Monday, February 19, 2018

Bureau of Prisons is a Criminal Organization

Seriously, the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) is a criminal organization and everyone involved in the starvation, isolation, abuse, obstruction of legal filings, even torture and much more should face a racketeering indictment. They should all be sentenced to their own hellhole prisons. The participating FBI agents and the government attorneys should join them.

I have seen so much crap and so many illegal act in this cases on their part that I have nothing much to say anymore. They're all corrupt criminals and I feel that one day each and every participant will answer for the criminal abuse. I am beyond disgusted. That's why I have not blogged about the situation with Sal Magluta in Florence ADMAX.

If you read my last post, you should have read all of Magluta's statements from his suit against BOP and BOP staff and you know to add medical neglect and medical abuse to the list of charges. We could be sure they have done the same to Paul Bergrin, but in his situation, BOP staff made sure that he wouldn't be able to tell anyone.

So now you know why I never followed-up with the stated posts in January of 2018. This is a letter that Paul Bergrin hand-wrote to US District Judge Jose Linares on his 2255 Petition:

Make no mistake, all of this is engineered by the Newark US Attorney's Office, but that doesn't make the involved BOP staff or FBI agents any less culpable. The DOJ under Jeff Sessions is a total fail, as most of us knew it would be. To those who had faith in the new POTUS, his son-in-law whose father was once in a BOP facility, and the warped Sessions, learn from this. They are all corrupt liars and nothing less, but perhaps more... we will see where that investigation goes. 


Anonymous said...

This man Paul Bergrin is very strong to face all this injustice. I have the feeling
he is not the only one to have suffered the criminal actions of the Newark department of Justice. There must be other prisoners that have had perjuries committed in their cases just for these guys to go up in promotion in the legal
system of our country. Shame on them.

Anonymous said...

You know I used to work for Paul when he and Annette first left Anthony probably because of all of this I never saw anything illegal or even immoral all I saw was everybody turn on him as soon as Paul couldn't offer anybody anything everybody testified against them all the tough guys they all flipped so to speak I don't know it said I wish I could do more for him I'll pray for him excuse my lack of punctuation I dictate my texts