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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Drug Traffickers Facing Life Never Lie

Richard Pozo testified for the government today and admitted that he was facing life in prison when he opted to assist prosecutors in Texas and New Jersey. His sentence for his $150million per year drug business bust? Time served. This guy walks free today and trust me - that is unheard of. Pozo had to set-up many big drug traffickers in both states for the feds on top of the lies about Paul Bergrin.

This is the 404(b) evidence that was kept out of the first trial and is referred to as "the Pozo plot". A quote on has Pozo stating:

"If we know where he is, we can take him out and all of our headaches will go away," Pozo quoted Bergrin as saying.

A discussion of the so-called Pozo plot took place on 8 November 2011 and begins on page 4 of the transcript:

US v Bergrin November 8 2011 (link removed - contact me privately for a copy)

Judge William Martini did not allow this testimony in the last trial and explains clearly why on pages 4 through 15 of the transcript. This is a main reason that angry prosecutors had Judge Martini removed from this case.

This is a major drug trafficker that made $20K-$30K a week for years and faced life in prison until he chose to cooperate with the government. The alleged conversation with Paul Bergrin, who represented him for a short time as his attorney is not documented in any way, shape, or form and was NOT MENTIONED to feds in Austin, Texas during the course of Pozo's cooperation there. ONLY when Pozo was brought to New Jersey 6 months later to speak with prosecutors did this alleged conversation with Paul Bergrin come to light.

This slimeball was obviously instructed to claim he had this conversation with Paul. Otherwise, why would he neglect to mention it to feds in Austin? Because feds in Austin were not seeking false testimony about conversations that never happened.

Why on earth would Paul Bergrin care enough about this idiot to make such an absurd suggestion? How did it benefit Paul? Of course there was no benefit to Paul Bergrin whatsoever.

Richard Pozo really faced life in federal prison. He helps feds and gets time served! I have a friend that was a drug trafficker from South Texas - he was related to me (ex's family) and he is serving 22 years in club fed for less than Pozo ever did as a drug trafficker.

Pozo should make you angry. The fact that the NJ prosecutors are actually using his undocumented and wild testimony against Paul Bergrin, the attorney that represented him for a mere 8 months, should disgust you.

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