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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Have a Problem Blame Paul

If we are to believe AUSA Gay, all of Newark's problems are Paul Bergrin's fault. According to Gay, Paul actually "brainwashed" a nine year-old girl 11 years ago when he defended her father in a criminal case. The father was acquitted way back when and now the mother and now 20 year-old daughter blame Paul and are testifying against him in this fiasco of a prosecution.

Who specifically determined that anyone "brainwashed" this kid? I will assume that there will be a psychiatrist testifying as to the state of mind of the girl 11 years ago and another psychiatrist testifying on her progress and current state of mind - for the prosecution and also for the defense. Gather your psychiatrists people.

The mother seems like a total drama queen and attention-seeker from all that I have read. I bet that she contacted prosecutors and not vice-versa. She gets her 5 minutes of fame and a break from the boring day job and gets paid!

Paul Bergrin is no more capable of "brainwashing" a nine year-old than he is of performing brain surgery. What a sick twist this trial is taking. Will prosecutors dredge-up every case Paul has defended in past? If so, I change my time estimate to a minimum of 1 year 'cause 4 months ain't going to cover it people.

Beyond all of that total BS, the government called cops, a detective, and then a doctor that testified as to Marilu's condition when she was brought to the ER 11 years ago. Someone please tell me how any of this is relevant to Paul Bergrin? He was a defense attorney and Marilu's husband, Norberto Velez, hired him. Period. Should Paul have tossed the case in favor of the state? Is that what attorneys are supposed to do if they suspect a client might be guilty? And why is her name now changed to Bruno? According to the documents it was Carmona yesterday and she is a notary public under Carmona.

Yet cross-examination of these many irrelevant witnesses to nothing is not relevant? Give me an f'ing break! If Judge Cavanaugh is the no-nonsense facts man that I read about, please ask him to step forward and get a grip on this ridiculous turn the prosecutors have chosen to take.

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