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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Paul Bergrin Still Awaiting Response

The attorney who wrote this stupid post is not only in "SmallLaw" as he refers to it, he also has a small mind. It's funny  (not funny haha) how wording and context evolve depending on who's telling the story. According to Mr SmallMind, Paul Bergrin made the No Kemo, No case statement to a client. The government claimed he made it to a group of people, who all deny it with one exception, on Avon Street in Newark on an unknown date.. Paul's client at the time was William Baskerville, who was sitting in a jail cell. At least get the LIES straight!

A main reason that I am writing this post is that I am sick and tired of the lies, misinformation and spin in this case and the connected cases. So if you want to write BS in support of the government, better research first.

Article that I'm referring to:

The 5 Worst Types of SmallLaw Lawyers

Beyond that, there are 2 main types of criminal defense attorneys: plea bargain attorneys and trial attorneys. Of course there are also motion attorneys, appeal attorneys and attorneys who specialize. 

The writer of the article reveals his failure to research and is not an attorney I'd hire for anything. What a clown, but not really a funny one - a government tool used by prosecutors grasping at straws over their inability to respond to Paul Bergrin's Rule 33 as US District Judge Jose Linares grants their 3rd or 4th extension request, which reads just like the previous requests - except they defend it a little more and apologize an extra time or two in the latest one. For the record, Paul Bergrin would vehemently object to any additional extensions, because as he stated in a previous letter to the Court, the government has had years to get it together, BUT Paul Bergrin is currently in the Colorado Supermax and incommunicado.

The only one to ever claim that Paul Bergrin made the statement, No Kemo, No case, is the alleged Kemo shooter, Anthony Young. Young claimed he said it during a street meeting late at night in Newark, on Avon Street, with an audience of 4 to 6 people (number varies according to who is stating it). There never was any meeting on Avon Street late at night. The government fails to pin this alleged meeting to a date because if they did, the alleged participants could easily prove they were all elsewhere.

Young never in any way fit the description of the shooter and only claimed to be the perp to eliminate his legal problems and get into the federal witness protection program, start a new life etc... There is someone who actually did fit the description of the shooter though and he has since (recently - in 2016) admitted to being at the scene when Kemo was murdered. He was also identified by Kemo's other stepfather  (Spruill) as threatening him with a gun at the street memorial for Kemo days after the murder. Newark PD was investigating this person for the murder, but handed the investigation over to AUSA John Gay and FBI SA Shawn Manson Brokos. 

Who is the real candidate for shooter? Shawn McPhall, a Newark career criminal and probably an informant. Why do I say he's probably an informant? Because the documents revealed him to be a prime candidate for Kemo's murder, but the AUSA and FBI SA just buried the information. Neither William Baskerville or Paul Bergrin were given the documents in discovery prior to or during trial, or since for that matter. Now why would an FBI SA and an AUSA bury investigation information pointing to the real shooter? Yup, that's the only reason I can see. 

McPhall also fits the description given by Johnnie Davis, the only living eyewitness to the murder. However, the AUSA and the FBI SA also failed to show Davis an umage of McPhall and the Newark PD cannot be blamed as their investigation was turned over to the feds. The reports in question:

William Baskerville is still awaiting the ruling in his 2255 Petition. I will be posting about the connection of the Spruill Reports and the government's failure to turn over in discovery, which is a Brady violation, in the coming week.

EDIT on January 22, 2017 @11PM EST

From time to time I might add relevant information to this post below.


1. Oddly enough, both of Kemo's stepfathers look alike. Johnnie Davis was with Kemo when he was gunned down on the street. Christopher Spruill was mistaken for Davis when Shawn McPhall encountered him at the memorial days later.


Anonymous said...

Everything you write Vicky always makes a lot of sense et should inspire the Justice
system for Mr Paul Bergrins retrial. People of this country finally need to know the
truth in this case and Mr Bergrin should not suffer like this in prison when he is
innocent. So many innocents stay in prison for decades not guilty because they simply are forgotten and savagely tortured (the shu for example). The Justice system does not do the job fully, it is selfish and inhuman. The BOP should be brought to court
for putting persons in the shu, it is extremely dangerous for human health and does
not improve the situation, it makes things worse. They are other ways more positive.
This has been proven.

Anonymous said...

How can any judge ignore the fact that the government didn't turn over trail docs and allow Anthony young too lie like the way he did, just so wrong and not the first time how about the bail hearing with the lies about paul that was never proven SMH....

Anonymous said...

Excuse me trial.

Anonymous said...

There was never a just and honest trial in this case. All we have seen up to now is
a Metro Goldwyn Mayer movie made in USA. A made up story with fantasies and dirty
lies. Yes exactly, who is the good guy in this story and who is the bad guy, the one
that lies for cash or the one that gives his life up for loyalty. Come US wake up,
clean your nasty Justice system, make it look like a real one this time. Give
Mr Paul Bergrin a real trial with no lies, no make up stories. Do you need help to
open your eyes to reality or are you going to continue to lie to yourself and others.
Stop the show we have enough of it, it is going too far.

Anonymous said...

No keno no case. Oopps.

Vicky Gallas said...

@the last Anonymous -

Keno is a game, so stupid joke. But let's say I pretend you meant to say Kemo...

Are you Anthony Young? It's a valid question, because Young is truly the sole party to claim that Paul Bergrin made such a statement. Also, Young has been free for a few years now - 2 or 3, I'd have to look it up and you're not worth my time.

So Mr Young, will you ever come clean and tell the truth?

Anonymous said...

BRAVO Vicky for telling off those LIARS and BIG LOOSERS. They can die in hell as far
as I am concerned. How can they look at themselves in the mirror every morning and
make believe that they are supermen. They have not guts for not coming forward and
telling the truth to the Government. Paul has to give his life up and suffer in
prison because of these pieces shit. How can the Government allow such a thing to
happen. God bless Mr Paul Bergrin and definitively not these stupid and criminal
individuals, SOONER OR LATER BUT NOT NEVER, they will have to pay for sure.