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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Transcribed Oscar Tapes

Anyone that is reading the news reports on this trial has also read the absurd so-called quotes from Oscar the informant's tapes. Would it interest you to know that these tapes are NOT certified to be true and accurate by an impartial source?

Does it hold your interest to know that most of these tapes are completely inaudible and that a regular typist typed out what little could be deciphered from the tapes and then Special Agent Brokos filled-in the rest of the words that the typist could not figure out?

Yes, I am referring to the same SA Shawn Brokos that failed to protect Kemo, her informant, and submitted false statements in the Bergrin Detention Certification. She is the one that created these wild and damaging quotes that are actually non-existent. While she was busy with her new transcribing duty, she made sure to mark all statements by Paul Bergrin that would have revealed a clear game of role playing as "inaudible".

Hell, even Thomas Moran clearly knows that Bergrin was role playing as he was himself - that is a fact and stated in his motion for bond. I have the motion, but have not posted it as it also contains seriously personal information about Moran. However, it is available in PACER and is referred to as "Letters" and dated 20 February 2013 in the file entry. It is 2.7 MB and also includes Moran's psych evaluation and a couple of letters.

The transcriptions I am referring to herein are the quotes repeated to all mainstream newspapers and the actual paper transcripts provided to each juror in this trial. So, when a juror cannot decipher an inaudible statement, they're supposed to refer to SA Brokos's personal transcript. The catch is that almost all statements are inaudible. This is extremely prejudicial to Paul Bergrin!

Is the government aware of what SA Brokos has done here? I have no clue, but if they were not before, they are now. The scam has been exposed. Are the newspaper reporters that have repeated the damaging statements created by SA Brokos in various newspaper articles for several years now aware of how these statements came to exist? They are now if they were not before.

Public opinion of Paul Bergrin has been engineered via use of the statements that SA Brokos created with tapes made by a warped informant that went as far as calling-in a death threat against himself using a female voice; an informant that is a psychiatric patient and turned over these inaudible tapes in a far-reaching effort to escape prosecution for his very real criminal activities.

Is this some new thing to have FBI agents transcribing tapes in their own cases? I have never, in all of my years, heard of anything that ludicrous. What in the hell have these crazy people been allowed to do to Paul Bergrin via abuse of extreme power?

What is going on here and why isn't someone stopping it? And who is Oscar Cordova anyway?


Anonymous said...

At the trial today I noticed while one of the witnesses were on the stand he was asked a question whether Bergrin's name was on a document and a gentlemen in the front row (definitely an agent, I just don't know exactly what agency)shook his head left to right repeatedly while looking at the witness (and the witness looking back at him) than the witness answered the question the agent wanted him to.. Very unfair.

Whether he answered the question truthfully is irrelevant. The biggest issue is the answer being influenced by an outside source.

Vicky Gallas said...

As far as I am aware, Thomas Moran was the only witness on the stand today - at least that is what is stated in the trial minutes posted over on the "Documents" page.

According to what I have read regarding Moran's testimony in the news, the guy is lying through his teeth. I know that from the documents filed on 20 February and referred to as "Letter" that I didn't post because of all the personal info within. It's actually Moran's psych evaluations, a bail motion, and a couple of letters.

Don't get me wrong - I feel sorry for Moran and I know he was threatened with the death penalty and given 10 minutes to decide to take a deal - I also have a letter referencing the death penalty. However, making-up lies about Bergrin is not the right solution.

This case is a total scam. Hopefully the jury noted this strange agent's head-shaking as you did!

Anonymous said...

Yeah it was rather obvious. I thought he was having a seizure or something. Than when I made it out I was like oh I know whats going on here.

Are the letter's available on PACER?

Vicky Gallas said...

That's really sort of weird that no one intervened. Maybe the defense table didn't have a view of the head-shaker?

Yes, PACER - that's where I downloaded it. It's dated February 20, 2013 in the case under Paul Bergrin's name. Sorry that I can't publish it, but there's too much personal info in it and I'm surprised it's not sealed. Hell, Bergrin's motion referencing serious misconduct is sealed and I can't see that, yet in this situation, Moran's info is there for anyone with an account. I had thought Moran claimed some sort of fear and perhaps was even in WITSEC, so I'm definitely confused as to why it's there.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Well the defense would not of seen it because it was sort of in their blind spot(right behind them & the focus was on Paul & Tom). But it did happen.

The judge is looking at the ceiling half the time anyway. So only the jury could of really have seen it.

Anonymous said...


You should create a Facebook page to promote this Blog! I'm sure there are plenty of Bergrin supporters all over the world.

Vicky Gallas said...

This blog is findable to anyone via Google, Yahoo, or Bing that is seeking updated trial info or documents. I know blogging, but I do not really do much with FB.

Really it is people that know Paul or people that are acutely aware of the system of injustice in the the US that support him. The unaware get their news from the mainstream and believe the twisted crap they read. I tried, and others have tried, to find groups that would support Paul - and quite frankly, most either stick with an isolated agenda or the people running them are just plain stupid.

That is my take on it after a couple of years + of trying.