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Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Dirty Truth

The government failed to call key cooperating witnesses because they completely disputed the ones that testified. For instance Yolanda Jauregui swore that she did a 7 kilogram cocaine deal with Abdul Williams, his father and cousin while Williams was incarcerated at the Hudson Jail and that Paul Bergrin never knew she was dealing with Rondre Kelly and Williams. She would have proven these witnesses as liars and the defense could not call her because she would have asserted her Fifth Amendment right and the Government refused to grant her immunity.

Ramon Jimenez admitted that he never did business with Eugene Braswell and that the Government coerced and threatened him to lie against Paul. They failed to call him and because of the same reasons as Yolanda, the defense could not call him.

The defense had proof that the Government suborned perjury through the Government witness Maria Corriera and that Paul Bergrin is completely innocent of the Kemo murder and any drug dealings but they refuse to grant her immunity and the Judge would not hold the trial open to transport her to New Jersey; after the Government relocated her so she could not be found.

The defense attempted to call Jamal Baskerville and McNeil who gave sworn defense statements that Paul Bergrin is innocent and that there never was a meeting with Anthony Young, nor did Paul ever say the words "No Kemo No Case". But they would not testify at trial because of their drug dealing and fear of prosecution and retaliation by the Government.

Thomas Moran got his father involved in official misconduct for trying to unlawfully influence arresting police officers of him from Monmouth and Hudson County. This was held over his head and that is why he lied so vehemently.

Paul Bergrin pleaded and begged for a polygraph examination from the best examiners in the FBI and to administer the same test to the testifying cooperating witnesses. He pleaded repeatedly, but the government refused. They knew that the cooperating witnesses perjured themselves and this would have proven it.

Most importantly. Paul Bergrin argued in his summation that he knew Vincent Esteves had confessed to drug trafficking, and had incriminated his own flesh and blood; his brother Caesar Cubiero, and had completely given up all his contacts in the United States, Mexico, Colombia and Dominican Republic. He confessed to his entire drug operation including the methods and means of operation, every aspect of how he did business and got the drugs into the Country and even his future plans of operation globally and his Netherland contacts. Esteves swore to this during cross examination by Bergrin and the transcript on page 6127, line 14 to 17 proves this.

UPDATE on 25 March 2013 @9:20pm: Page 6127 is found in BERGRIN 22 02_25_13 (really enlightening reading and proves exactly what is stated herein) (link removed - contact me privately for a copy)

If Paul Bergrin knew that Esteves had confessed at the beginning of his defense representation of him, as the transcript reflects, then you know there is no way Paul would intend to do anything with Oscar or Esteves as falsely alleged. That is why AUSA Gay in Paul's summation objected and lied to the jury about Paul knowing this, when the Governmnet knew that Paul did. Also take into consideration the fact that the Judge refused to allow Paul to correct AUSA Gay's lie to the jury and that is what this injustice is all about.

Paul also knew that Oscar could never be believed when he stated that his father was Lord Gino and running the Latin Kings and communicating all orders about what to do from the Supermax facility in Colorado. He said his father had a cell telephone and that he was sent to New Jersey to meet Vinnie's connections (which were non existent). He also claimed to have been sent from the Ochoa's and Herrera's - the largest Cartels. Why would he need Esteves' non existent connections if the Cartels sent him to New Jersey and he claimed to be able to get kilograms of cocaine for $4000?

The whole Chicago hit man case is comical in its entirety and Paul Bergrin is being crucified because he risked his life defending soldiers in Iraq in Abu Ghraib, Objective Iron Triangle, and the Parker case. The Justice Department knows that Paul has information proving the highest levels of the White House, FBI, and CIA committed criminal offenses.

This is the absolute truth about this prosecution.


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to understand this whole story with an open mind...u mention Yolanda is that his former girlfriend or is he still married? If he still married does his wife support your blog about him? Have you seen him since the verdict? I know you mention he is in another prison..BTW He helped a family member of my years ago and we have nothing but good things to say about him. It just seems like a weird verdict with the media not showing Paul in a positive light. It's real sad..I'm just trying to put the pieces together. Thanks

Vicky Gallas said...

Actually, I wasn't the writer here, but I'll give your questions my best shot.

1. Yolanda is Paul's former girlfriend.

2. Paul has been divorced for some time now, but as his personal life is not my business, I have no date to offer.

3. What would his wife/ex wife have to do with this blog? Sorry, but I don't get the question.

4. I have never met Paul.

5. Great to hear from someone that Paul helped that supports him.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

I feel that Mr.Bergrin is great guy. And really dislike the media making him look so bad. The government plays dirty. One of the many things i learned from Mr.Bergrin is that if you knew how messed the system is you would not get a parking Ticket. I will be Praying for him and family. Gone but never forgotten. And i would vist him any where the ship him to. One love Frank White