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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Fictional Documentaries - Part One

I do realize that the title of this post is an oxymoron, or at least it's supposed to be. A documentary film is supposed to be nonfiction and to document facts on record. Instead, the Investigation Discovery channel show about Paul Bergrin was exactly that - a show that was for the most part, fiction.

It's clear that the producers enlisted the assistance of numerous archenemies of Paul in this production. This is complicated as I have no solid communication with Paul at this time. He sends an email and I may or may not receive it. The situation is the same vice versa. There doesn't seem to be any pattern of what is acceptable in email at this CMU (Communications Management Unit). Of course this is playing out precisely as it was plotted.

Paul is aware of the show playing on television; however, was unable to view it. I did receive an email discussing numerous actors in the show, and have attempted to confirm and expound on certain issues, though to no avail. Perhaps my emails or his responses are delayed more than usual and I will receive my responses in short time. Time will tell.

The main actors that Paul discussed were the participating attorneys with a focus on Richard Roberts. I do know that Roberts moved into Paul's office on Park Place shortly after his arrest and basically tookover any part of Paul's practice possible, including past clients looking for Paul, but I have known this for a long time. I also know that Roberts had some influence on client pleas and statements concerning Paul, though the level of influence is something that I'm unsure of. I do have much more information about Roberts, but absolutely must confirm the most relevant statements before publishing, because I am not the Investigation Discovery channel and I refuse to spread even possible misinformation. At this time, I am seeking confirmation elsewhere on a major issue with Roberts and will post on it if I receive it.

The email from Paul also discussed Marc Jacobson, Henry Klingeman, Jack Arsenault and numerous government witnesses in the first and second trials. What was stated concerning Jacobson, Klingeman and Arsenault was easily verified and it is clear with 100% certainly that these actors despised Paul Bergrin long before his arrest. The animosity displayed by each in the show is nothing new, but one would think that the Investigation Discovery show producers would have at least attempted to leave out the gossip, rumors and innuendos, as after all, this was promoted as a documentary.

For the moment, I leave you with this:
I did not have the opportunity to view the Investigation Discovery program about me, nor did I have any input. I know it was replete with fabrications, contrived myths and that the commentators were motivated by their greed and desires to hurt and punish me.
I want the record to be straight. You could attack me, but stay away from my family. I was hospitalized, I did suffer very severe and substantial injuries on multiple occasions, but there was never a scintilla of proof my father caused anything. My father served in the Air Force during the Korean conflict and was honorably discharged. He became a New York police officer and served honorably for 26 years. He rose to the rank of Lt and was going to be promoted to Capt when he died of cancer. He spent all 26 years of his career on the streets and in the highest crime rate areas; with the most violence. He went 19 years without ever using a sick day and when he died was given an Inspector's funeral. Over 100 law enforcement officers attended. He never had a disciplinary charge and the allegations of abuse were unfounded.

This is just Part One of many posts that will discuss this misrepresentation of reality and in some situations, provable outright lies, asserted by the many participants, including the narrator. I also await Paul's response concerning this Dr. Wendy Blank that commented throughout the show as I have my doubts that she has ever even met Paul Bergrin. Investigation discovery my ass!


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of scott petterson, jodi areis, casey Anthony, and pinocchio what they all have in common (LIARS) it's what you call oral diarrhea these ppl can't stop lying by way of running thier mouths SMH.

Anonymous said...

Always some BS going on with the system.

Vicky Gallas said...

@the first Anonymous

Not sure what you mean, but I'll give you the benefit of doubt and assume that you're referring to the commentators referenced in the post. Weird in that you're discussing defendants from other cases and comparing to attorneys and journalists in this case. Sort of like comparing apples and oranges - sure they're both fruit (people).

Anonymous said...

@vicky yes im referring those cmmentators in the post and also defendants in pauls trial ALL LIES and those defendants casey,scott,jody are killers and they lied all so many times during trial like Anthony young ECT that's who they remind me of not a good comparison at all and the nose grower go figure LOL ��

Vicky Gallas said...

@ the last Anonymous

I was pretty sure that's what you meant. lol

Yes, but not to defend Casey Anthony here; however, she was correctly found not guilty. Why? Because the State of Florida was a total fail at making their case. Dr G (forensics expert) was a fail. The computer forensics guy was a complete failure. The Orange County Sheriff at the time (Kevin Beary) was a complete ass - well, he has always been an ass and a thief - when he drew national attention to the Anthony home in East Orlando.

I lived near that neighborhood for many years, until I sold my house while awaiting trial, and have visited friends in the area many times since. I guarantee that half of Orlando despised Beary for bringing the circus over there. Imagine having to live down the road and you'll know what I mean. He brought such a circus that it screwed-up the investigation of the remains. There were idiots from all over the country camping out. Just crazy. So yeah, Casey Anthony lied, but that's about all they managed to prove, and I do not believe the detectives were to blame - it was all on Beary, who also played a part in my case for that matter. All anyone could say for sure is that she knew much more than she said and she obstructed the investigation with her lies.