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Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscar the Informant Fiasco

Oscar Cordova, or whatever his name is, has sealed the deal on this perjurious fiasco. I believe that these inaudible quotes from recordings were actually transcribed by none other than Special Agent Shawn Brokos, the FBI agent that failed to protect Kemo Deshawn McCray.

Can you even imagine prosecutors allowing the main case agent to transcribe statements that they present to the jury and pass on to the press? I must wonder if prosecutors are fully aware of this agent's actions.

Take a guess why Oscar the lying informant would claim to have received death threats, create said threats, and make such wild claims to prosecutors... come on, take a guess. My guess is that Oscar decided he wanted a new and improved WITSEC location and more money to go with it. Apparently he's not happy with the one chosen by the program.

The bottom line is that Oscar has to be the worst excuse for an informant ever. But is his name actually Oscar and does he actually have any connection at all to the Latin Kings? My bet would be no on both counts, however, prosecutors continue to represent this information as being truthful. Are these prosecutors the dumbest in US history or are they lying to the people they are supposed to represent and to the jury?

Oscar admitted to committing perjury today when he was recalled by the government. He sent himself death threats before the trial. When questioned by Paul Bergrin in prior testimony, he denied it. The government waited to investigate until after Oscar verified he made the recordings. Today they put him on the stand to disclose his perjury to the court and the jury.

They have allowed him to continue to lie about being Lord Gino's son. Gustavo Colon has been in jail since 1972. He and his wife conceived two children while he was in state custody. They have a third child who was adopted. How can they let him lie like that? Who is this person that's claiming to be Lord Gino crown of the Latin Kings son?

Oscar is so crazy that the government eventually disclosed late testimony last week that he is in psychiatric treatment and on various medications, including mood stabilizers and depression drugs.

The transcripts are not accurate transcriptions of what is on the recording. The parts with exculpatory statements are noted as "inaudible". Complete phrases are missing. The quote they keep reporting in the press is inaudible. And no, the transcripts are not certified to be true and accurate by an impartial source as is required in court proceedings. These are the transcripts that prosecutors have handed to the jury!

I would say that prosecutors, the federal agents involved, and each of these criminals testifying is trying to pull the wool over our eyes and as a citizen, I am damned ticked off! They are all complicit in this wild theater production.

Oscar the informant = Total Fail (as I always knew!)

Wait until Thomas Moran testifies tomorrow (26 February). I do have various documents and letters concerning Moran that I have not posted and the main reason is that there is personal information throughout. Trust me - tomorrow will be a brand new fiasco! 


Anonymous said...

Oscar was an epic fail for the prosecution. Now since he perjured on the stand is he liable to face perjury charges? The government in this case is only demonstrating that you can falsely accuse someone and get paid for it while being protected in WITSEC wasting tax payers money. If this is the case where can I fill this application. lol. I'd like to get paid for false testimony too, if its that easy. Lord Gino is my father too, I guess. lol

Vicky Gallas said...

No, government witnesses are never charged with perjury, no matter what they say or do. I have heard about informants that actually got away with murder - not the pretend role-playing crap that's going on in this case.

This Oscar dude actually called-in a death threat against himself using a female voice! He was forced to admit that today on the stand. Does it get worse? Can it get worse? Absolutely.