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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Summary of Recent Events

This is just a quick summary of the events in the Paul Bergrin trial yesterday and today. I will try and post a more thorough analysis late tonight and if I'm not able, then tomorrow. Really I am in the middle of cooking dinner at the moment and after that I'll be tired. Yeah I know... TMI.

Natalie McLennan (of New York Confidential fame) testified late in the day yesterday and returned to the stand today. I suspect this is a main reason that the clerk did not post the Minutes from 6 February until today, though I am not clear on why this went unreported in mainstream news by a reporter that is present in the courtroom daily. Needless to say, I smell a rat.

If I had known of specific statements by McLennan, the chances are good that I would have a lengthy response in time for her cross-examination today. There does seem to be an argument going on as to the definition of an "escort service" and a "brothel" and that is something I will address in my next post.

We must wonder if Natalie is supposed to be some sort of substitute for Jason Itzler as bringing him in from his prison in NY is unlikely to help prosecutors. Natalie did make a plea deal in her own case. Ah well, I'll refrain from further discussion until I have a better understanding of her testimony.

I posted a document titled, "Bergrin Trial Letters 7 February 2013," that is over 6MB in size and certainly worth reading. To summarize it quickly for you:

Paul Bergrin: I demand all of the exculpatory evidence that the government has hidden or has otherwise disposed of in relation to a list of witnesses and including conversations recorded in Hudson County Corrections involving Alejandro Barraza-Castro and Yolanda Jauregui in relation to a big cocaine deal they were attempting.

Government Prosecutors: FU. You will never see the exculpatory evidence that you are demanding and we will justify anything we do as we always do. Additionally, you will need to subpoena the recordings from Hudson County Corrections as we have no interest in any because they do not further our agenda, and good luck with that. Furthermore, we never gave any of our witnesses polygraph examinations because we already know they're all a bunch of no-good liars, career criminals, and criminal informants.

On that note, I must return to cooking dinner.

EDIT 8 February 2013 @1:10am EST:

I have been reading about this major storm expected in the Northeastern US, including New Jersey, and must imagine that there will be no court today. According to the news this looks like a bad one and people are advised to stay at home. *sigh* I miss weather like that, believe it or not. It was 80+ degrees here today on Florida's Space Coast and no change is expected in the near future.

I lived in the Lake Mohawk / Sparta area for some time after my acquittal back in 2003. I never intended to see Florida again; however, my son was born and raised in a tropical climate and hated it there - Winter of 2003 was a cold time, freezing temperatures, a blizzard etc...  I was not all that fond of Sparta and preferred Hackensack, where my friend had lived previously.

Driving in snow conditions was never an issue for me as I learned to drive in Germany, where they do not salt the roads because of potential damage. I learned to drive on black ice, literally. Still, it can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. I wish all readers and supporters of Paul Bergrin a safe long weekend. Charge your phones and devices, just in case, and stay safe.

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