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Friday, September 14, 2012

Keeping this Case in the Sunshine

It is my intention to keep all proceedings against Paul Bergrin in the sunshine. In other words, as a result of misinformation often stated in various newspapers and in the New York Magazine article from June of 2011, all documents and information in Paul Bergrin proceedings that can be published for public viewing will be. We want you to know what has been done to Bergrin.

At this point it is not clear why DOJ prosecutors requested and were granted that documents relevant to government misconduct in this case be sealed. I can only assure you that these documents were not filed in camera or under seal by the defense. The document in question here is the certification filed by the defense of the private investigator's findings that lists many witnesses and includes their statements of government coercion and subornation of perjury in this case.

The defense certainly has no desire to hide these documents so damaging to the government from public view. The party that chooses to hide this information is, of course, the government. There is no valid reason for this certifcation to be hidden from public view. In the document, the defense identified witnesses by number and without gender so the government couldn't identify them and try to intimidate them for giving statements.

The main reason that I started this blog is to help prevent the government from being able to silently railroad Paul Bergrin, as much as is possible. I have just added more documents to the Documents page of this blog, including the Second Superseding Indictment that will apply in the upcoming trial as a result of the counts not being severed this time. I also included juror notes from the first trial and numerous other documents.

As soon as it's practicable, I will be uploading more documents, including the certification that is now sealed. Know that the defense and its supporters want to keep these proceedings and all documents filed available for the public to view without exception. The entire point of this blog is to present facts and truth and keep this case in the sunshine. Hopefully this certification will be unsealed soon.

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