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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Paul Bergrin Back in OKC Transfer Facility

Paul Bergrin has been back in the Oklahoma City Transfer facility for a couple of weeks now. He is awaiting transfer to Terre Haute USP in Indiana. You recall my posts about this Oklahoma City FTC, right? If not, you need only look back a few posts and read the letter Paul sent while in that hellhole when he was on the way to Tucson USP this time last year. Read about how they starve the inmates there and never allowed Paul Bergrin to purchase food from the commissary during the 4 months they held him there.

As we know that BOP provides funding for adult meals for inmates in every facility, it is clear that there is something else going on in Oklahoma City. I more than insinuated that someone (or a group of someones) is stealing the food or the funding for food. Has anyone ever done anything about it? Of course not, because they don't give a rat's ass.

Most inmates in the federal BOP never experience this starvation when they pass through this transfer facility as they leave quickly. The average stay at this dump is 3 days with 2 weeks being a maximum. Doing without medical care, a shave, haircut, and adult-sized meals for a few days won't usually kill anyone. However, Paul Bergrin is special and spent 16 weeks there the last time. How long will they starve him this round? How long will they get to hold his mail and otherwise abuse his rights at this Guantanamo west hellhole?

Several of us (me, Paul's girlfriend, a friend that he communicated with) received this email from the BOP email system this morning in reference to Paul Bergrin:

The above-named inmate has chosen to remove your email address from his/her approved contact list and, therefore, can not receive or send messages to your email address.

No telling how many people on Paul's email list received this message - I know only of myself and the two others, but it could be everyone. Did Paul initiate this or is it something they did in the OKC facility? None of us have heard from Paul in email since his arrival at this place 2 weeks ago and normally inmates have almost immediate access to email. The last snail-mail letter that his girlfriend received from him is dated January 20, 2015.

What have these criminals done to Paul Bergrin? Why is he being held incommunicado?

How dare anyone claim to care about veterans and whistleblowers and not do something about this abomination going on in the federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP)!

UPDATE on 3 February @9:30PM EST:

One of Paul Bergrin's main longtime supporters has contacted me to inform me that she also received this email notification from the BOP email system. Not a chance that Paul would cease communication with her, so this is definitely crap.

The BOP website shows Paul Bergrin at Terre Haute FCI. The only way that Paul is in the FCI instead of the USP is if he is in SHU (isolation). Most likely the USP had no more room in the SHU so they have him at the FCI, but solitary is solitary, regardless of which specific facility it is in. I can guarantee that BOP did not reclassify him as medium security and an FCI is a medium security facility.

This makes sense because Paul hs no access to email. Apparently, he has also not been able to send out mail since the 20th of January. It was pointed out to me that FTC Oklahoma only allows inmates to send outgoing mail on Thursdays - yes, only one day a week! Supposedly the inmates receive mail Monday - Friday, but outgoing is only on Thursdays.

The timing of this and the FACT that Paul is held incommunicado currently says to me that there is a cover-up of what they have done to him underway. It has been months since Paul has had email access and it's clear that both Newark and the BOP do not like the snail-mail letters that he writes. I actually have 10 to publish on the website, but have not done so yet - before the week is over it will be done.

We will find out what is really happening in due time, and sooner rather than later.

UPDATE on 5 February 2015 @3:45AM EST:

Well, well, well... The boys in Newark and the BOP have really outdone themselves this time. Lots of stormy weather and electric is flashing on and off here, so I will be brief. I do intend to compose a post over the next day or two on this horrific discovery. A supporter of Paul Bergrin contacted me with some info and I followed-up, found numerous relevant articles. Yes, it's that bad and worse.

The BOP has designated Paul Bergrin to a CMU (Communications Management Unit). There are only two CMUs in the country; one is in Terre Haute FCI and the other is in Marion USP. Now we know why Paul is in an FCI. These CMUs are often referred to as Guantanamo North.

The government has managed to silence Paul Bergrin. Possibly forever. Even his daughter received one of those email notifications. So much more to say. Feel free to research the CMU and what they actually do there and comment if you want to. I'll post a new post soon.


Anonymous said...

Our government allows such crimes to happen without reacting. This is the picture we display of our
Justice system so that other countries get to know how corrupted we are. When will someone have the courage to be fair, stop cruelty and fight for
a real Justice system.Where are
the real criminals in all this?
The real ones that hide and run

Anonymous said...

I thought you go through Lewisburg or the place he was at before, and then to were ever your going to finish your time??? This seems backwards as hell (deliberate).

Anonymous said...

The true criminals that have manipulated this case from the very beginning should be punished by the government and not set free in our society. They probably
feel strong enough to do to other citizens what they have done to Paul Bergrin.
We cannot allow this to happen,
something must be done and we can
do it.

Anonymous said...

Why live in this country anymore after these ABUSE OF POWER? The
life of Paul Bergrin brings us to
believe that the US is definitively not the country it pretends to be. Nothing but injustice, hypocrisy, lies and cruelty.
A material world that shows off
superficial shit.Where is our humanity in all this.

Anonymous said...

Communication s management. Sounds good

Vicky Gallas said...

Ha! It may *sound* good, but it's worse than a Supermax. Look for a new post on this by tomorrow, but you can get started reading about the CMU here:

"Guantanamo North and the Denial of Prisoner Rights"

Anonymous said...

Vicky is right, many associations have asked the government to eliminate these 2 CMU, they are completely against all human rights. Since when can a prisoner
not be allowed to write or call
family and friends. On one side,
they pretend that prisoners should
have outside human contacts and on
the other they do the contrary. What a bunch of hypocrites that do
whatever is convenient for them
to disguise their responsability
and make us believe that they are
not guilty.

Anonymous said...

President Obama has promised to close Guantanamos prisons, why would he close Guantanamo south and leave Guantanamos north open.
Where is the logic in this? He should close all of them because
they simply violate prisoners rights. We wish he does this very

Anonymous said...

This country is a communist country with money .our money. The tax payers money .we vote for elections why not every thing else ,like where our money goes .it's incredible how much money this country generates .where is it ?foreign aid,illegal aliens,money spent stupidly in the prison system?this country is shot in the ass.we need Paul for president.

Craig Smith said...

What's happened with Mr Bergrin? This was posted last year...has anything more happened? This is the new USA, I know, I've seen it first hand. May God have mercy on us all.

Vicky Gallas said...

@Craig Smith,

Paul is still in the CMU (Communications Management Unit) in Terre Haute, Indiana - the place that's called Guantanamo North. I have posted the address in several places - do you need it and can't find it? Let me know and I will post it here.

If you write to Paul do not include any message from anyone else, like Joe said blah blah blah or anything cryptic. A terrorism team in Washington DC reads everything before Paul gets it. Yes, it is ridiculous and they are treating Paul like a terrorist.

I am not able to communicate with him, so don't say my name or he will never get your mail. No valid reason - just that him and I were discussing his case in emails and I chose to publish statements from him. Where he is inmates are not allowed to discuss their cases.