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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Paul Bergrin is a Whistleblower

While searching in Yahoo! yesterday, I came across this excellent article:

The article was written by Barry Sussman. I still do not see the article indexed in Google, but perhaps in a day or two I will. Mr. Sussman has all of his facts straight and offers what I will term a 'big picture analysis and perspective' of the prosecution and trials of Paul Bergrin. I, on the other hand, offer 'in your face now' or 'what happened today' type of commentary.

Barry Sussman approaches the current case with the background account and facts. He answers the question, Why Paul Bergrin? This is something that I have never approached, though my reasoning is certainly not disbelief or disrespect, and in fact, I agree with everything stated. I discuss the witnesses and motivations for testimony more than anything else. I'm not fond of informants or people that choose to lie on the stand and they become my blogging targets.

The informants and the so-called witnesses that are testifying for prosecutors are so entrenched in their own messy lives that it's unlikely any know a thing about Abu Ghraib beyond what FoxNews tells them. I'd be shocked if any one of them ever heard of Operation Iron Triangle. Even the agents involved in this case are motivated by the desire to cover-up their own blundering in the Kemo Deshawn McCray murder and are not a part of any big picture. They're all tools in a toolbox and nothing more.

But what of the various whistleblower and veteran organizations that support Brad Manning and/or Julian Assange? They have no excuse as far as I am concerned. Paul fought for soldiers that were jammed by the war party agenda. Okay, I'll tell you...

At a friend's urging, I sent letters to several of these whistleblower support operations some time ago and not one had the decency to respond. Yeah, I was ticked-off, but I still support Brad Manning as should be evident by the banner on my other blog and I am still anti-war, of course. However, I do not support the organizations anymore - as of today.

If you read Barry Sussman's article, you will get the big picture. If you claim to support whistleblowers, yet justify ignoring Paul Bergrin's persecution, you have lost all credibility in my eyes. As a matter of fact, I'm about to go 'unlike' the lot of you in my Facebook account. Why? Because you only care about your own isolated agenda and the suffering man in the big picture is too easily dismissed by every one of you.

If I have shamed you into having a look - good, but if you didn't bother - adios.

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