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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Discrediting Anthony Young

The alleged killer of Kemo Deshawn McCray spent the day on the stand testifying once again. Anthony Young is not that good at maintenance rehearsal, a method of learning through repetition. Every time he tells the story it has some changes from the last time because that is what happens with elaborate, detailed lies.

During the last trial he was working on his GED, so perhaps his ability to memorize a script is better this round. However, prosecutors must make the facts fit with testimony from other alleged witnesses, so expect the testimony to evolve. We can only imagine the number of hours Young must be coached.

In Paul Bergrin's first trial, Anythony Young testified on 27 October 2011. His testimony continued the following day, 28 October. Let's look at the transcripts. On 27 October, Young's testimony begins on page 103:

US v Bergrin October 27 2011 (link removed - contact me privately for a copy)

The government has Anthony Young recounting some of his many crimes in past and many convictions. This man is 38 or 39 now and has spent half of his life in prison. Truly sad and I could actually feel sorry for him if not for his decision to lie to help the government put an innocent man in prison for life, and of course the fact that he is a violent criminal.

On page 140, Young begins to describe Paul Bergrin driving to 17th Street in a Mercedes and on page 141 he's claiming that Paul got out and shook everyone's hand in the gang as they stood on a street corner. This guy actually wants you to believe that Paul got out of his Mercedes and told an entire group of people on a Newark street corner at night that Kemo had to die. Paul Bergrin, successful attorney that has represented the famous, is on a street corner telling a group of gang members that were mostly unknown to him to kill someone that was also unknown to him. AYFKM? Who in the hell would believe that story?

Anthony Young ends that part of the story with a statement that he wanted to shoot Kemo for the $15K because he needed it to go to an All-State game two months later and wanted sky box seats, though he already had $50K-$60K stashed for the purpose at home. If this entire story were true, why would anyone make a deal with this killer without a conscience? That is a question the prosecution will have to answer.

Predictably, Anthony Young admitted to false statements and testimony in past, but claimed that this time it was all the truth. He lied in testimony at William Baskerville's trial and admits that. Has Baskerville had the benefit of a retrial since the star witness admits to lying on the stand for federal prosecutors?

And don't forget that Kemo's stepfather saw a shooter with dreadlocks and Anthony Young was bald at the time. I must wonder if that has evolved into Young claiming he wore a wig and forgot to mention it when he testified previously. It is a serious issue because the stepfather was the only witness, so no doubt that prosecutors had to fix it somehow this round.

Wait until the jury hears from Young's former fiance Rasheeda. It all comes out that this story was Young's calculated plan to get into WITSEC. Young rambles on and on about one story after another with the prosecutor asking scores of leading questions. So much irrelevant crap it's ridiculous. I wonder if Judge Cavanaugh stopped prosecutors for this? I heard that he stopped Paul on cross-examination today.

On 28 October 2011, on page 60, Paul begins his cross-examination of Anthony Young and it contnues on 2 November 2011, after the weekend, and finally concludes on 3 November 2011:

US v Bergrin October 28 2011 (link removed - contact me privately for a copy)

US v Bergrin November 2 2011 (link removed - contact me privately for a copy)

US v Bergrin November 3 2011 (link removed - contact me privately for a copy)

Today Paul was cross-examining Young all day. If you read through the transcripts, you'll understand the many inconsistencies in Young's testimony that Paul Bergrin exposed in the first trial and we can imagine that there are more this round. Discrediting Anthony Young is not too complicated for anyone that actually tried because he lies frequently in his mission to knock away most years of his sentence with 5K1 letters in exchange for his false testimony.

The injustice Paul Bergrin suffers at the hands of these career criminals and rogue prosecutors is outrageous and sickening. 

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