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Thursday, March 14, 2013

No Verdict Watch Yet

It looks like we have more time to discuss this case here people. According to the trial minutes for 13 March, 2013, filed late last night, the government is now arguing about adding additional evidence and Judge Cavanaugh will rule on the issue this morning. I think the AUSAs forgot that they rested their case more than a week ago. 

We can imagine that this so-called additional evidence is an attack on one of Paul Bergrin's defense witnesses. Of course it could be absolutely anything, but prosecutors had almost 2 months to make their case and should not be allowed more time at this point. They have had 6 years to investigate Paul Bergrin and if they were not aware of this evidence a week ago, it should be out. Let's not pretend that the government didn't have a defense witness list well in advance.

If they are allowed to add this so-called evidence, then Bergrin should have the right of rebuttal and let's face it: most of us are tired of the government's criminal informant parade in this case. If all of this does happen, both sides will be calling more witnesses.

One main reason that granting the government's wish should be out is that Paul Bergrin was not even allowed to call a couple of witnesses because of issues with the US Marshal's Service transporting both in time. Judge Cavanaugh has made it clear that he's in a hurry to get this fiasco over and if he allows this stretch of a move by prosecutors, then it's time to get those US Marshals moving. Hopefully the defense team has them on alert.

We will know soon enough. If the judge rules in favor of prosecutors, I'll discuss a government witness that I completely forgot: Abdul Williams. There is also much more to be said in relation to several defense witnesses. No worries - we have plenty still open for discussion here.

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