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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Paul Bergrin Suffering Abuse

It looks like I will be reviving this blog in short time. Paul Bergrin was awaiting a transfer to Coleman 1 USP in Florida until he was recently informed that there was a change in plan and he'd be going to USP Tucson. He is currently suffering in the Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City.

Paul Bergrin has been at the Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City for 10 weeks now! He is being abused by the Newark US Attorney’s Office and this abuse has continued care of BOP. He is now the longest detainee in transit in the unit. I will be reviving the blog in short time to expose the treatment he has suffered at the hands of many. Shame on all involved – from AUSA Gay to the FTC director to the low-level employees that are participating in this abuse!

What the sort of crap place is this country? What sort of excuses for human beings run this rotten, corrupt system? Well, this blog has been read by people around the world and it will soon be time to use it to bring attention to the reality of this so-called "land of the free"!

And of course Paul has been obstructed in all legal work on his case. For that matter, they won't even send out his legal mail at FTC Oklahoma City. Perhaps I will publish the 2013 trial transcripts again too. We shall see what transpires over the next few days.

Looks like we're back!


barry crimm said...

"Diesel therapy" is a recognized form of punishment. Putting people in prison for the rest of their lives does not always satisfy the government's bloodlust. Extra-judicial means of punishment, like forcing someone to endure the hardships of transit for extraordinary periods of time, are often employed in "special" cases. There can be no doubt that Paul's current predicament is being orchestrated and micro-managed by the weasels in the Newark US attorney's office.

Vicky Gallas said...

@Barry Crimm

Bloodlust indeed! I have no doubt whatsoever that Paul's current predicament is care of the longarm of the US Attorney's Office in Newark (i.e. Paul Fishman's orders). All of these cases - defined as Paul's and the connected cases - have been selected for special treatment. I will go so far as to say that it's possible recent lockdowns in 2 other institutions holding defendants from connected cases were special requests. Legal filings have been interrupted as a result of these lockdowns, though 1 of the 2 managed to handwrite a supplement to a motion and hopefully the other will come through soon.

Really this brief post doesn't touch the serious abuse. I'll be posting details later (early AM).