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Friday, January 18, 2013

Will Jason Itzler be Called to Testify

There is no witness list available from the government in the Bergrin trial. There is no real reasoning for this, but the government gets away with it anyway by utilizing absurd allegations of hitmen and witness tampering. This trial is much different than the last one because of all counts against Paul Bergrin being thrown together and it is likely that prosecutors will call Jason Itzler to the stand.

Itzler was the owner of New York Confidential (NY Confidential), the escort service that Paul is accused of operating. The reality is that Paul, like so many other attorneys in the US, was an agent of the corporation operated by Itzler. When I first set-up a corporation I did it through an attorney and I repeated this process with the next corporation formed for my own escort services. My attorney was my registered agent - there is nothing illegal about this and it is actually advisable.

Perhaps Paul's relationship to Itzler was too close for comfort in that he also provided employment paperwork for Itzler when he was released on parole in an earlier ((2003) New Jersey case that involved smuggling Ecstasy from Amsterdam into Newark airport. I can hear Itzler begging Paul now. One thing about Paul is that he has a soft heart as should be obvious in this case. He employed various parolees in his law office over a lengthy period of time. Paul manages to see good in everyone.

Itzler was later (2005) convicted on various counts involving NY Confidential and served a prison sentence. In 2011, Itzler set-up a brand new escort agency and was arrested on numerous charges, mostly cocaine related, several weeks later. He made a guilty plea in that last case in May of 2012 and is currently serving a 4-year sentence in a NY State prison. Jason Itzler is a career criminal, obviously.

I'm of course not sure on this, but would think that statute of limitations has run out on any charge related to NY Confidential. Perhaps this is not the situation as a result of the indictment being filed in 2009, the later severance, and the time spent arguing over the severance prior to the start of the current trial. Regardless, I seriously doubt that Paul Bergrin operated an escort business in NY. Paul was an attorney and not a telephone operator or anything else for Itzler's service.

Just because Paul was an agent of the corporation does not translate to actually "operating a prostitution business". Feel free to check with any attorney in the US on that. Beyond that, prosecutors have yet another criminal informant that will be called to testify as to Paul's relationship with Itzler. The indictment refers to this informant as a criminal with initials J.C. So we have two criminal informants - J.C. and J.I. - to testify on this count.

You should be recognizing a pattern in the many counts against Paul Bergrin: Anyone claiming to have witnessed anything is a convicted criminal. The pattern continues as each criminal informant tries desperately to knock time off a sentence or garner other favors from prosecutors. This should be illegal. Oh wait - it is illegal.

Make sure to check the Documents page on this blog for new docs in the current trial.

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