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Monday, February 6, 2017

Website Gone

Unfortunately, the website has been hacked. This happened some time during the last 7 days. I went ahead and removed the pages, and therefore all links, to documents and the trial transcripts for trial 1 and trial 2. I still have all of the original documents and will work on uploading to a different website in the next few weeks.

So, who would do this? Well, call me a conspiracy theorist if you wish, but the only party that doesn't want the real information out there for public view is.... the government. Apparently they can't get through Google or this blog would be gone too. It had to be a brute force attack because I had a weird password on the website, one that I couldn't remember and always had to look it up.

Any links to documents or trial transcripts from this blog and within blog posts will no longer work. If you want something in particular contact me by leaving a comment, which I won't publish, with your request and your email address. I will email you first to make sure the request and the email address are valid.

EDIT on February 6 2017 @9PM -

I feel the need to clarify the situation here. The only website with a problem is and it will disappear completely tomorrow (Feb. 7th). This website had the transcripts from trial 1 and trial 2, letter from Paul, and all appeal documents from long after trial. All motions and other case documents published through late 2013, after the second trial, are still accessible by clicking on the "Documents" link on the top of this page.

The Paul Bergrin website didn't exist until after the second trial and I never moved the documents from my own website. My own website ( is secure and is hosted through a different company. The website was hosted on Go Daddy servers along with a couple of other websites I own.

I will add any important recent documents to my own website soon and correct the links in posts, but will probably not add the trial it. If you want the transcripts, follow the above instructions. I figure that anyone who wanted to read them already has them - it has been years - close to 4 years since the end of trial # 2.

Also, to clarify, I do not believe that taking down the website was any sort of government project. More likely it was someone saying something to someone else, like, 'it sure would be great if that site disappeared' and the wish was granted. So not a conspuracy, but more of a wish that happened. After all is said and done, the transcripts and documents hold the truth of the case. With all of that gone, the Paul Bergrin saga becomes the next Hollywood movie that reads much like the fictional documentary.

But no worries... in time all will be good.


Anonymous said...

Of course, the persons that did this will once more not stand up and admit they did
it, cowards as usual and very low class individuals. They definitively do not have
the integrity that you have Vicky. Don't let them go away with this. Time for
punishment will come, you bad boys.

Vicky Gallas said...


The guilty party can't admit guilt. They already got away with it. I killed what was left of the website.

The fact is that I've expected something like that for a while. Go Daddy hosting is cheap and these days you get what you pay for.

No matter - already uploading docs linked on the blog elsewhere. I doubt that I will link the trial transcripts again though, unless linking in a future blog post to correct lies and misinformation.