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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sometimes the Truth is Irrelevant

On 6 March 2013, the defense called Paul Feinberg and Rashidah Tarver to the stand to testify. Mr. Feinberg is a prominent attorney in NJ and Ms. Tarver is a school teacher. The defense also called Paul Bergrin's daughter Beth to testify. Of course none of these three defense witnesses would need to consider pleading the Fifth on the stand; they're all upstanding citizens that have never been charged with any crime.

Paul Bergrin did not have the opportunity to question the next witnesses. Jamal McNeil and Edward Peoples are convicted felons and the government refused to afford each immunity from prosecution as is given to its own witnesses that testify. In this sense, it is certainly an unequal system. Government witnesses that have participated in crimes get a free pass on the crimes discussed, but defense witnesses are threatened with prosecution if any statement implicates them in the very same crime.

The government stated in advance of today's proceedings that the Fifth Amendment could be an issue for many of Bergrin's witnesses. I described how that works in favor of the defense in my last post and now you see how it worked in favor of prosecutors yesterday. Both Jamal McNeil and Edward Peoples opted to pass on testifying today shortly after arriving at the courthouse. Each of these men were actual witnesses that would have informed the jury of false testimony by government witnesses. The truthful testimony was stifled.

One thing is absolutely clear here: The government has no interest in the truthful testimony and will use the Fifth Amendment to stifle it whenever possible. Government prosecutors do not represent the people or truth and justice; they represent the system and the government.

I certainly hold no ill will towards McNeil or Peoples. I saw it coming. Each was willing to get on the stand and speak the truth about what happened in specific situations; however, not at the expense of their own lives. Who could blame them?

No matter really. I feel that Paul Bergrin has revealed Anthony Young's version of events to be a complete and total theater production; one in which government agents and prosecutors are complicit. Paul Feinberg was Anthony Young's attorney briefly back in late 2004, early 2005, following the murder of Kemo Deshawn McCray. Rashidah Tarver was Young's girlfriend during that time period and up until he set her house on fire - literally.

Read Paul Feinberg's testimony from the first trial beginning on page 24 and concluding on page 37. Read Ms. Tarver's testimony starting on page 37 and ending on page 60 of the transcript:

US v Bergrin 11_9_11 (link removed - contact me privately for a copy)

If you've read this part of the transcript, I do not need to inform you of the holes in Anthony Young's testimony. In the beginning, Oscar Cordova with his inaudible tapes were the government's best witness in this prosecution, but as we are all aware, Oscar's testimony was a complete failure. Hell, the idiot actually impersonated a female when he called-in a death threat against himself - that is warped, and criminal.

The next best witness in this trial was supposedly Anthony Young and his twisting of the "No Kemo, no case" statement. In reality, it's all lies. Young never went to the auto body shop to melt the gun that he never used to kill Kemo Deshawn McCray.

Bergrin's daughter Beth testified as to why he was in Chicago back when Oscar claimed he was there for a meeting. Of course nothing from this alleged meeting is even on the inaudible tapes. Bergrin was there to meet his young grandchild for the first time and stayed the night at his daughter's home. He flew back to NJ the following day.

Doesn't it bother you when you figure out that the government's main goal and only goal is to deceive you? It seriously bothers me.

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