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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

December 4 Now Retracted

What did I anticipate in my last post? The changing of the date of the meeting on a street corner that Anthony Young testified about. The last post: What the Curry WiretapTranscript Reveals

As if on cue, the government is now claiming the date referred to in the response brief has been retracted and they offer their heartfelt apology. Apparently, the infamous street corner meeting has now been returned to a vague period of time defined as, "After Thanksgiving 2003," if you can imagine that. Of course there is no possible way of tracking down the specific location of all men alleged to be at this street corner meeting in the dark on an unnamed date after Thanksgiving.

The lying perjurers have now retracted the real date stated by the AUSA. Clearly it was a huge screw-up to finally note an actual date. The are such liars. Read the lying explanation:

Did I call it or what? We all knew it would happen. They must have scrambled around like cockroaches after they read the defense motion and eventually settled on a quick apology to the Court and a retraction. Sick stuff.

GD f'ing cockroaches. You know there's a great book by Dean Koontz titled, "Dark Rivers of the Heart" - it's fiction, but AUSA John Gay reminds me of the Roy Miro character. A friend gave me a copy of this book not once, but twice - once in 2000, and again in 2003, in relation to my own agent cockroach. It's the Roy Miro storyline that's relevant here and not the Spencer background story. Interesting read if you have the time.


paul dalnoky said...

Gay and Minnish, two evil Bond villans.

Vicky Gallas said...

Nah, I wouldn't give either of them that much credit. They're more like cockroaches. Gay has been involved in all of these cases and is the interconnecting factor.

I've been reading plenty of docs lately. I used to think prosecutions of so-called drug gangs were righteous and this was a real problem in the US, but after my recent reading, I'd say it's closer to total BS. In the Hakeem Curry case, the government claims 10s of thousands of wiretaps were invalid and useless - but they used them anyway.

And how exactly do 10s of thousands of wiretap recordings become "improperly sealed" anyway? Look at what the Oscar recordings went through, yet the government claims they're valid as the day is long. What's up with all of this BS?

I still have far too many questions, but now the government has pinned the date of this non-existent meeting on a street corner to after December 4, 2003. Now they will get pinned to a wall on it. I have several other transcripts to post about and every recording after 4 Dec. is being closely examined. They screwed themselves.