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Monday, March 18, 2013

Not in My Worst Nightmare

Yes, I realize that I am the one to have said not to knock the jurors no matter what decision they make on any count in this case. To my credit, never in my worst nightmare did I imagine that 12 jurors would believe violent criminals seeking time off their lengthy sentences. Sure, I could imagine one or even ten people buying every word the prosecutors said just because they're prosecutors, but never all twelve.

The only thing these jurors wanted was the Anthony Young transcript. After reviewing it, they made their decision. As if anyone would believe that Young was truthful! I am indignantly angry at the pure stupidity of these 12 gullible people. Either they were all in a major hurry to get out of the long jury duty or they're all just plain gullible.

They bought the uncorroborated testimony of criminal informants and jailhouse snitches hook, line, and sinker. They believed that a nine year-old (Carolyn Velez) could recall specific words of her father's attorney more than an entire decade later at age 21. They believed that Norberto Velez's jury acquitted the man based entirely on the word of a nine year-old that was not a witness anyway.

They believed that Paul Bergrin would stand on a Newark street corner in the not-so-safe part of town and instruct a gang to kill Kemo. They believed that Anthony Young was Kemo's killer even though he was bald and the only witness to the shooting said the killer had dreadlocks. They believed Young even though he lied numorous times on the stand in past and admitted it! They believed a couple of jailhouse snitches that were convicted of fraud and lying under oath in the past.

They believed an informant that claimed to be Lord Gino's son and that was on serious mind-numbing prescription drugs even though the actual tapes were never transcribed by a professional or certified by anyone. They believed that Bergrin believed Oscar the informant was a hitman that claimed to smuggle cellphones for his father into ADX Florence the Supermax prison in Colorado. They believed Oscar, the total idiot that called-in a death threat to the US Attorney's Office against himself, using a female voice and admitted it on the stand two days later.

They believed Richard Pozo, the major drug trafficker that made $20K-$30K a week on his illegal enterprise and then made a deal for a get out of jail free pass in exchange for his testimony against Bergrin. They believed Lachoy Walker, a violent career criminal also given a get out of jail free pass in exchange for his testimony.

They believed prosecutors that did not even call Yolanda Jauregui, Alejandro Barraza-Castro, or Ramon Jimenez to testify all while a judge repeatedly limited a pro se defendant's questioning of the government liars and refused to wait for inept US Marshals to get other defense witnesses to the courtroom. They believe that technology is so lacking in Kingston, Jamaica that a live video conference was not possible.

Wow. Just flippin' wow. Never in my worst nightmare did I imagine 12 people on the same jury being so gullible and stupid to believe every word the prosecutors stated because they're prosecutors. I hope that each of them needs an attorney one day and they're stuck with the likes of Richie Roberts, government pal extraordinaire.

It ain't over by a longshot. So many grounds for appeal in this trial that it's unreal. I decided that I will leave the docs and transcripts up until long after I'm dead so the world can see what these 12 jurors bought hook, line, and sinker. I also intend to post the transcripts from this trial as soon as it is possible.

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