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Friday, August 7, 2015

Defense Attorneys that Work with the Government - Part Three

I have read about, and even encountered, many of these unethical government moles that operate under the guise of defense attorney. Some of them offer information to colleagues that work with the government in cases, but more simply take the defendant's money and do nothing much, or the bare minimum - this is much worse than robbery because often a client's life is at stake in this corrupt failure that we call the War on Drugs wherein most defendants are locked in cages for decades.

When I came across this statement in the Investigation Discovery channel's fictional documentary, it struck me hard, so much so that I replayed the recording many times later. The stinging statement that is right around the 14 minute mark:

He was going to really represent them; try to get them off! ---- Marc Jacobson, NY Magazine / author / close friend of Richard Roberts that published the screenplay in New York Magazine just before jury selection in the first trial, referring to Paul Bergrin, a real criminal defense attorney

You may or may not be aware, but Richard Roberts is also well-known from the American Gangster movie. He was the so-called straight cop that went to law school and became a prosecutor. I heard long ago, back when the Baddest Lawyer in New Jersey article was published, that Jacobson and Roberts needed a new movie; something about financial problems as far as Roberts is concerned. An idea was born and a screenplay was published.

Roberts collaborated with his best friend Marc Jacobson and had him write The Baddest lawyer in New Jersey immediately preceding jury selection. - Paul Bergrin

The quote from Jacobson herein stings so much that every time I read it, I'm flooded with thoughts of government moles disguised as defense attorneys stealing massive amounts of money from defendants that actually believed they would receive a real defense and real assistance from a qualified and licensed attorney.

What else does Marc Jacobson think that a criminal defense attorney is supposed to do for a client defendant if not defend and assist the defendant? I can't even imagine the answer to this question, because any potential answer makes me want to vomit. Clearly Marc Jacobson, and no one in his life, has ever needed a criminal defense attorney as I read this no other way than advocating robbery and promoting the railroading of the defendant. It's criminal.

The real problem here is that attorneys like this are everywhere - not isolated to this case, and certainly not only operating in Newark. If you knew, you would, or at least should, be horrified. I encountered a case while researching for my own trial long ago in Orlando (Orange County, Florida) in which all but a couple of attorneys operated like this and the case had 19+ defendants! The + part is because there was more than one case for some. It was messy and appalling!

Marc Jacobson has managed to convict anyone arrested for anything with such a statement. Reminds me of the idiots that scream, if you were arrested, you must be guilty - because who the hell needs courts and trials and crap like that, right? It is a kick in the teeth to anyone ever wrongfully arrested or convicted of anything in this country and every single defendant in every case. It says to me that Jacobson thinks locking-up a defendant for years or for life over some stupid drug crap is not only acceptable, but moral and ethical too.

What does Jacobson think that Paul Bergrin was supposed to do for his clients? The same that his pal Richard Roberts has done to so many over the many years he's been a practicing attorney? And yeah, I do believe I can prove that.

There's so much more. Soon dear readers, soon enough. 

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