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Friday, June 3, 2016

The 2255 Now Filed: Informative

 UPDATE on February 14, 2017: 

As a result of the Paul Bergrin website being hacked a week ago, I have deactivated all links herein and uploaded the original documents to this page on my website:

Bergrin 2255 Case

END of Update!

Paul Bergrin's 2255 was filed by the clerk's office on June 1, 2016. It is unlike any 2255 that I have ever seen and in total, with all exhibits, is close to 5000 pages. I have linked the 2255, Appendix and the first two Exhibits for your reading pleasure. It's definitely enough to keep anyone reading for a while and I will upload the rest of the Exhibits within a couple of weeks.

NOTE: I have titled everything as it is titled in PACER. If I didn't do it this way, I would be confused on the order of the docs. However, what the clerk's office titled as "Appendix" is actually the brief and what they titled as "Exhibit" is actually the Appendix. The first link titled 2255 is actually the 2255 form with checkboxes etc... as it is the government 2255 form that any inmate uses. The brief should be 428 pages. The Appendix should be 5810 pages in total.

Many of the Exhibits are shown as restricted on PACER and are therefore unavailable for me to publish, but there are many more that are available.

Bergrin 2255 27 May 2016

Bergrin 2255 Appendix 1

Bergrin 2255 Appendix 2

Bergrin 2255 Appendix 3

Bergrin 2255 Exhibit 1

Bergrin 2255 Exhibit 2

I will update this post when I upload the rest of the attachments. 

UPDATE on 3 June 2016 @4:25PM:

I need your help. I know that many people read this blog and are anxious to see Paul's 2255 and everything in it. I am extremely stressed and being pulled in numerous directions at the moment, but will definitely post the other attachments before the weekend is over - there are a few things in front of it (on my to do list) and that's the only reason it will take so long. Right now I need to destress and take care of me for a moment. Here is where I need your help...

Paul Bergrin wrote 464 pages and there are an additional 6000 pages of references and documents. Nothing should be restricted except under court order, so I have no clue why a long list of exhibits are restricted. Many are not restricted. I need someone to give me an actual page count of what is in the links above. I will need the same for the rest of the docs when I upload over the weekend. I am told that the figures do not add-up correctly. We need to know how many pages are missing that are "restricted". And then we must find out why.

For the moment, a page count on everything above (a total) is important. If anyone has time, please post your total or email me privately with it. Thank you for your assistance. We can't let them bury any part of this 2255 and its many attachments.


UPDATE 3 JUNE 2016 @9:10PM

Apparently I am not the only one that is overwhelmed. The judge terminated Paul Bergrin's 2255 hours ago. Paul is being mailed a new copy of the basic 2255 document (as in the government form linked above - first link). Read it for yourself:

Bergrin 2255 3 June 2016 Order

Not sure what to say here, but I'll be back with the other docs I have and a statement on it.

UPDATE 4 JUNE 2016 @4:45PM

I am adding some more of Paul's "Exhibits" (Appendix included in the 2255) in the order they show in PACER:

Bergrin 2255 Exhibit 3

Bergrin 2255 Exhibit 4

Bergrin 2255 Exhibit 5

Bergrin 2255 Exhibit 6

Bergrin 2255 Exhibit 7

Bergrin 2255 Exhibit 8

Bergrin 2255 Exhibit 9

Bergrin 2255 Exhibit 10

Bergrin 2255 Exhibit 11

So, there are a few issues going on right now. Really all I can say is that if you want a copy of any docs linked in this post, download all now. There are still more to upload, but it must wait. Oh and I no longer need any page counts and I thank the parties that reached out to me on this issue.


Anonymous said...

The judge should not stop the rule 2255. In all democracies Paul Bergrin would have
the right to defend himself, this rule 2255 is legitimate and everyone must be able
to read it IN A NORMAL DEMOCRATICAL SYSTEM. Again this is not fair.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Vicky. Been checking the blog for weeks, wondering about the habeas corpus. I hope that it's not pro se and that the lawyer worked on it

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with last comment. This has gone way too far, beyond injustice, beyond
criminality. It comes to a point where this whole attack against Paul Bergrin
could affect the live of any citizen and that everyone must absolutely not trust
the government. The US is not a safe place to be.