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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Paul Bergrin Incommunicado: Special Administrative Measures

The Communications Management Unit (CMU) was not effective in silencing him forever for the government in this case and now Paul Bergrin is being held under Special Administrative Measures (SAM). Apparently there was a request for special confinement conditions because Guantanamo North just wasn't enough. Now he is unable to communicate with his attorneys at a vital point in the Rule 33 motion and the 2255 petition.

Who knows the reasoning used by the Newark US Attorney's Office (USAO) and the BOP. It is unlikely that we will ever have an answer to that question. They truly have ceased all of Paul Bergrin's communications, so if you have been expecting a telephone call, an email, or a letter, you will not be getting it. We really have no clue what they have done to him at this point. The last time anyone heard from Paul was on August 22, 2016.

No, he is not on lockdown at Guantanamo North or in SHU for one stupid issue or another - he has been placed under a SAM. You may recall that violating a SAM is what resulted in former attorney Lynne Stewart's prosecution and subsequent imprisonment. Read more about SAM here:

It seems that US Attorney General Lynch had to sign-off on this SAM. Thanks a bunch to Loretta Lynch, who I must add was previously the US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. Someone in Newark has some contacts! I will admit that I never expected to see such a major subversion of justice under the Obama administration.

The fact is that the government was about to get caught in the long game of lies at play in Paul Bergrin's life and absurd prosecution. There are also people in the way. At this point, we only hope that he is still alive. They are capable of anything so don't scoff at that thought. Anyone who knows Paul, knows that he is as harmless as a kitty-kat, so there is definitely no valid reason for the CMU or the SAM.

One of the last communications from Paul is this letter to Judge Jose Linares filed on August 15, 2016, and now no assistance that he requested from the judge is even possible. You read that correctly: there is nothing that Judge Linares could do about this if he wanted to:

The only hope for Paul Bergrin is if he is granted a new trial on any or all counts. If this were to happen, he would be returned to the Newark area. However, they have made sure that Paul is truly unable to communicate with his attorneys at this crucial time in the legal case, so don't get your hopes up. We could also be certain that there is major pressure to make sure that never happens right now.

I have not had any contact with Paul since mid-August of 2015, when the CMU director blocked all contact, but I do know that he was working with investigators and his attorneys to blow the roof off of this warped persecution. Now, thanks to the SAM, his attorneys are no longer able to communicate anything whatsoever concerning the case, prosecution or investigation.

Have they managed to silence Paul Bergrin forever? I don't know yet - the jury is still out on that question. 


Anonymous said...

We should truly be ashamed of our rotten Justice system. In this case you see nothing
but rotten apples all from Newark. Good think to discover before Presidential elections. Should we vote for another attorney at the congress that will continue
screwing the rest of the population or are we finally going to decide for a real
change to better our country. God bless America and Paul Bergrin, a really good
man and soldier.

Anonymous said...

The SAM law or whatever name you give it has a specific reason to be. From all I
read this law does not correspond to Major Bergrin, laws should be used for what
they are made for and not just any old way to the convenience of some persons hiding
behind the Government. I am sure Major Bergrin once more does not deserve what is
being done to him. Who will have the intelligence to stop this situation. One day
there will be a book written about his life and it will bring out all the dirty
manipulations and lies used to hurt him. Paul Bergrin has done nothing wrong but his duty for defending these soldiers wrongly accused. The truth always comes out at the end of every story. The truth will do damage but it is what will happen with certainty. God bless this true patriot!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if they got the extension?

mary ann demmy said...

Judge Linares signed an Order almost immediately on August 3rd giving them an extension until January 31, 2017.

You can find everything on pacer.

Anonymous said...

Keep it simple and stupid. There would not be a SAM for Paul Bergrin if these
persons from New Jersey had nothing to hide. Since the beginning they have tried
to block every single investigation in his case. The truth must and will prevail
in the name of justice.

Anonymous said...

WORSE, these persons in N.J. continue threatening their witnesses that committed
perjuries to make sure that the truth is not exposed to the Public and who knows
most probably to the knowledge of certain politicians. These witnesses should not
be frightened anymore, they have done to them all the harm possible just like they
have to Paul Bergrin.

Anonymous said...

The medias do not help the situation. They misjudge and enjoy painting Major
Paul Bergrin as a horrendous person when for all those that have know him in
the past, he is the most human and kind person. Medias should be largely condemned
as they have not helped the truth to prevail in this case.

Anonymous said...

Normally, we read about corrupted cases like this one in underdeveloped countries
where there is a dictatorial leadership but not in a civilized country like ours.
Could it be that our Justice system is completely retarded, uncontrolled by our leaders and needs to be updated to the requirements of our society today.
Personally, I believe it is time to seriously do something, now, not later.

Vicky Gallas said...

Actually, the US criminal justice system is one of the worst in the world. Has been for decades, at least since the faux War on Drugs began. Since the War on Terror started post September 11th, we've fallen deeper than ever before in history.

So to recap, Cuba has a better system than the US any day. We passed the time to do something about it long ago. It's broken and highly unlikely that it will be repaired in our lifetime.

In some more primitive systems drug dealers and traffickers are put to death, which would be preferable to life in prison with years in solitary confinement. The system here is inhumane.

Anonymous said...

If Paul violates the sams, like Lynne did, he could be in big trouble.

Vicky Gallas said...

@ last Anonymous - I do not believe it's possible for Paul to violate the SAMs and Paul has already been engulfed in deep troubles. He was already in the CMU, which is stated by anyone who's aware to be worse than the US Guantanamo camps. He's already incommunicado. No telling what they have done to him.

Lynne Stewart was an attorney who the government claimed violated the SAM she signed. Paul Bergrin's attorneys are the ones who cannot violate the SAMs that each signed and have now been silenced along with Paul. Do not put any of Paul's attorneys in the compromising position of asking anything at all about Paul, because to answer any questions would be in violation of the SAM.

Anonymous said...

This US system is completely hitlerian. This poor man is not only innocent but worse
they have taken away from him all basic human rights and still worse they have taken
away from him the rights to a fair legal defence. This is not justice this is a
criminal act. This act needs to be severely punished.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with the last comment. Our government must change and do something
right in the case of Major Paul Bergrin. The real criminals are those that created
all these perjuries with vengeance to hurt him. Most of them were not only seeking
vengeance but also promotion in our society by trying to prove us that they are
good and honest individuals. What a dangerous joke!

Anonymous said...