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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bergrin Trial Judge Saved the Day

As stated in a recent post on Paul Bergrin's unexpected transfer to the Essex County jail following the verdicts, U.S. District Judge Dennis M. Cavanaugh was NOT the one to order Bergrin be sent to Essex County and placed on suicide watch and in protective custody. Judge Cavanaugh sure did undo what vindictive prosecutors arranged though.

Perhaps Judge Cavanaugh is coming around. In a statement made to Jason Grant at the Star-Ledger, Judge Cavanaugh stated “it’s really not over … this guy is fighting for his life; I think it’s fair that he has the chance to do his best”.

Mr. Lawrence Lustberg deserves our thanks for all of his hard work throughout this case and certainly for Paul Bergrin's transfer back to MDC Brooklyn in short time. Sometimes it is easy to forget the standby counsel and if I rarely mention Mr. Lustberg, it is only because he is quietly in the background and we have no contact. I do appreciate his letters and tireless work on Bergrin's behalf as do all of Paul Bergrin's supporters.

Have I been too rough on Judge Cavanaugh?

Well, let's not go that far, but it's possible that the judge has seen the light, and the government's case for exactly what it is: a farce built on false statements by witnesses with something to gain. I, for one, hope to see many more fair and impartial orders and rulings from Judge Cavanaugh before this case is over.

Now if only the US Marshal Service would stop dragging its feet with all that is related to Paul Bergrin - Just joking guys; we all know where your orders come from. *smile*

UPDATE on 23 March 2013 @8pm:

As of right now, Paul Bergrin still sits in Essex County jail. I am wondering if the government intends to abide by the court's order to return him to MDC. Will they cause as much time to pass as is possible to prevent Bergrin from having the time he needs to work on his post-trial motions and appeals? What will the excuse / reason be for the delay in his return to MDC? Have they read his notes and gone through all of his legal papers? Will all of his legal notes and papers still be there when he makes it back to MDC, if he does?

There is more going on than meets the eye here - definitely some sort of defense shake-up or clandestine actions by someone that is supposed to be assisting Paul Bergrin. I do not know anymore than that at the moment, but when I do, I will post about it.

UPDATE on 26 March 2013 @6am:

Paul Bergrin is finally back at MDC Brooklyn. They have had 8 days alone with his legal notes and papers, so we shall see if it's all still there.



madmax said...


Anonymous said... he still in the county jail? how is he going to defend's so wrong...this system sucks!

Vicky Gallas said...

Last time I looked, Paul was still in the county jail. There is something weird going on and no one is saying a word.

I have heard some really off-the-wall stuff from one person and another person that I thought I knew somewhat froze-up on me. Also, there have been no additional documents filed since the verdict - the verdicts were not filed. I have never seen that in a federal case.

There is a potential clue on the last page of the last transcript, but not sure what to make of it.

Vicky Gallas said...

Paul is no longer in Essex County jail. He's also not showing in BOP.