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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Brainwashing: A Whodunnit

I have decided that Carolyn Velez did not commit perjury in trial testimony. Paul Bergrin continued his cross-examination of Carolyn today and while I was not present in the courtroom to hear her statements and no one has briefed me on the content, I did read a few sentences in a article. Suddenly I realized what has transpired with this young woman over the years since her father's trial (Norberto Velez).

Call it past experience with a parent that alienated her children from their father or call it my intuition - it doesn't matter. Carolyn made a taped confession for Essex County prosecutors shortly after her father's trial back in 2001. It is my understanding that she testified favorably concerning her father's character and negatively in relation to her mother's acts towards both her and her father in trial. Following trial, her mother convinced her to make this confession of sorts to a prosecutor on tape. This tape is what federal prosecutors are trying to use against Paul.

In my opinion, Carolyn has suffered a decade of abuse from her mother. Between mom and other relatives, they've pounded it into her head on a regular basis, perhaps even daily, as to how horrible dad was and is. Her mother convinced her to testify against Paul Bergrin in this trial to stroke an eleven year grudge against the ex-husband and the attorney that had the audacity to defend him.

Now I do not claim to know what led to the stabbing of Marilu Carmona so long ago. I only know what I have heard from others that were familiar with the case and what I see based on experience with a friend of past that alienated her children from their father. My former friend did all sorts of wild crap in attempts to have her ex jailed. She also dodged any scheduled visitation, hung-up on him if he called to speak to his children, and became seriously angry with the children if they dared to ask about dad. She pounded their minds with lies daily about how bad dad was. Well, Dad moved to a different state and managed to get custody with the stated reason being "parental alienation".

As I originally stated, I view Marilu as one bad-ass drama queen. No one ever invites a stabbing, though the defense her ex had was that she came there to stab him. I can certainly believe that. The woman is rabidly hateful to Paul Bergrin and she has turned her daughter into the same.

Let's face it - there is absolutely no way that a nine year-old could recall such specific and vivid details as Carolyn claimed to on the stand today. Her encounters with Paul were somewhat brief, not personal, and eleven years ago. There is not a chance that anything she said is an actual memory. Ask a psychiatrist - don't believe me. 

Between Marilu Carmona and this Essex County prosecutor, they actually have this poor young woman believing that this is all her memory. John Gay chimed-in and coached his witnesses on his anti-Paul crusade and here we are. I said it before - this is really sick.

Both mother and daughter should be required to have sessions with a psychiatrist and then a report should be made to the court from the psychiatrist - an actual expert. Instead we have John Gay playing pretend expert and psychiatrist and diagnosing this woman for the judge and the jurors. The worst part is that none of this is relevant to Paul's charges anyway.

Yes, I buy that she was brainwashed; however, the guilty party is not Paul Bergrin. What has been done to this woman for an entire decade+ is criminal.

Judge Cavanaugh should never have allowed these so-called witnesses to be called by prosecutors - never! This is mistrial material, in my humble non-lawyer opinion. It cannot be ignored or brushed under a rug. There is no actual crime that is connected to the testimony of this mother and daughter and if there were, it would have been charged 10+ years ago as Essex County prosecutors have had the tape for that long.

I see another mistrial in Paul Bergrin's future.

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