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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Welcome Career Criminal Lachoy Walker

Career criminal and professional criminal informant Lachoy Walker was sworn-in to testilie late today. This guy has testified against so many of his former drug gang members that he has a certain recognizable style. He's working it for the feds, obviously, as they are probably the only friends he has these days.

Mr. Walker testified on 24 October 2011, in Paul's last trial, and his testimony is supposed to be related to the Kemo killing. Paul previously revealed that Mr. Walker never actually witnessed anything and is testifying only to his claim that Hakeem Curry secretly told him that Paul was his drug connection. If you know much of anything about Curry, you'll know that he didn't run around informing his underlings who his connections were. To do so would have deeply undermined his own position at the top.

As a matter of fact, that is not how drug gangs operate. If the guy at the top informed his workers where he purchased his drugs, well, he wouldn't be at the top for long. To read Lachoy Walker's testimony in the first trial, scroll to page 133:

US v. Bergrin 10-24-2011 (link removed - contact me privately for a copy)

Mr. Walker has managed to avoid what would have been a life sentence by helping the feds in a list of cases. Read all about his career and his many prison stints in the transcript linked.

According to Walker, Hakeem Curry ran his mouth to everyone all of the time. Read on page 161, lines 17-18. You will see that the testimony has changed. Walker is not stating that Paul Bergrin was Curry's "connect" but that "Curry got his connect from Paul". These are two very different statements. Perhaps this "connect" was someone that Curry met in Paul's law office; perhaps anything - perhaps it is all lies. Paul establishes clearly that Walker was never present for any conversations that he had with Curry.

Walker spends most of his testimony discussing and identifying his cohorts in the drug organization and the many escapades over the years leading to his set-up of Curry for the DEA and the subsequent arrest. The cross-examination by Paul begins on page 196 - read it because Paul reveals that Walker does not even know how many convictions he has there have been so many. It is enlightening - Paul catches him in lies related to his testimony in other cases. To top it off, Walker's sister also had a major federal trafficking case.

I leave you with a few questions:

If anything that Mr. Walker claims is true, then why is it not coming from Hakeem Curry himself? I prefer my testimony to be direct from the source or the horse's mouth as they say. Why do we have to hear Walker claim that Curry stated something to him or other underlings? Why isn't Curry testifying?

The answer in my eyes: Because it is all bullshit and the government can't get Curry to lie on the stand and testify about words never stated and events that never happened.

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