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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The William Baskerville 2255 Case: Lawyers in Wonderland

This 2255 motion filed by William Baskerville is entirely about ineffective assistance of counsel. At every turn in this case, Mr. Baskerville’s attorneys exerted minimal effort, often completely ignoring his requests for specific investigation. These attorneys were like slugs going through the motions and frequently failed to bother with even the most obvious. The appeal attorney was equally ineffective.

Herman and Kayser have now both taken the side of the government to cover up their incompetent representation of Mr. Baskerville. Both have fabricated statements in certifications claiming that they made an attempt to challenge the government's evidence on the chain of custody issue of the drug evidence in the case. The court ordered both attorneys to produce proof of this challenge, but they failed to do so.

The government has pursued numerous inconsistent theories in this case, which are tied to multiple lies and discrepancies in testimony. If the information that we have today had been available early in the case, William Baskerville most definitely could not have been convicted.

I am including a link to William Baskerville’s 2255 Motion. There is such a high level of failure in every possible way that to discuss one or two issues here wouldn't scratch the surface. Mr. Baskerville is representing himself in the case and after you read it, you will understand why.

All documents in this 2255 case available to me and that I am able to publish are found on this page:

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