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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ends of Justice: Seeking karmaiab

The comments that are the topic of this post were made by someone using the alias of "karmaiab" on three different New Jersey newspaper articles. The comments were just discovered this month (May 2013). The comments raise questions that there is proof of an actual vindictive prosecution and a tainted indictment based on coerced statements.

Where in the world is karmaiab? Who in the world is it?

She was watching this story since 2009. She was rather anti-Paul Bergrin in 2009. Then she seems to have changed her tune in 2011. It seems like she really doesn't like Yolanda Jauregui's family. We don't know who Ramon Jimenez's ex-girlfriend is. We now know based on comments blogger she has in-depth knowledge of the family. The comments are exactly as posted on the article.

Look at the second comment in particular. Who would have known this stuff in 2011 to post it? The third and last comment:

She is a lying manipulating bitch. Her whole family is a bunch of criminals... and getting deals from the prosecution to lie. The worst thing is that Shawn Brocos of the FBI is the one initiating it all. She has a personal vendetta against Paul Bergrin and wants to save face in court. She will do whatever is needed to railroad him.....

October 24, 2011, 12:32:36 PM EDT
The second comment:

Not only is RAMON Jiminez related to his ex-girlfriend, but her FATHER was arrested in connection to multiple kilos of cocaine.... directly linked to this case. The FBI, specifically agent Shawn Brocos, has evidence that Yolanda orchestrated a scheme to forge documents, including falsifying birth records, adoption papers etc for 2 children in her families custody that are not related. Shawn Brocos PERSONALLY helped the biological mother get DNA testing, and verified she was n where near NJ when docs were forged. (Yolanda even signed the mothers name incorrectly spelled) Shawn Brocos lied and promised to return the children to the mother, BUT....instead used all of it against Yolanda Jauregui to get her to testify against Paul Bergrin. The FBI agent seems to have a personal vendetta against Paul Bergrin and will stop at nothing to railroad him. I wish someone would bring the TRUTH out in court

October 24, 2011, 10:49:22 AM EDT
The first comment:

If people knew the whole truth about this man and his girlfriend, and the things they have done, no one would defend them.... very soon you will be hearing more about them, and I hope they both rot in hell

July 9, 2009, 2:13:47 AM EDT

The Stephens certification

Does the Stephens affidavit offered any corroborating facts that Special Agent Shawn Brokos had dealings with the mother as those described by the blogger? The Stephens certification (also referred to as affidavit) is all about outrageous government misconduct. Even I am unable to read it as the court sealed it at the request of the government. It was not filed in camera and the defense wants the information released to the public.

Some of the information in "karmaiab's" comments in reference to the adoption became known to the defense in 2012 and then was brought to the court's attention in the September 2012 motion. While the contents of the affidavit are not yet publicly available, the existence of the affidavit is public knowledge.

The judge did not grant the motion to have a hearing on outrageous government conduct despite more egregious offers of proof than what is relayed herein. If these comments are true, and we have reason to believe they are, the second superseding indictment is tainted because it is based upon Yolanda Jauregui's lies, which were coerced. When she no longer was a cooperating witness they found others to lie and stand in and testify to support these statements in the indictment. They needed proof so they wouldn't come up empty handed. That is what we believe happened. Eugene Braswell was never a CW (confidential witness) until after the second superseding indictment. Why did they need him to make their case? Where were they coming up short?

We need your help karmaiab

If you are the person that posted on the NJ newspaper articles using the name "karmaiab" please contact me as soon as possible and I will put you in touch with a defense investigator. You may leave me a message at 407-584-7869 and we will contact you. Leave a message with enough information so that I know it is you or someone with real information to offer. Leave the telephone number including the area code that you can be reached at.

EDIT on 1 June 2013 @5:45pm: 

After reading various documents and having numerous discussions, I realize that the Stephens certification was indeed filed in camera by Paul Bergrin's stand-by counsel, Mr. Lustberg. Paul Bergrin did not want it filed under seal as the defense has no reason whatsoever to hide statements concerning outrageous government misconduct from journalists or the public.


Anonymous said...


Have you read the article of the Atlanta FBI agent being investigated internally for violations? Taking money from an informant etc.... I don't understand why there isn't an internal investigation for the Newark office. When there is so much inconsistencies in a case how can a Judge even let this kind of mishaps happen? Paul needs a new Trial & Judge. A change of venue wouldn't be bad either.

BTW.. The investigators can subpoena the website & retrieve the ip address which posted the comment. But they better do it soon because I definitely believe the Government will have this article removed as soon as they read your article. lol. At least make sure to print everything out.

Anonymous said...

These are allegations of course.

Vicky Gallas said...

It's not so simple to obtain subpoenas for anonymous comments on newspaper articles, especially if there's another way to get the information. What we can be sure of here is that SA Brokos really angered this commenter. We are under the belief that it's a woman, but it doesn't have to be. I think the commenter is the biological mother or related to her and whoever it is, there's a definite connection to the case.

The commenter followed the case from 2009 through the first trial, but there's nothing posted with the username on articles from the second trial. I did not find the info to begin with and just viewed it yesterday, but the comments are on 3 different articles.

On the Atlanta situation:

In my experience an informant - especially one like Chulpayev - will say anything to worm his way out of a prosecution. I have my doubts on his truthfulness. Here I am leaning towards siding with the FBI agent in question and consider it a classic case of the snake biting his handler. On the other hand, the story reveals how much one of these dirtbag informants is allowed to get away with for his "substantial assistance" which is often no more than lies.

Chulpayev = Oscar Cordova in this case, which is a planned post for one day soon. The government has allowed Oscar to get away with more than they've revealed.

I do have my doubts that I will hear from "karmaiab" but the post was worth a shot. Perhaps if we had the information while the trial was going on, but now few are still following the story. Time will tell.