended-up in the CMU in Terre Haute, Indiana and silenced, which is exactly what the government wanted. When the CMU didn't accomplish the silencing mission, they used the USP Tucson problem to send him to ADX Florence. Now Paul Bergrin is truly incommunicado.

Paul wasn't in USP Tucson long before he was sent to SHU. Somehow he picked-up a group of new friends rather quickly and next thing you know, he was sent to SHU. I believe that's when some of his documents and his contact lists were stolen. Before long, various people on his contacts list were receiving snail mail from an inmate (Rouse) and also from Annegret Rouse AKA Anna James. A few of his contacts were really angry - like the producer Dan Gordon - and wanted no further contact with Paul because of the weird packets soliciting assistance in Rouse's child rape case and their fake (not registered) charity, referred to as Turtle Island Project Innocence (TIPI), which they used all over Facebook to solicit donations via PayPal.

But go back further than USP Tucson for a moment. Remember when Paul was in MDC Brooklyn after the 2nd trial? He was designated to USP Coleman 2 and supposed to be on his way in days when suddenly it was changed to USP Tucson. The only sort of explanation I ever heard was something about threats to his life. How could inmates in USP Coleman 2 know Paul was coming to threaten his life? They couldn't, and from that point forward, none of it made sense.

This is my initial response to the comment:

This is her response to me:

These are my responses to her that followed:




 The 2nd paragraph under the sub-heading in the response:

Beginning in about January 2015, James wrote to Jauregui and asked her to help Bergrin. James told Jauregui that Bergrin and his associates had negotiated a multimillion dollar book and movie deal with two prominent Hollywood producers, Daniel Gordon and Lee Daniels, but the deal was contingent upon them proving that Bergrin was innocent and the Government had coerced witnesses to falsely implicate him. James said, “Mr. Bergrin has an agreement with Dan Gordon which gives him power to direct all the money and decide who will assist with the production.” SA2267. James not only solicited Jauregui’s participation, but also said, “Paul Bergrin says that he still loves Ramon [Jauregui’s brother Ramon Jimenez, who also cooperated and testified against Bergrin at Trial One] and wants him to make money on the movie.” Id.

You see how it says Anna James says that Paul Bergrin says blah blah blah? So the scammers made-up statements from Paul OR it was the government to begin with, and I will go with the latter. Let's say that the government had a known informant in USP Tucson ready and willing to help sabotage anything and everything Paul did in his continuous defense in this case. It's more than a mere possibility. Oh and for the record, these packets and letters were also sent to William Baskerville, Rakeem Baskerville, and Hakeem Curry. Two of the three asked me what it was about and I simply said that I thought they were scammers and to watch out! As far as I am aware, none responded to James/Rouse.

The 3rd paragraph under the sub-heading in the response:

James said that a certificate (referring to what Bergrin later submitted as Exhibit 8A) “will be required from you prior to signing of contracts [that would entitle Jauregui and Ramon to collect proceeds from book and movie deal].” SA2269. James described the nature of the statements Jauregui and Ramon would have to claim were true in order to collect money from Bergrin: “the investors have read everybodies [sic] testimony including R’s [Ramon’s] and yours and are working on contracts and statements for you and him. This is paramount to the story to prove the cohersion [sic] and to prove the innocence of those parties involved. I cannot be clearer since I cannot be sure if this letter is handed to you as special mail [attorney/client privileged] or not.” SA2268. Similarly, James wrote, “Dan Gordon the producer really wants to interview Ramon, because he has a copy of his testimony and it is his opinion that the prosecutors suggested his testimony about drugs and the Kenner [Kemo] murder case. This is very important to the writers to support their position.” SA2267.

Do you see how it's more of the same James says that Paul Bergrin says blah blah blah? It is easy to believe that McVan had no clue what Anna James stated to various people and attributed to Paul Bergrin. How could he possibly know everything this saboteur was saying everywhere? He couldn't, yet the government has actually called him a part of the scheme; a scheme which I believe they made-up all by themselves.

I say that Anna James et al, is a figment of the government's imagination with the help of at least one inmate from USP Tucson. I could be wrong and they could just be a bunch of Native American scammers - the inmate Rouse and the rest that befriended Paul in USP Tucson are Native Americans. I'd demand that the government produce this person. They shouldn't be allowed to use he said /she said hearsay to make-up for their inability to actually respond to Paul's motion for a new trial - that is what they did throughout the trial! The writer of this response is a skilled manipulator.

So, you see how "Anna James" (the government in my opinion) tried to drag me into this fiasco? Well, they forgot who I am and what I suffered through with my own case long ago, but I will never forget. There's much more and I will get to it all eventually. For now suffice it to say that "Anna James" is not the first saboteur the government threw into this case.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Maximum Hypocrisy: Letter From Paul Bergrin

This is a letter from Paul Bergrin that was written while he was in MDC Brooklyn awaiting trial. The letter was previously posted on the main page of the website I had up for Paul which was recently hacked by an unknown party and removed yesterday by me. The letter is exactly as Paul wrote it.

Maximum Hypocrisy - The Untold Story



As a soldier, attorney, humanitarian, and human being, I witnessed violations of international law, treaties, inhumane conduct, and blatant, intentional lies by the highest levels of the United States government; by individuals who would condone human rights atrocities and then hypocritically and publicly condemn such actions.

I now realize why I am imprisoned and the vociferous attempts to impugn my integrity,
morality, and veracity. I have the ability to connect these atrocious abominations committed against Prisoners of War, Enemy Combatants, Insurgents, and even Civilians, to the highest levels of our national government and cause our enemy, foe, and ally to have significant contempt and disdain for our country. I could prove that North Korea, Iraq, Iran, and China’s violations of human rights pale in comparison to the precedent and actions of the United States America.

There exists not another human being, who has such unique vast and vital experiences, firsthand and indisputable knowledge, as well as information ascertained through copious investigative mechanisms. As an attorney and retired Army Major, I can eviscerate the alleged morality of a system and political idealism and prove the nexus to this realism. I can categorically and unequivocally prove the hypocrisy of our government leaders’ grave miscarriages of justice, which resulted in immeasurably and unjustified suffering with no benefits whatsoever.

The motivation to silence me and the rewards for achieving this objective is unparalleled history.

In March of 1987, I was recruited for employment at the Office of the United States Attorney, District of New Jersey, by United States Attorney Thomas Graulich and First Assistant Thomas Roth. I had a successful career as a State Homicide Prosecutor. Shortly after being hired as a federal prosecutor, the administration changed and the new United States Attorney was Samuel Alito, First Assistant Michael Chertoff, and Criminal Division Chief Paul Fishman. During these years, I excelled and was given one of the premier prosecutions in the office, United States v. Gerald Winters, et. al., also known as the Candyman Commercial Terrorism case. In or about 1990, the Office indicted and prosecuted Detectives Thomas Gilsenan and Ralph Cicalese, two Essex Country Prosecutor’s detectives, well known by us for RICO and corruption. As the result of my federal employment and knowledge of these defendants, I was as a defense witness and called to testify on their behalf.

My albatross and nemesis would be this testimony, as Alito, Chertoff, Fishman, and others attempted to coerce, intimidate, and even threatened me against testifying truthfully. They all attempted to suborn perjury and collectively warned me that I should get amnesia upon the witness stand. I was told that if I were to offer favorable evidence to the defense that the consequences and ramifications of it would detrimentally affect my position as a federal and employment in the office. I testified truthfully and to the best of my recollection.

During my testimony, Alito sat in the center of the courtroom, stared me down, attempted to intimidate me and when I would go to the courthouse to watch the trial, again attempt to intimidate me. Chertoff ordered Chief John Fahy to warn me against testifying and to inform me how disloyal I was being. Although I complained and repulsed Fahy’s threats to the and voiced my objection to my treatment, I knew I had made enemies for life. Subsequent to the jury’s verdict, I was in an office to the sixth floor of the federal building. I had no desk, secretary, telephone, files, cases, and was scorned by office personnel. There were no other federal prosecutors on this floor and my career with the Justice Department essentially over. I resigned as a federal prosecutor in 1991 and went into private practice in the District of New Jersey. I had met my obligations pursuant to a legally issued subpoena and knew there be retaliation.

In 1991, while this administration remained in power, I was falsely accused and indicted for conspiracy to tamper with evidence and tampering evidence, knowingly false accusations, devoid of any merit whatsoever. I remained under indictment for two years, despite conclusive proof of my actual innocence. It devastated my private practice, so the intent of this baseless case was achieved. Three days prior to commencement of trial, wherein I would have been vindicated, Chertoff’s good friend, Howard Shapiro, alleged conflict of counsel, dismissed all charges against me in the interests of justice. Their objective of destroying me had been but never over.

Samuel Alito would depart from his tenure as New Jersey United States Attorney and be elevated by the Republicans and Bush Administration to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. Alito’s long term alliance with David Addington, a Federalist like Alito and arch conservative Republican, would be my nemesis. Addington became Chief of Staff and legal counsel to Vice President Cheney and lead Cheney and Rumsfeld’s personal war on terror. Addington, along with White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales, would change history by re-defining the term “torture,” in clear contravention to humanity and law and promote memo upon memo wrongfully and unlawfully espousing Rumsfeld and Cheney’s position of permissible torture during interrogations. Furthermore, Addington and Gonzales would mislead agency heads on permissible interrogation techniques, with the approval of the White House; and when Chertoff served as Chief of the Criminal Division, Department of Justice, Washington, D.C., he would wrongfully and also unlawfully support their position. Directors from the CIA and other intelligence agencies detrimentally relied upon Addington, Gonzales, and Chertoff in advising their operatives, agents, and soldiers in the field on permissible conduct, while knowing their opinions intentionally breached the American Code of Law and espoused what were in essence war crimes against humanity. As the lead counsel to Abu Ghraib , I learned of the actions by these parties and sought them along with Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Stephen Cambone (Deputy to Rumsfeld on intelligence), Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz as witnesses. All to no avail. They knew I was aware of their memos, orders to torture, which I publicly proclaimed my interviews with the media, especially Al-Jazeera, motions, and legal work.

In 2000, Alito, at the behest of Addington and the Bush administration, gave a speech before the Federalist Society. Alito would be involved in giving new and unprecedented powers to Bush and his administration.

Paul Fishman , my former Chief in the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Criminal Division, would move into the Justice Department, Washington, D.C. and Chertoff, who was United States Attorney in New Jersey after Alito, would also be empowered with new appointments, from heading the Department of Justice’s Criminal Division from 2001-2003, to a Cabinet level as the Secretary of Homeland Security from 2005 to the end of the Bush administration.

My ardent, vociferous, and aggressive betrayal of the Bush administration in my quest to zealously represent scapegoated soldiers on the Abu Ghraib case, Objective Iron Triangle debacle, and my appeal of tank commander Staff Sergeant Leon Parker (who was being crucified and wrongfully charged with criminal negligent homicide) lead to my demise. The hierarchy of the men I challenged continued to rise to unprecedented power in our nation. They all knew and feared my tenacity and intelligence by observing my public display of discrediting the highest levels of our government. Most importantly, they knew it had to be curtailed at all costs. Consequently, here I sit in the Metropolitan Detention Center, Brooklyn, New York, wrongfully convicted by the word of convicted felons, who were given benefits beyond comprehension, to accuse and testify against me; and facing life in prison with no parole.

I was the one who constantly and publicly publicized the fact that the United States violated international law, ordered the cruel and inhumane torture of men, women, and children in the name of national security, lied to the international and national communities as to our government’s knowledge of the conduct and actions which lead to legal violations. I took the lead and scrutinized our government’s actions. I brought further evidence our government’s attempt to desperately conceal such atrocities. It was I who challenged the Bush administration stop scapegoating the lowly soldiers and to finally tell the world the truth.

The knowledge I gained during the scope of my representation made me a threat to the reputation, integrity, and influence of the United States in the eyes of the entire world, among foe and ally alike.

I know about torture recommendations, murder of prisoners of war, water boarding, starvation, beatings, closed quarter isolation booth prisoners, especially Muslims, being forced into nudity, in the wearing of female garments to demoralize them for intelligence, threats with vicious dogs, sleep deprivation, hangings with chains, binding of wrists and ankles off the ground, all by order of the Bush administration. I knew in 2006, prior to the Obama ordering the release of such information, the infamous Bush torture memos.

I made telephone inquiries with the ACLU, a Constitutional Law professor at Seton Hall Law School, co-counsel on Abu Ghraib, Guy Womack, and defamed Sgt. Javal Davis of Abu Ghraib. I revealed that I was going to change military history and renew my attack on the American government and its war crimes; that I was moving to reverse the convictions of all Abu Ghraib case soldiers because the defense was denied crucial intelligence information, which I demanded, but was denied, and which would have proven the soldiers of Abu Ghraib were merely following the orders of the intelligence community. Prior to my achieving these objectives, I was indicted in New York in a case the federal government clearly had a hand in and would become a major part of my federal indictment.

Additionally, I demoralized the New Jersey U.S. Attorney’s Office with my acquittal before a jury of Carmine Dente, Jr. in United States v. Carmine Dente. Jr., a case wherein the Federal Bureau of Investigation and United States Attorney’s Office sought a conviction to publicize the need to protect witnesses. As they prepared for their victory speech, the jury egg on their face with a not guilty verdict and it was I who gave the victory speech,

My ability to tie together all the personnel cases, criminal acts and conduct of our government set into motion the retaliatory indictment and case against me. What is also important to note is how I can reveal the relationships developed between federal laws, enforcement agencies, and the highest levels of government officials. I was a thorn to their continued deception and lies. While their Counsel Gonzales became United States Attorney , John Ashcroft, United States Attorney General, befriended a lowly attorney named Chris Christie, who later came to reward Ashcroft with a major monetary contract. The foundation of the Bush legacy was under attack by me and now all the power players had to depict their loyalty to Bush and guard his administration’s integrity or they would also potentially fall with him and be exposed. More importantly, they had to protect the criminal actions and conduct of our nation from being revealed.

Upon my retention in the Abu Ghraib in or about April of 2004, I lived the war on terror. There was not an investigation that was endorsed and conducted that remained unread. There was not a federal law enforcement or intelligence agency that I did not scrutinize. I incessantly read thousands and thousands of reports and evidence, included, but not limited to, from the Schlesinger report, Taguba report, Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Army Criminal Investigation Division, Inspector General’s Office, International Red Cross reports and memorandum, Iraq’s Survey Group, Special Operation’s Command, Naval Intelligence Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, State Department , United States Senate reports, Fay-Jones report, Task Force 121 reports, Army secret e-mails system messages in Washington, D.C. I ordered depositions of vital and seminal military commanders, and more.

Additionally, I interviewed every accused soldier in Abu Ghraib and Iron Triangle copiously and befriended them. They believed in me and confided their inner most thoughts and knowledge to me. I repeatedly made trips to Iraq, despite threats of death, capture, torture, severe bodily injury, and incapacitation by my own government under the guise of a hold-harmless letter. The soldiers knew I risked my life and liberty for them and would never betray them. They opened up to me. I traveled to the Abu Ghraib prison site on multiple occasions with an interpreter and both interviewed and video-taped prisoners. I observed first-hand the torture facilities and spoke to an undisclosed number of soldiers and civilians with intelligence, all the while gathering knowledge and first-hand knowledge of what was occurring in Iraq and Afghanistan. I lived in the field with the soldiers to gain their confidences and even spent multiple days in the Green Zone, Iraq, where I confronted and spoke to unidentified government intelligence agents, who ended up warning me that there would be retaliation against me and that my name and actions are known by the highest levels of our government, who did not want what I learned disclosed. intelligence officers disclosed the murder of Iraqi General Manadel al-Jamadi at Abu Ghraib and told me that they also feared being scapegoated because they were ordered to extract intelligence information from Jamadi at all costs. They physically beat him to death.

During my trips to Washington, D.C., I and my investigator Sgt. Richard Russell read thousands of e-mails sent to the highest levels of our government, civilian and military, advising them of the worst scenarios of torture, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. So, I was acutely and innately aware that our government habitually lied about not condoning torture and being unaware it was occurring. I was the attorney who found and called Major David Dinenna as a witness and learned that as a commander at Abu Ghraib hr had pleaded for a cease or halt to the war crimes. He witnessed inhumane treatment of men, women, and children detained at Abu Ghraib. Dinnera complained about the contractors the United States hired that provided worm infested food, spoiled meals, and six (6) spot a pots of portable toilets for over a thousand prisoners, insufficient water, the imprisonment of children and women in order to potentially gain intelligence from a target, not interviewing detainees for years, killing of detainees, sweep and imprisonment of innocent civilians, the monitoring of the outside camps and its deplorable living conditions, including over-crowding, rapes, and much more. I confirmed all the messages read as I personally viewed and witnessed the Abu Ghraib facility and interviewed a plethora of individuals, including prisoners. My jaw dropped repeatedly as countless horror stories were of rape conditions to which our government subjected men, women, and children.
These conditions had to be endured. I knew I had opened a can of worms and Pandora’s box and why the International Red Cross was refused access to the prison and prisoners by the Bush administration. Now, I made myself a witness to conditions and treatment of human beings similar to the Nazis during World War II. Words cannot describe our mistreatment of human .

My relationship with the accused six soldiers in the Abu Ghraib case, my viewing of thousands of photographs, my covert conversations with intelligence officers, both civilian and military, made me a threat to our government.

Subsequent to Abu Ghraib, I played a major role in our soldiers’ defense in the case known as Objective Iron Triangle; the 101stassault on the Island of Samarra and an Rule of Engagement to kill every single military age male on the Island. In addition, I participated in liberating First Armor Division tank commander Leon Parker, who was accused and eventually convicted in the friendly fire death of young American soldiers. I knew our government was scapegoating all the accused soldiers and that the orders in the Objective Iron Triangle also came from the White House. My efforts to reveal the origination of the orders was stymied by the Commander, who revealed them while asserting his Fifth Amendment privilege to remain silent. Our democratic and just government refused to grant him immunity; so I could him and prove Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld hands were dirty again.

For three years, my life was placed on hold to prove my theory that the United States government was scapegoating the young and low level soldiers, while the government escaped responsibility.

I was the attorney who incessantly spoke with Al-Jazeera news and attempted to bait our government into accepting responsibility for war crimes. I repeatedly challenged White House policy and the Bush legacy.

Through my efforts, I was able to ascertain that Israeli agents were involved in the torture and interrogation of detainees at Abu Ghraib. This fact would have driven the Muslim community ballistic and compelled our government to intentionally lie to key and strategic allies in its alleged war on terror. I was able to confirm the fact as I was the only Abu Ghraib attorney depose Brigadier General Janis Karpinski Commander of the 372Company and an Abu scapegoat. She personally spoke to Israeli agents at Abu Ghraib, but was warned to keep her mouth shut.

As I personally witnessed the dried blood in the torture chambers at Abu Ghraib, I literally cried myself to sleep as I envisioned and re-envisioned hysterical persons pleading for their release and my help. I uncovered the gory details of how United States agents beat to death General Manadel al-Jamadi and the indignant manner of how he was treated even in death. I spent hours with Army Specialist Sabrina Harman at Victory Base, Baghdad and in the Green Zone as she recounted his physical condition in a black body bag filled with ice as he was dumped at Abu Ghraib in the early summer morning hours. His blood soaked and badly beaten face and body cried for assistance as he pleaded for mercy. I later determined that the agents who criminally caused Jamadi’s death were being investigated by our government and federal prosecutor John Durham. I pleaded with standby attorney Larry Lustberg to ask if I could testify, but my efforts were thwarted. What a grave miscarriage of justice! I witnessed as Army Sabrina Harman was prosecuted for preserving evidence and photography General Manadel al-Jamadi while the government agents, who beat him to death and the same White House officials who ordered and approved the torture escaped prosecution and punishment.

As my experiences in Iraq developed, I learned about Ghost Detainees and hiding captured or seized prisoners and detainees by throwing them into Abu Ghraib unnoticed under a false number or by number. I was able to put together how this violated international law and exposed it during my depositions of Major General Barbara Fast, who was in charge of intelligence in Iraq and General Geoffrey Miller, who was personally sent and ordered by Rumsfeld to Abu Ghraib and Iraq to teach torture and inhumanity in the name of intelligence gathering. I mistakenly revealed my knowledge of war crimes as I took the lead in deposing the highest levels of our military command. The extent of my confirmations made during interrogations of our strategic commanders in Iraq opened me up to retaliation. I should have never demanded copies of torture memos. I made my knowledge public. Furthermore, my public revelation of Objective Iron Triangle’s Rule of Engagement opened me up to contempt and scorn by our government.

I further connected the dots when my visit to Abu Ghraib and Iraq revealed that Rumsfeld had been repeatedly visiting the Abu Ghraib prison, while our government continued to deny knowledge and involvement in abuse and torture. I learned from soldiers themselves that Rumsfeld was inspiring torture and abuse and motivating soldiers to violate international laws of .

As I delved deeper and deeper into what had gone wrong in Iraq and Afghanistan, and as my compassion to save the life and liberty of our young soldiers increased, my old friend, Michael Chertoff’s name repeatedly popped up. I had known that Addington and Gonzales had redefined torture to only include permanent disfigurement and injury, but Central Intelligence agents informed me that it was Chertoff, who condoned inhumanity, while advising their Director. I read Chertoff’s confirmation hearing testimony for Secretary at Homeland Security, and now knew he lied under oath about his involvement and knowledge of war crimes in Iraq. I could also now see the intricate connection between the Department of Justice headed by Bush ally Ashcroft and then Gonzalez, Addington, Alito, and Chertoff. I could see how the FBI, who had agents at Abu Ghraib and throughout Iraq torturing prisoners and committing war crimes against humanity, and eventually Chris Christie, all had similar motives to thwart my integrity, existence, and scorn me as a public source of information. My demand for Albert Gonzales as a witness at Javal Davis’ court martial made my knowledge of the vicious circle and cycle .

As Ascroft left his position as United States Attorney General, he would use his strong connection to Bush and their devout friendship to get Chris Christie selected as United States Attorney. He would pass his baton of being the head federal prosecutor to Albert Gonzales, who continued to mislead the American public about America’s awareness and involvement in war crimes and international law violations; even if it meant false testimony under oath at hearings. But, I knew the truth and demanded accountability, as I repeatedly called for the testimony of individuals.

Christie’s allegiance to Ashcroft and Bush would be repaid in his pursuit of me and in his political patronage and reward of Missouri attorney Ashcroft with a forty (40) million dollar, no bid, no compete contract for legal work in New Jersey. At the time of my indictment, I had to further suffer Christie’s insolence as a powerful New Jersey governor, with ties to the FBI, DOJ, the White House; and aspirations of someday living on Pennsylvania Avenue. Christie had to lend love and support to the Bush administration for their confidence in appointing him. If he to ascend to the White House, this component of American history must never be revealed.

Through my efforts, I proved that the six (6) rogue Military Police officers as cried out by Bush on national television were not solely responsible for the inhumanity and crimes in Iraq. The photos clearly established that every intelligence agency under the command of our White House was superiorly responsible. Yet, the magnitude of the lies committed before our United States Senate Committee hearings, to the American and international communities, our allies and even foes were unchecked and undeterred. I tried to do this and make the difference. No other attorney in the entire Abu Ghraib or Iron Triangle case ever came close to my revelations, for discovery, and efforts.

The spirit of Abu Ghraib carried over to my legal representation in Objective Iron Triangle, as three (3) young enlisted men were being accused of premeditated murder. The military and the White House were seeking to imprison them for life. If I had not used the media to portray this grave miscarriage of justice, they would all be serving life imprisonment with no opportunity to ever be paroled. Factually, they were ordered to kill every military aged male on the Island Samarra upon contact. When they took prisoners, they were chastised and accused of disobeying orders. When they shot and killed the prisoners they took, they were called murderers. The White House again used the life again of the low level soldier to appease the Muslim and international community because Iraq’s soldiers were on the mission and cried out about the conduct. My legal work proved the soldiers were following orders and that they were scapegoated. We accepted minimal pleas of guilty to avoid the potential consequence of life in prison. The message we got out was the insurmountable amount of scapegoating against those incapable of defending themselves against the White House and the lies and fallacy about the cooperative military efforts between American troops and Iraqi soldiers. This blatant lie was proven as our soldiers refused to go on mission with Iraqi soldiers and the level of malfeasance and distrust was evident. In the Article 32 Hearing of the three Iron Triangle soldiers, I proved how our soldiers hated working with and going on missions with Iraqi Soldiers, proof the Bush especially lied to the entire world.

I opened eyes with my vigorous defense of our soldiers and brought the issues out in the open. Even attempts to deter me through the New York indictment did not hinder my representation of these kids. When the New York indictment did not slow me down, the Feds took action. When a million dollar bail in New York for non-violent accusations of prostitution and money laundering did not keep me incarcerated, the Feds stepped in to detain me without bail. I learned that New York authorities, specifically New York Police Detective Myles Mahady and FBI agent Shawn Brokos , were working hand in hand and communicated daily. A fact that remains uncontroverted even to today.

The attempts by our government to conceal the Rule of Engagement (R.O.E.) on Objective Iron Triangle would have been accomplished if not for my zealousness. This revelation lead to the liberation of these young soldiers and prevented a life of misery. All free as of today.

Leon Parker was a veteran soldier on his second tour of Iraqi and an exceptional combatant and leader by all standards. When a fellow tank crew man accidentally died during a combat mission, Bush had to blame someone and he became the scapegoat. When I visited him imprisoned in Mannheim, Germany and met his wife and seven infant children, I scorned with contempt the White House and our military for what they had done to this young hero; who was to die for his country. I called upon Stars and Stripes, the newspaper read world-wide by all American soldiers, to publicize our plight. They gave me front page photo and coverage and I Bush and his evil administration. That was the nail in my coffin of success as I followed it with the United States v. Dente acquittal and they followed with life imprisonment Paul.

My final links in connecting the dots was accomplished throughout my tours in luxurious Iraq. I spoke to at least fifty employees of Halliburton and their subsidiary contractors on all the outposts and military bases. I visited Victory Base, the Green Zone , Abu Ghraib, Fallujah, and Forward Operating Base, Mosul. Additionally, I staged several nights with civilian contractors and Halliburton employees. I met at Baghdad Airport, in their luxury facility at the Marriott Hotel, Kuwait. I learned that the average salary paid to them was over $130,000 per year, tax free, while the American soldier averaged about $30,000. It was rare when a civilian employee risked life or limb, but common for the soldier. Halliburton contracted with foreign nations such as the Philippines, for employees to work on American bases, paid these foreign nationals peanuts, yet billed the American taxpayer extraordinarily. It was one big joke to the civilian and comical as they put it. The money being paid by taxpayers made Cheney’s and Bush’s cronies wealthy, while the young soldier died, suffered severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or was maimed by bombs and small arms fire. When it was revealed that there never were weapons of mass destruction, we had no out strategy. The whole objective behind the Iraq war came to light. I was someone who could put into perspective all the profits made by the politicians and the elevations in states achieved by them. I also realized how powerful the indignant, self-proclaimed righteous men who rose to the highest levels of our society, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, , Chertoff, Christie, Fishman, amongst others, were. 

Maximum Hypocrisy