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Monday, July 1, 2013

What the Curry Wiretap Transcript Reveals

The document discussed in this post is the Curry Wiretap Transcript from the telephone call recorded on December 4, 2003, starting at 7:13PM. According to the government, the heavily discussed meeting on Avon Street took place on December the 4th and according to Anthony Young, Paul Bergrin made the statement, "No Kemo, no case," as he addressed a group of men on a street corner in the dark.

You have read several variations of the, "No Kemo, no case" statement in documents and heard Anthony Young testify to this wild allegation during both trials. It never happened. The government was well aware that it never happened and this transcript proves it never happened. It's the non-existent statement from the meeting that never happened. All of Anthony Young's testimony was lies - in this case and in the William Baskerville case, obviously.

The government presented Anthony Young's testimony as truthful to the Court and the jury. Agents repeated this lie to various newspaper reporters to support the government agenda. The numerous variations of this statement have been promoted far and wide with the main purpose of turning public opinion against Paul Bergrin. For the most part, they succeeded and many of you fell for the government lies hook, line, and sinker like the fish that you are to agents and prosecutors.

So what does the transcript reveal?

Hakeem Curry asks Paul Bergrin what amount of time William Baskerville was facing and ultimately, Bergrin responded that with a plea bargain Baskerville faced around 13 years.

Recall that Anthony Young testified that Baskerville faced life and Bergrin advised the group on a street corner that Kemo had to die or Will would never get out.

If there had already been a street meeting (I anticipate the government claiming the meeting was before December 4, 2003), then why would Hakeem Curry ask such a question on the 4th of December? I believe that Curry was looking for a solid estimate of the amount of time William Baskerville faced.

In the recording, Paul Bergrin stated, "I will just do the best I can you know." If that doesn't prove that all Bergrin ever did or intended to do was his job, then what would? Do you hear anything in that sentence that says kill Kemo? Bergrin was an attorney. What do you think attorneys do? They defend clients!

Do you see any sign whatsoever that Hakeem Curry or Paul Bergrin had any plot to kill Kemo?

The recording ended with both stating their goodbyes and Bergrin telling Curry, "ANYWAY. I WILL SPEAK TO YOU TOMORROW. JUST WANTED TO MAKE SURE YOU'RE OKAY."

Does that sound like Curry and Bergrin drove directly to a meeting on a street corner?

It is unfair to judge Paul Bergrin just because he calls everyone (men anyway) bro. Paul is a friendly guy with a heart of gold and he treated his clients like friends. Don't blame him for being a trusting soul that interacted genuinely with people.

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